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POLL: Trump Outperformed Biden in Presidential Approval Ratings

A new presidential approval poll reveals that even though Joe Biden has allies in the mainstream media and Big Tech,

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Why Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton are Wearing Purple – WWD

Vice President Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton all wore purple for Inauguration Day. Here's the symbolism behind the color.

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5 Presidents Who Didn't Attend Their Successor's Inauguration

On the day of the 2021 inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, President Donald Trump will join the small group of presidents who skipped their replacement's swearing-in ceremony.

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A petition to get Trump to release his tax returns is more popular than Trump's official bio.

While Donald Trump’s administration has tweaked and/or trashed large portions of the official White House website, there is one section that has remain ...