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10 Facts About the Hollywood Sign

When developers put up a larger-than-life advertisement for their new L.A. housing development in 1923, they had no idea it would become one of the most iconic landmarks of all time.

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45 Fascinating and Unconventional Landmarks That Define Los Angeles

Underrated. Overlooked. Whatever you want to call them, these offbeat icons will introduce you to the other L.A.

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Prisoners of Fame: Falcon Lair, Rudolph Valentino, Doris Duke, and the Cult of Celebrity Death | Lost Landmarks | Departures

In the 1920s, Hollywood heartthrob Rudolph Valentino retreated behind the walls of his estate, Falcon Lair, until his flame was snuffed out by his own self-destruction. Falcon Lair is proof that all that glitters is not gold.

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The Most Haunted Places in Los Angeles | Excursions | Travel | KCET

For a little taste of paranormal activity, visit one of these historic L.A. landmarks and be reminded that you are not alone -- even when you're by yourself.

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L.A. ON LP: The Search for Locations on Classic Album Covers

Oliver Wang explores the different locations and time eras that are captured in the LP art of L.A.

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A Whimpering Roar: The Old Griffith Park Zoo, Then and Now | Lost Landmarks | Departures Columns | KCET

Parts of the old zoo at Griffith Park still stand, and they are moving reminders that sometimes humans just don't know best when it comes to animals.

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Highland Park Preservation | 6 Rise of the Inner City | Departures | KCET

The transformation of Highland Park's landscape from single family homes to high density apartments spurred some local residents and preservationists to act to protect the heritage of this historical Arroyo Seco community.

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Exclusive: The New Owner of Norms Reveals His Plans For the Legendary Site - Los Angeles Magazine

Jason Illoulian is open to the chain restaurant staying put. His architect would rather say goodbye