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How Writing To-Do Lists Helps Your Brain (Whether Or Not You Finish Them)

To-do lists get a lot of flack, but the simple act of planning has some psychological and productivity benefits all by itself.

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10 things you need to do AGAIN before you're too old

A bucket list for people who aren't about to kick the bucket.

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33 reasons Chicago kicks New York's ass

Of course Chicago is better than New York. We Chicagoans know this to be true and, if New Yorkers are being honest with themselves, they know it, too. So, once...

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The 26 guiltiest pleasures of living in Chicago

If loving our city's suburbs, cover bands, malls and big batch beers is wrong, we don't want to be right. Shed your shame and indulge in these guilty...

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20 Things You'll Only See In Chicago

There's a poutine factory. They make a hundred-dollar grilled cheese. A "Star Wars" museum could be in the works. ...and those aren't the only attractions that make our beloved Chicago unique. With a river, lake, museums, architecture, a...

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BetterLists is an easy to use and flexible app for quick access to all your information. Now you can have your To Do list, expenses, and grocery list all in one place.