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Hacker Accessed Utility System, Increased Deadly Chemical Level In Florida City’s Water

In an event that should put the country’s Department of Homeland Security on notice, a hacker gained access to one

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Food Poisoning? Health Officials Warn Trendy Copper Mugs May Be Responsible

Moscow Mules are all the rage. But according to new reports surfacing from health officials in Iowa, the trendy copper mugs may be giving you much more than a hangover. In fact, new information suggests that they may be the culprit behind your hangover.

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Pet Poison: Lilies

Learn which parts of the lily plant are toxic to cats; and the signs and symptoms that your cat has been poisoned by a lily. From Pets Best pet insurance.

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How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again - YouTube

Urushiol oil in poison sumac, poison oak, and poison ivy may produce a severe skin rash. Timely urushiol removal can prevent poison ivy skin reaction. The ke...

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Laundry-Pod Poisonings Piling Up - WSJ

Poisonings and other accidents involving concentrated laundry-detergent packets continue to be a problem in the U.S., despite changes made to packaging and labeling.