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Marco Rubio Uses Obama's Own Words Against Him After Former President Calls for 'Decency'

When Obama invoked 'decent' or 'decency,' however, he spoke exclusively of Democrats.

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Exclusive: Marco Rubio rejected 'unity ticket' with Ted Cruz - POLITICO

Utah Sen. Mike Lee sought to arrange a shotgun wedding of his two Senate colleagues, but Rubio wasn't interested.

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Cruz Super PAC decides not to attack in Florida as new poll shows Rubio within six of Trump « Hot Air

This is what anti-Trumpers wanted a week ago, right? Cruz should leave Marco alone and give him every chance to shock the world by winning Florida and swiping those 99 delegates. Every delegate that goes to someone besides Trump increases the odds of a brokered convention, which is the only way to keep Trump from the nomination.

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Rubio: 'My kids were embarrassed' by Trump taunts

If that’s what it takes to be president of the United States, then I don’t want to be president.”

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Unelectable: Trump's Unfavorable Rating Spikes to 67 Percent Nationally

We've written about Donald Trump's uniquely terrible general election fundamentals before, as a complement to his worst-in-the-field numbers versus Hillary Clinton.

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Trump Field Offices Feature Busts of the Candidate's Head

Remember that silly, naive, delusional Obama worship in 2007 and 2008? Remember how his campaign office featured that giant tapestry of his face, watching over everyone?

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Add Another Yuuge Failure to Trump’s Pile: The Trump Network

Donald Trump found a questionable business selling a pseudoscientific product, gave it his imprimatur, and used it to prey on people looking for help.

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Wow. Rubio Leads Trump BIG In Early Florida Voting | RedState

Share on Facebook 1 1 SHARES Polls are narrowing in Florida. While Joe Scarborough likes to tout PPP’s poll showing Donald Trump with a yuge 20 point lead over Rubio, recent polls show Rubio anywhere from 5-8 points behind with a week to go of campa

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Donald Trump Is Hillary Clinton’s Best Hope

Trump supporters opposed to bailouts ought to think twice before casting their vote. They’re about to bail out the Democrats.

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Donald Trump Is Melting Down

It looks like Donald Trump is unraveling. After months where his Republican competitors treated him with kid gloves — often afraid to tangle with him on the debate stage and foolishly spending hundreds of millions of donor dollars attacking one another — Trump is now experiencing a real presidential race.

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Why The Republican Convention Will Decide the Nomination

TThe race for the Republican nomination is going to the convention. It must sound strange to hear that — given that this perennial contingency never gets past political-nerd fan fiction. It certainly feels strange to write it. But that’s where we’re headed.

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AP delegate count: Trump not yet on track to win nomination

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite Donald Trump's string of Super Tuesday victories, the billionaire businessman must do even better in upcoming primaries to claim the Republican presidential nomination before the party's national…

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Video: Rubio Reads Trump's Tweets, Gets Personal — 'Friends Don't Let Friends Vote for Con Artists'

This is a video that I never thought I’d see from a candidate not named Donald Trump, but Marco Rubio went on a tear this morning — mixing attacks on Trump’s record with deeply personal jabs. Rubio rightly calls out Trump for exploiting blue-collar workers and for failing in multiple businesses even as he constantly brags about his business success — but he also engaged in schoolyard taunts. He went after Trump for sweating in the debate and losing his cool in commercial breaks, and implied that Trump was concerned he’d wet his pants.

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Cruz and Rubio Must Take Down Trump at Tonight’s Debate

Tonight’s debate has to be the beginning of Trump’s downfall.

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Donald Trump Financed The Gang of 8 | RedState

Share on Facebook 1 1 SHARES One of the most common things you hear from a Trump fanatic is that the single most important thing this election is illegal immigration and that Donald Trump is the only candidate who is talking about building a wall and depo

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Marco Rubio’s Shiny Boots Stir Up the Presidential Race - NYTimes.com

A surprising focus on Senator Marco Rubio’s shiny, stack-heeled ankle boots, first noted in a desultory Twitter post on Monday by a New York Times reporter, has grown over the last few days into one of the weirder firestorms of the presidential campaign, with rival candidates and the news media all adding tinder to the flames.

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G.O.P. Presidential Hopefuls Gird for a Month of Mud-Flinging - The New York Times

Supporters of Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee are poised to unleash a wave of ferocious attacks before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

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Marco Rubio and Chris Christie Toil to Belittle Each Other's Work Ethic

In dueling appearances in Iowa, the two Republican presidential candidates exchanged attacks over who was least engaged in his day job.

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Mock Star Wars Ad Makes Perfect Case Why Conservatism Must Win | Truth Revolt

Star Wars mania has swept the nation, sending fans into a frenzy as they anticipate the seventh installment of the franchise debuting (finally!!!) this weekend. Add to that the hype of the crucial 2016 presidential election now approaching from a galaxy

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NBC Poll: Clinton Would Trounce Trump But Lose to Rubio, Carson - NBC News

Against Trump, the Democratic front-runner would win 50 percent to 40 percent.

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Rubio: Why Won’t Obama and Hillary Condemn Palestinian Terrorism?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) accused President Obama and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton of giving Palestinians a pass on anti-Semitism, incitement, and terrorism in a new statement

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Marco Rubio 2016: Wasserman Schultz attacks Rubio for 'tasteless' Dallas fundraiser - POLITICO

The host has collected art from Adolf Hitler and who also owns a signed copy of "Mein Kampf."

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Don’t Know Much About History: Another Fake Rubio Scandal - WSJ

“He’s rarely been in the headlines, but Marco Rubio has had a fantastic couple of months,” David Leonhardt of the New York Times observed Monday afternoon on Twitter. “Partly because of the headlines,” we rejoined, with a link to our June 9 column, which discussed the Times’s feeble efforts to find scandal in Rubio’s wife’s traffic tickets and in the Rubio family’s past financial struggles.