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Wall Street Journal Endorses Section 230 Reforms After Facebook’s 'Phony Fact-Check'

After a second instance where social media publisher Facebook has used partisan fact-checkers to challenge analysis, the Wall Street...

News | Censorship

Amazon De-Platforms Clarence Thomas Documentary During Black History Month

In an astonishingly racist and biased move the BigTech platform, Amazon has de-platformed a documentary about US Supreme Court Justice...

News | Censorship

Censorship 'the Biggest Problem' Republicans Face Right Now: Rep. Nunes

Censorship of people by Big Tech is "probably the the biggest problem that we face right now in this country, as a party," Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said.

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    Hate Speech Laws Take Away Freedom of Speech: Arthur Milikh

    Arthur Milikh, Executive Director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life, told The Epoch Times that the policies and laws regulating hate speech are really about silencing opinions, thus take away the freedom of speech, and the

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      5 Ways To Help Your Child Not Grow Up To Be A Socialist

      According to a study last year, 70 percent of millennials and 64 percent of Zoomers say they would vote for a socialist candidate.

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        Amazon De-Platforms Book by Conservative Author on Transgenderism Without Explanation

        In another move to digitally book burn, Amazon's web store has removed a best-selling book by a conservative author focusing on the science, social science, and politics of transgenderism. Amazon did so without notifying or informing the author why the bo

        News | Censorship

        France Now Considers America’s Woke Leftism, Cancel Culture A Global Threat

        French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters that the chief threat to national cohesiveness around the world is the extreme woke