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Mark Hamill Shares Some Very Early Poster Concepts For STAR WARS That Tried To Explain The Film

Thanks to Mark Hamill we have four very early poster concepts for George Lucas' original Star Wars film. I've never seen these posters before and what's interesting about them is that they try to explain the movie to people. Hamill offered some commentary

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Skywalker Speaks: Mark Hamill on Returning to 'Star Wars' | Rolling Stone

Skywalker speaks! Mark Hamill on returing to his iconic role for 'The Force Awakens': "It's like 'Star Wars' never went away."

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Clint Eastwood cut American Sniper's final scene after request from widow | Film | The Guardian

The team behind Iraq war drama American Sniper edited last reel of narrative following a request from Chris Kyle’s family

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      Jerry Bruckheimer Says 'Top Gun 2' Will Pit Tom Cruise Against Drones

      "Top Gun 2" is still happening according to Jerry Bruckheimer, and its plot is as modern as ever. The super producer stopped by HuffPost Live on Friday to discuss his new book, "Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes, Four Decades of Filmmaking," and also explained how the sequel could exist in today's world of warfare.

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        'Fantastic Four' Cast Revealed!

        After a final rewrite to the script and a long casting process, Fox looks to have assembled the team for its

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          Talk Like The Dude: 10 Big Words from ‘The Big Lebowski’

          Lebowski ​isn't just a comedy about the misadventures of a lovable stoner—the movie uses sophisticated words and concepts for some intellectual humor. Use any of these 10 words in casual conversation, and you can hold your head up high.

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            Can merger return 'Star Wars' to its glory days? - CNN.com

            "Star Wars" fans have suggested new movie titles -- "Star Wars episode VII: Attack of the Mouse."