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McCabe Kept Comey Memos Secret From Rosenstein Until They Were Leaked

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe kept his boss in the dark for a week in May 2017 about ...

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Top Mueller Prosecutor Says DoJ Starting New Investigation into Comey, McCabe, and Strzok

An interesting twist is arising from the decision of Attorney General Barr to name an outside counsel, Jeffrey Jensen, to investigate the Michael Flynn case. Former top prosecutor on special counsel Robert Mueller's team says the ploy by Barr is a "ruse"

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Why Was the Rosenstein Interview Postponed?

Here are the reasons why Rosenstein's interview with House investigators got postponed until likely after the midterms.

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Andrew McCabe criminal referral sent to US attorney - Business Insider

The Justice Department's inspector general sent a criminal referral to the US attorney in Washington, DC, about Andrew McCabe, the former deputy FBI director.

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McCabe Admonished FBI Officials For Leaks | The Daily Caller

As deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe "admonished" other FBI officials over leaks he himself authorized.

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DOJ IG report shows the wisdom of firing FBI leaders McCabe and Comey | Fox News

Several surprises – with wide implications – are buried in the report that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released Friday that found fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied to federal investigators.

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IG report faults fired FBI official McCabe for leak to media | TheHill

The disclosure was related to a Clinton Foundation investigation.

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Flynn selling home under mounting legal bills, as McCabe racks up cash online to pay lawyers | Fox News

Call it a tale of two targets. Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser and retired three-star Army general, is on the brink of financial ruin, selling his Virginia home in order to pay his mounting legal bills.

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No, Andrew McCabe Isn't 'Losing His Pension'

Andrew McCabe, despite media reporting, isn't losing his pension benefits. Here is, in brief, the story.

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Turley: McCabe Issue 'Raises Serious Questions About Comey's Previous Testimony' - 'Could Get Him into Serious Trouble'

On Saturday's broadcast of CNN's "Smerconish," George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley stated that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe's dismissal and his statement on the firing raise "serious questions about Comey’s previou

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Report to fault Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director, for allegedly misleading inspector general - The Washington P

President Trump, who attacked former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, is likely to seize on findings from the Justice Department’s inspector general.