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The Sderot Bar-Mitzvah Under Rocket Fire from Hamas

A mother tells about her son's Bar-Mitzvah celebration on Shabbat interrupted by the Hamas rocket fire on their city Sderot.

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Children of Sderot counter kite terror with kites of life | ISRAEL21c

In the midst of a rash of fires in Israeli border communities ignited by incendiary kites from Gaza, kids in Sderot fly handmade ‘kites of life.’

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Battling dark emotion at the Gaza border | Shmuley Boteach | The Blogs | The Tim

It was a moving day. Almost too moving. And I don’t know how to quite process the emotions. Having arrived with my family in Israel, we traveled to Sderot, the beleaguered city of twenty-five thousand in Southern Israel which Hamas uses for target practice. More than twelve thousand deadly rockets have been fired at its inhabitants. Every home has a bomb shelter.

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Q&A with Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi: 13 years under rocket fire | JPost | Israel News

Sderot mayor tells Jerusalem Post Premium Zone how residents of border town cope with constant fire and how he envisions an end to the violence.