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Trump’s Top-10 Triumphs: A Last Look At A Remarkable Presidency

He left office with more real achievements than any chief executive of recent memory.

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Car Caravans Forming for ‘Historic’ Protest in Washington

Sixty-year-old Robin, a retail merchandiser in rural Virginia, hasn't visited the nation’s capital in more than two decades ...

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A dozen compelling allegations of voting irregularities in 2020 election | Just The News

From ejected ballot observers to fraudulently backdated mail-in votes, the evidence of irregularities is growing nationwide.

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Is Voter Fraud Afoot? A Look at 7 Claims

Dead voters? Ballot dumps? Who's counting the votes? Check out these claims of voter fraud.

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Trumpism: Then, Now—and in the Future? - American Greatness

What was, is, and will be the Trump agenda? Against all odds, what elected Trump in 2016 was a recalibration of American foreign and domestic policy—and the art of politicking itself.

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AG Barr Says FBI Sabotaged Trump’s Presidency | American Center for Law and Justice

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Jay Sekulow broadcasts live from his home directly to Facebook with the latest revelations on how the FBI has sabotaged...

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American Renewal: Courage

Commentary The infamous journalist Dan Rather used to sign off his broadcasts with one word: Courage. The punctuation to ...