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One Florida Democrat Burns When She Should Have Fiddled

We hear about wildfires all the time out West in California and Colorado. But the State of Florida has a significant amount of undeveloped land thick with trees and underbrush that routinely sees a risk of wildfire. Given that long-ago understood reality,

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Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainability

Using permaculture and regenerative farming ethics and principles, children will learn to grow their own food, build community, create healthy soil and understand their local ecosystem.

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How Industrial Agriculture Affects Our Soil

In soil-based agriculture, soil health is the most important foundation of a healthy farm ecosystem. Learn more about its conditions.

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L.A.'s Tax Break for Urban Farmers Is Virtually Unused - CityLab

Hardly any lots have received a tax break so far under the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones program.

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WATCH: 140 Nations Benefit from Israeli Agricultural Know-How!

WATCH: 140 Nations Benefit from Israeli Agricultural Know-How! h/t United with Israel A hugely successful Israeli program brings students from around the developing world to the Jewish state to learn Startup Nation’s most important secrets for agricultu

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Italian Grows Forgotten Fruit. What She Preserves Is a Culture.

Like her father before her, Isabella Dalla Ragione scours the countryside in search of varieties that no longer satisfy agricultural trends, market demands and modern tastes.

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Jewish National Fund | Jlife

Language and conflict aside, California and Israel have a lot in common. Both were pioneer destinations; desert land intent on becoming an agricultural mecca; areas of vast expanse rife for adequate and comfortable living conditions, yet so many insist on cramming into the better-known cities.