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How to stop revenge bedtime procrastination and get better sleep : Life Kit : NPR

When your days are packed, it can be hard to find some "me time" time to unwind. You might find yourself staying up past your bedtime, scrolling on social media or watching an extra episode of your latest show, That's called "revenge bedtim

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Pictures: Devices that Emit Blue Light

Is blue light from your phone or computer hurting your health? Learn more about what devices give off blue light, and how you can protect yourself and your kids.

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New research shows blue light from electronics leading to blindn - News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH

Our cell phones are practically connected to us. Now, scientists at the University of Toledo say the blue light that comes from electronics is doing permanent damage to our vision. 

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LED Lights – Energy savers aren’t always health savers

The energy efficiency of LED lighting cannot be disputed, but perhaps, a more serious outcome of this new technology is being overlooked.