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4 Glute Stretches You Should Do Every Day to Run Faster and Avoid Injury

Your glutes are your primary source of power on the run. Show them a little love with these moves.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Running and Weight Loss

You can lose weight by running—even 100 pounds or more. Discover the best running routines, plus what to eat before, during and after to keep weight down.

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Running Just Once a Week Is Linked to a 27 Percent Drop in Risk of Early Death

Researchers crunched the numbers on previous running studies to find that even light joggers may reap these benefits.

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What does running do to your brain?

Neuroscientists have studied treadmill runners, ultramarathon athletes – and a number of lab animals – to investigate the effects of running on grey matter

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Everything You Know About Running Shoes Is Wrong

Though most running shoes are marketed to runners with specific problems -- like under- and overpronation -- comfort may be all that matters.

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Running Sharpens Memory, Offsets Damage To Brain From Chronic Stress - Study Finds

A new study finds that running is not only good for the heart and lungs, it also helps the brain preserve memory when it's under attack by chronic stress.

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Running May Enhance Brain Connections

While the cardiovascular benefits of running are widely acknowledged, new research discovers it may also improve brain connections. University of Arizona

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The 14 runners you'll see on the lakefront path in Chicago

Whether you're a running newbie or training for the Chicago Marathon, you're sure to encounter these runners on the road to shin splints

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What that extra shoelace hole is really for?

It's a technique that will also prevent blisters when you run!