In the era of mainstream media controlled narratives, alternative facts, "fake news," and the unadulterated cancer of "Woke-ism," America - and the world - is in need of a straightforward voice, anchored in common sense, where facts and truth mandate the narrative, not the talking heads of the privileged and elitist classes.

Read and listened to across 47 US states and 23 countries, I cover the facts of the matter (a throwback to the days of real journalism) and then take it a step further: I explain why the story is important and I expound on that.

​The podcast offers even more insight into the topics covered here but does so in a casual, everyman, "corner of the bar" type feel that allows for speaking freely, without fear, and barring political correctness.

​Both national political parties are a disgrace. The American people deserve better.

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It is astounding why a rising star amongst the political Right at the national level - a woman with name recognition, a legacy, and a solid base - would attach her entire political career to attempting to settle some kind of score against Donald Trump. Bu

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The Fakest Show On Earth

With the passage of the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act," which actually raises taxes on every financial class and carves out almost $400B for green energy cronies, the politicians in Washington prove they are as fake as the Cardiff Giant.

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The Arrogance of Ignorance

The Biden administration pokes the Bear in the East as Nancy Pelosi forces China's hand in the West, all while a nascent nuclear-capable Iran makes inroads in South America...

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The Double-Edged Sword of Duplicity

Both men were found in Contempt of Congress: one for putting guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and the other because he dared to exercise his constitutionally protected free speech. One never went to trail, the other was convicted...

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Stop Monkeypoxing Around

With Dr. Brix revealing in her book that she and Fauci -- and the entirety of the CDC/NIH complex misled the President AND the American people, how can we ever trust them again?

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The Son of a Used Car Salesman

After pontificating that he was going to turn Saudi Arabia into a "pariah state," the son of a used car salesman now finds himself begging a ruthless regime to increase oil output in order to appease his ecozealot voting base.

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When Credibility Is Shot

The politicization of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention found political operatives deceiving both the medical community and the American public about COVID and the COVID vaccines. Only a fool would believe anything they have to say until that ag

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The Arrogance of Entitlement

Multiple generations of entitlement and falsely executed self-esteem building has led to generations that increasingly devalue life. From the very beginning to the end days, life - to those obsessed with the "now" is increasingly disposable.

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The Summer of Joy's False Promise

Since 2016, Chicago has experienced 4,401 homicides, culminating in 21,146 shooting victims, with 317 of those homicides occurring in 2022 to date. The victims of these homicides, per the Chicago Police Department’s own data, are overwhelmingly Black. C

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The Fourth Reich

An unelected group of megalomaniacs who fly their corporate jets to Davos every year to plan how you will live your life are using corporate-government fascism to take over the world. We should not be forced to live in their chains...

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    A False Generation Shift

    Anyone who thinks it through realizes that a complete shift to electric vehicles - given that less than 10 percent of our electricity comes from renewable energy - requires a robust fossil fuel industry. When you charge your EV you charge using 90% fossil

    Business & Finance | NFTs

    One in a Series: Green-Eyed Megalomania

    As the truth trickles out about Bill Gates and the crimes against humanity his organization has perpetrated on the world through his vaccination programs, we begin to see what is really in his soul...

    Business & Finance | NFTs

    The Finance of Green Death

    People are suffering through an economic downtown that was and is completely avoidable. We must hold those responsible to account.

    Business & Finance | NFTs

    The Degasification of America

    Who knew that it would be flatulent cows that would be the downfall of Western Civilization and the Human Race? Thank the good Lord above that we have the brilliance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to guide us out of the intellectual desert.