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Eat like an African and drop your cancer risk in two weeks

Americans were put on an African diet and Africans were put on an American diet. Scientists were shocked by the results.

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Nuts and Colon Cancer: What’s the Link? | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Research shows that consuming nuts reduces the risk of colon cancer recurrence and death, but scientists are still examining why.

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Gut Microbes Combine to Cause Colon Cancer, Study Suggests

Two types of bacteria common in the gut may accelerate the growth of tumors, suggesting new possibilities for diagnosis and prevention.

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More young people dying of colorectal cancer and researchers don’t know why

"This is not good news": Colorectal cancer death rates are increasing in younger generations

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Home screening test detects 79% of colorectal cancers

An inexpensive, home-based test could be a good way to get more Americans screened for colorectal cancer, the country's second-leading cause of cancer death.