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Wisconsin Lawmakers Call for ConCon to Protect Supreme Court

In an age when talk appears to suffice as fulfillment of an obligation, several Wisconsin lawmakers are actually trying to affect a...

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Court packing legislation straight out of Maduro's playbook

Centralizing power is something dictators do, and we will fight tooth and nail against any power grab that attempts to change our government in such a militant manner.

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Biden Probes Changes to Supreme Court; Justices Voice Opposition

As promised during the election, President Biden has announced the creation of a commission to study possible reforms to the SCOTUS...

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Far Left Democrat Dark Money Groups Want To Destroy Trump’s Legacy By Packing Supreme Court

Far-Left dark money groups have banded together to utilize the power of anonymous, deep-pocket donors to both pressure the Biden

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Biden Announces Commission To Explore Packing the Supreme Court

President Joe Biden began the selection of members to fill seats on commission tasked with examining potential reforms to the

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Obama Era Eric Holder, Famous for Fast & Furious, Demands Dems Pack Supreme Court

Former Obama administration Attorney General, Eric Holder, who gained international attention for his alleged role in the Fast and Furious

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BREAKING: Project Veritas Documents Democrat’s Hidden Plan to Pack the Supreme Court

Despite accusations of packing the court being a pivotal issue in the 2020 election, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris

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Legacy of the Court-Packing Plan; A quarter-century after F.D.R. began his unsuccessful battle over the Supreme Court. t

A Lewis article examines Ct in light of F D Roosevelt's unsuccessful '37 Ct-packing plan; finds Ct's independence secure despite changes in nature of its business and attitudes of justices

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How The Left Is Trying To Gaslight Americans On ‘Court-Packing’

During a debate between Montana Senator Steve Daines (R) and Democratic Governor-turned-Senate candidate Steve Bullock on Saturday, an exchange took place