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Wokeness, White Allyship, and Respect | Psychology Today

Why self-declarations and niceness are inadequate responses to white supremacy.

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Boorish Manager Said "I Blew It Out of Proportion" - Workplace Coach Blog

When a problem manager tries to intimidate you & your manager says "you blew it out of proportion," what are your options?

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When You Want to Talk Politics at Work - Workplace Coach Blog

We need to talk politics at work. Here's how.

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Aretha Franklin, Respect, and her Jewish Producer

The story behind the Queen of Soul’s hit song, Respect.

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Powerful Photo: Braves Fan Hold Umbrella For Marine Corps JROTC Member On Memorial Day

A photo from an Atlanta Braves game is going viral online. The photo did not capture the action of the game, but instead, a random act of kindness on Memorial Day.

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Listen to never-before-released Otis Redding live track, Just One More Day | Music | The Guardian

Taken from a six-CD collection celebrating the soul giant’s career-changing performances on Sunset Strip in 1966

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How others treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself.

How others treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Externally this is an easy shift, you can start doing more things that you love, you can… - Carly Pepin - Google+