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Putin's Moves Against Ukraine Partly Due to Telegraphed US Weakness

Vladimir Putin’s move into the sovereign nation of Ukraine is now in the history books. There is no stopping him from achieving exactly what he wants, regardless of any paper chase pressures from the United Nations, the G7, NATO, or any Western nation.

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TikTok Is Worse Than You Thought

Delete TikTok Before It's Too Late... Tiktok is a psychological weapon and is one of the evilest businesses in modern history. TikTok is trash because Tikto...

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PUPPET: China’s Top Propaganda Paper Issues Orders to ‘Incoming Biden Administration’

The American mainstream news media may not want to touch the story about the Biden-China connection with a ten-foot poll,

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Freedom - USA vs Vietnam - Episode 2 - DWI (Lifestyle)

DWI - Driving While Intoxicated, is a crime in nearly every country. Today's episodes compares how my home state, Texas, handles the law vs how the laws are ...