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Astronomers have found a new crop of moons around Jupiter, and one of them is a weirdo - The Verge

Ten more moons have been confirmed to orbit around Jupiter, bringing the planet’s total known satellite count to 79. That’s the highest number of moons of any planet in the Solar System.

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NASA showcases gorgeous new photo of Jupiter that looks almost too amazing to be real – BGR

Man, Jupiter sure is weird. The gas giant is one of the most-photographed objects in our Solar System thanks to its mesmerizing, swirling cloud tops, but NASA's latest photo of the colossal planet is even more jaw-dropping than usual.

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This May Be the Best Evidence Yet of a Water Plume on Jupiter's Moon Europa

The case for a giant plume of water vapor wafting from Jupiter's potentially life-supporting moon Europa just got a lot stronger.

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Saturn May Be the Missing Piece in the Puzzle of Jupiter's Moons

A new study describes how Saturn could have been critical to the formation of Jupiter's four Galilean moons.

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NASA’s Juno snapped another photo of Jupiter that looks like a watercolor painting – BGR

Out of all the different pieces of NASA hardware floating around our Solar System, the Juno spacecraft probably has the best gig in terms of pure eye candy.

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Stunning NASA Juno Image Captures Sunrise and Sunset on Jupiter in One Shot

The image stitches together several photos to show off the details where night and day meet.

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'Totally Wrong' on Jupiter: What Scientists Gleaned from NASA's Juno Mission

By the time Juno launched, astronomers had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the new images and data it would collect at Jupiter — or so they thought.

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Juno Jupiter Images: NASA Captures Gas Giant in Incredible Detail During Close Approach

Each flyby, a community of Jupiter fans that spans the globe chooses what features JunoCam should focus its lens on. Occasionally more of the frame is black than Jupiter. Here, the image processor was particularly intrigued by the dark ring visible just

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Jupiter's Great Red Spot may die within your lifetime

The super-storm has been a prisoner of Jupiter's jet streams for perhaps 350 years, yet has shrunk by more than 50% since the 1800s.

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NASA’s latest Jupiter image will blow you away

This image, taken by the Juno spacecraft’s JunoCam, was snapped in May as the spacecraft raced passed Jupiter. I don’t have to tell you that it’s a spectacular and breathtaking look at the gas giant. Like the other incredible pictures we’ve seen o

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Behold Jupiter’s Enormity With This Amazing Fly-By Video

A mathematician and an animator teamed up to compile 36 photos into one amazing video.

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This is Jupiter? Giant planet surprises scientists in Juno’s first flybys

Scientists with the NASA Juno mission have released the findings from the spacecraft’s first two orbits around Jupiter — and the results are unlike anything they expected.

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Juno spooks NASA, sends back wild images from Jupiter

Risk averse NASA has decided to keep its spacecraft Juno on the looonnnggg orbit of Jupiter. Earlier in February, the agency said it didn't want to risk firing the spacecraft's engines and bring it in for a closer zip around the mega-planet. Meanwhile, th

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8 Unexpected Things We Just Found Out About Jupiter

This is a truly historic opportunity and already, we’ve got some absolutely fascinating feedback from our probe. Thankfully, Cameron was kind enough to allow me to commandeer his article here at Paste to let you, the public, in on some of the amazing ne

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NASA’s probe is now orbiting Jupiter and so are three Lego figures

In August 2011, NASA launched a probe (“Juno”) into space as part of one of its most ambitious projects to date. Today,…

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It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter - Business Insider

Thanks to mind-bending heat and pressure, tiny diamonds fall from the skies like rain on a warm summer day.

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Watch something bash Jupiter, causing an explosion seen from Earth - CNET

Two amateur astronomers separately capture a continent-size blast emanating from the massive planet.

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Leading Theory Of Solar System Formation Just Disproved! — Starts With A Bang! — Medium

Looks like the inner planets formed *after* the gas giants moved to their current position, and Jupiter ejected a fifth …

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What Would It Be Like to Live on Jupiter's Moon Europa?

Building a colony on Jupiter may be impossible, but living at a base on its moon Europa could offer up an experience unlike anything on Earth.

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Watch the Remarkable Shrinking of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot | Science | WIRED

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot — one of the most iconic and well known features in the solar system — is shrinking, and nobody knows why.

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'Spectacular' Crash On Jupiter Moon Europa May Have Delivered Life's Building Blocks

A new look at data from a NASA spacecraft has revealed evidence a colossal impact on Jupiter's moon Europa, a collision that may have delivered key minerals and perhaps even the raw ingredients for life, scientists say. The cosmic crash scene, which

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Jupiter and the Moon Rendezvous Tonight: How to Watch

If you are up late on this last Friday night (Oct. 25) in October — or during the predawn hours of Saturday (Oct. 26) — two objects will likely immediately catch your eye if the sky is clear: a waning gibbous moon and Jupiter.