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Biden’s DoJ Finally Starts to Take Cyberattacks Seriously

In what could be a hopeful start to the federal government actually executing its duties, the Biden Justice Department announced it will...

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The DarkSide Attack On the Colonial Pipeline And Why We Should Pay Attention

As the eastern seaboard of the United States prepares for higher gasoline prices because of the DarkSide ransomware attack on the...

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Protecting Your Computers From ‘WannaCry’ and Similar Ransomware

(The ransom notice from the WannaCry ransomware -- May 12, 2017) It was enough to make tens of thousands of PC users cry. A piece of ransomware named

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Global ransomware attack shows why Apple refused to hack terrorist's iPhone

Apple argued that if it were to hack an iPhone and turn over the technique to the FBI, there would be no way to make sure the bug wouldn't be discovered and deployed against the general public.