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Ex-CIA Boss: Blinken Incited Letter Defaming Hunter Laptop Story

Antony Blinken played a role in creating a letter from former intel officials claiming Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation.

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Emails Reveal Biden Campaign Pressured Facebook to Censor Trump

In a very rare nod to Facebook, new emails reveal the social media giant refused to bow to incredible pressure from the Biden campaign to...

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Is China Funding the Phony Joe Biden Campaign? - American Greatness

Joe Biden is running a profoundly phony campaign. Hillary’s defeat is famously blamed on her low-energy decision to not show up in the Rust Belt.

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‘What are they trying to hide?’ Joe Biden’s campaign is making it pretty clear that ‘something’s not right here’

Joe Biden has plenty to say on Twitter (if we’re to believe that Joe’s the one doing the tweeting, that is). But for some strange reason, when the media are around, he clams up.

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Why Is Kamala Harris Invisible?

omething peculiar is going on with the Biden-Harris ticket. By now, we are all used to the idea of Joe Biden hiding in his crypt, coming up for air every few days for a brief-but-eye-popping Zoom “interview” with this or that friendly “journalist.” With a

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RARE: Chris Wallace Asks Biden Aide Why the COVID Double Standard on Large Lefty Protests?

Here's a dramatic difference in network Sunday shows. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Biden spokesperson Symone Sanders why there's a double-standard, that mass street protests against the police aren't "super spreader" events. S