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Diet Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer and Keep It From Coming Back

No single food or diet plan prevents breast cancer, but what you eat plays a role in how likely you are to get the disease or whether or not it comes back once you’ve had it.

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Blood Test May Detect Breast Cancer BEFORE it Starts

A new, simple blood test currently being developed in the United Kingdom may be a significant game changer in the fight against breast cancer.

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Olivia Newton-John reveals why she kept cancer battle private | Fox News

Olivia Newton-John is in the fight for her life after being diagnosed with cancer for the third time.

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Could this bra detect breast cancer?

A teenager in Mexico invents a bra to detect breast cancer. But does it work? And if so, how?

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Things that increase your risk of breast cancer - Business Insider

There are actually certain factors, however, that make you more or less likely to develop breast cancer, and many of them are under your control.

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One in four women say taking the contraceptive has damaged their mental health | Daily Mail Online

Dr Zoe Williams (pictured) presented an episode of Horizon revealing the pill can cause small increases in the risk of breast cancer and blood clots, and may be linked to higher rates of suicide attempts.

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Common Chemicals In Beauty Products Alter Women's Hormone Levels - Study Finds

FAIRFAX, Va. — Women who go heavy on the makeup may want to consider going for a more natural look. A new study finds that chemicals found in many beauty products are linked to changes in hormones. Researchers from George Mason University urge women to

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Largest Study Ever Done on Mammograms States They Are Pointless and Dangerous - Health And Love Page

When you want to take the precautionary measures and prevent breast cancer, you go to an annual mammogram. But more and more research proves that such a measure is pointless at best and dangerous at worst. Of

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Dogs detect breast cancer from bandage: researchers

Dogs can sniff out cancer from a piece of cloth which had touched the breast of a woman with a tumour, researchers said Friday, announcing the results of an unusual, but promising, diagnostic trial. With just six months of training, a pair of German Shep

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42% Fewer U.S. Women Are Dying of Breast Cancer | TIME

Better screening and treatment of breast cancer are responsible for fewer deaths globally, but some countries continue to see high mortality from the disease

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Study links two genes to breast cancer survival - Scienmag

Testing for the activity of two genes could pick out women who are at increased risk of dying from their breast cancers, suggests a new study of almost 2,000 patients. Women whose tumours had a spec..

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The Breast Cancer Gene and Me

It’s simple: All Ashkenazi Jewish women should have the BRCA test.