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Kent State Professor Doesn't Think Violent Rapes in School Bathrooms Are a 'Safety Issue'

On the Dr. Phil show, Kent State Associate Prof. Dr. Suzy D'Enbeau made the shocking claim that the violent rape of a girl was not a "safety issue."

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INSANITY: ACLU Calls for Tampons in Men's Rooms Because 'Menstrual Equity' or Something

If the far left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was ever a serious organization fighting to defend and preserve individual rights and civil liberties, those days are long gone now. Their latest cause célèbre is by no standard a serious civ

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California middle school teacher draws scrutiny for giving students “gender unicorn” identity cards

A middle school science teacher in California caused an uproar this week for giving his students a "Gender Unicorn" sheet that explained gender identity and sexual attraction. 

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Student Booted From Christianity Class For Telling Professor There Are Only Two Genders | Daily Wire

In the current year, it's apparently permissible to ban a student from a class on Christianity for expressing inconvenient truths to a feminist professor.

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Gender Differences Denied: Feminization of America Is Bad for the World | National Review Online

Last week the New York Times published an article, “Sweeping Away Gender-Specific Toys and Labels,” that contained three sentences that explain one of the most important phenomena in American life. In discussing the increasing move to do away with gender-specific toys — something the New York Times approves of — the article quoted Tania Missad, the “director of global consumer insights” at one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers, Mattel:

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Sweeping Away Gender-Specific Toys and Labels - The New York Times

Retailers and manufacturers are heeding concerns about stereotyping that some parents say still pervades children’s toys, clothes, costumes and other items.

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Kansas University: Student Senate Bans 'His/Her,' Calls Pronouns a Microaggression | National Review Online

Trigger warning: This article contains several gender-specific pronouns. The Kansas University student senate has voted to banish gender-specific pronouns such as “his/her” from its Rules and Regulations document because they’re “microaggressions” against the students who don’t use them.