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Liberal Groups Break with Whitehouse Over Controversial Donor Disclosure Rule

The American Civil Liberties Union, NAACP, and other prominent Progressive groups are supporting a Supreme Court challenge to...

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INSANITY: ACLU Calls for Tampons in Men's Rooms Because 'Menstrual Equity' or Something

If the far left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was ever a serious organization fighting to defend and preserve individual rights and civil liberties, those days are long gone now. Their latest cause célèbre is by no standard a serious civ

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ACLU claims 'men who get pregnant and give birth are men' | Fox News

One of the nation's most prominent legal nonprofits declared that a person could be a man even if they get pregnant and get their periods.

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ACLU Celebrates International Men's Day: ‘Men Who Get Their Periods Are Men’

On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union decided to offer their own interpretation of what it means to be a man, since International Men’s Day is celebrated annually on November 19. Although International Men’s Day (IMD)  focuses on six pillar

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The Atlantic: ACLU Declines to Defend Civil Rights | Breitbart

The ACLU came out against a new education department policy that bolsters due process rights for those accused of sexual assault on campus, a moved condemned by the Atlantic.

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Former ACLU leaders blast 'appalling' anti-Brett Kavanaugh ad campaign

Former American Civil Liberties Union leaders say the group is making a serious mistake in opposing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with a $1 million ad buy focused on sexual misconduct allegations.

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ACLU memo: Free speech cases may take backseat to organization’s equality and justice work – twitchy.com

It looks like defending free speech will depend on "the potential effect on marginalized communities."