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Failure Is Not An Option: How Not to Let Anything Throw You Off Your Game - Workplace Coach Blog

Playing your A game when you're frustrated; how to tunnel through or use frustration energy.

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Lessons for India on why Israel leads in innovation - The Economic Times

Israel is also referred to as a 'start-up nation'. Modi gave a clarion call that India should also 'start up and stand up'.

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▶ What Makes America Different? - YouTube

Is America really that great? Or is the United States just like any other nation? Outsiders tend to be the best judge of character, and Nick Adams, a best-se...

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Foley Family to White House: You Saved Bergdahl. Why Not Our Son? - The Daily Beast

After the Obama administration bargained for Bowe Bergdahl’s life, the family of ISIS hostage James Foley begged the White House for the same treatment—only to be denied.

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President Barack Obama vows to punish ISIS for beheading James Foley | Mail Onli

The rescue mission was carried out in early July, according to statements released by the White House and State Department.