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Trump Asks, 'Who Built The Cages, Joe?' Here's the Answer: Biden and Obama Did

It was quite a moment during the final debate between President Trump and Joe Biden when they were discussing immigration and Biden tried to gain the moral high ground on the issue. Trump was clearly prepared for the attack.

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Biden Campaign: If Trump Brings Up Alleged Biden Family Scandals Then He’s ‘Amplifying Russian Misinformation’

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign appeared on Thursday to respond to the latest explosive reports regarding a laptop allegedly belonging

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Kristen Welker, the Next Debate Moderator, Got Busted Tipping Off Team Hillary in 2016

Welker, who has been a registered Democrat, is known for directing pointed questions at President Trump during her time as White House correspondent.

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Commission On Presidential Debates Announces Changes For Upcoming Debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced late on Monday evening that it is making changes for the upcoming debate later this week, which will be

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FACT CHECK: Did Hunter Biden Get Kicked Out of the Military for Drugs? (Spoiler: Yes)

During the first presidential debate Joe Biden denied President Trump’s charge that his son, Hunter Biden, was dishonorably discharged from the military for drug use.

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Biden Lies Again About Trump's Push for Coronavirus Inspectors in China

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden repeated a debunked claim that the Trump administration did not push the Chinese government to allow U.S. experts to enter Wuhan, China, during the early days of the pandemic in Tuesday night's debate. In fact,

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Fact Check: Trump Paid Tens of Millions of Dollars in Taxes

The blockbuster expose by the New York Times revealed that Trump paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes during the years in question. | 2020 Election

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Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims to Not Support Green New Deal

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed to not support the Green New Deal during Tuesday's presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Biden campaign faces questions about whether he should skip next debates - POLITICO

The campaign insisted he would participate in the final two, but some Democrats said he should demand rule changes.

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Chris Wallace Faces Intense Backlash, Including From Colleagues, Over Bias During Debate

Fox News host Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, faced intense backlash on Tuesday night for what was widely deemed as bias in the debate in the favor