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Missouri Proposal Would Allow Senators to Challenge Each Other to a Duel to Settle Differences

 Every now and again, a politician makes a proposal in jest that I wish would become reality. Enter Missouri Republican State Sen. Nick Schroer, who had the unmitigated gall to propose a motion that would allow members of the state legislature to settle their differences the same way Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton did.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Election Liars

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Election Liars If election candidates lie significantly, and in a bald fashion, whether about their past or the future, should they be disqualified, even if they are victorious at the ballot box? Quite coincidentally, this questio

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Do We Really Understand The Meaning Of Freedom?

The aware among us (a number that decreases every day) fully understand the never-ending encroachment of government and activism upon our individual freedoms. Today, the Bill of Rights is tantamount to a “Bill of Really Strong Suggestions,” given the

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Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid

Since the pandemic began ten months ago, there have been too many instances of elites saying one thing and doing another.

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AOC Says Businessmen Are Lazy Parasites Who Steal And Exploit. No, That's What Politicians Do.

As reported by The Daily Wire, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently launched into a particularly delusional rant about billionaires. While being interviewed for a MLK Day event, Ocasio-Cortez claimed that all billionaire businessmen get rich on slave la

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The Perks of Being a Psychopath

"Always treat everyone with respect. You never know who is secretly a psychopath." - Alex Wayne, Diagnosis How does one go about identifying a psychopath? It's not easy, but researchers

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More and more voters don't trust Hillary Clinton and it's doing some major damage

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's expected presidential campaign got some bad news in a new set of Quinnipiac University polls released Thursday.

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Howard Dean: Obamacare Written By "Elitists" Who "Don't Fundamentally Understand The American People"

On MSNBC's Morning Joe today, Howard Dean had a terse reaction to Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber's recently unearthed comments about the "stupidity" of the American voter in regards to passing the legislation. "The problem is not that