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Steve Kramer – The tenor of Israel’s youth

Steve Kramer – The tenor of Israel’s youth For the last five years, I’ve enjoyed volunteering for conversational English with students at Kfar Saba’s Herzog High School, named for Chaim Herzog, Israel’s sixth president. Herzog is one of four

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Majority of LGBTQ youth experiencing anxiety, depression amid Covid, poll finds

The results also showed three-fourths of LGBTQ youth reported suffering from increased loneliness since the start of the pandemic.

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Gen Z More Likely to Report Mental Health Concerns

Welcome to the Monitor on Psychology digital edition! This interactive format allows you to easily read, share with friends, and click on web links to get further resources.

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The Sex That Really Does Have a Better Memory

Study tested which sex has a better memory for events, words, faces and meanings.

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This Fine Belief May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease

Tweet Share 0 Pocket Pinterest LinkedIn 0 Email This belief about ageing may protect against memory loss linked to Alzheimer’s. Holding more positive beliefs about ageing may protect against Alzheimer’s disease, a new study finds. The results come fro

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11 Things That Happen When You Look Much Younger Than You Are | Sarah Bourassa

But even though I feel like I'm getting closer to my 30s, I often get mistaken for an 18-year-old. Such is the dilemma of a woman who looks younger than she is.

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50 is the new 42: technology is making brains of middle-aged younger

The increasing mental demands of technology is making older people sharper than previous generations, scientists have shown

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Life skills in schools - at last! - Develop Your Child

A new report “Healthy Young Minds – transforming the mental health of children” by the World Innovation Summit for Health and Wellbeing in Children Forum 2015, just published, recommends life skills can and should be taught as professionally as ma