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What the Fourth of July Was Not › American Greatness

Our national Fourth of July holiday—currently the nation’s 247th since the first in 1776—marks the birth of the United States. The iconic Declaration of Independence was published on the 4th and…

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PODCAST | Our Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor

LISTEN NOW | If you haven't seen it, the HBO series John Adams is a must-watch over the Independence Day weekend. It's a great depiction of what the Framers and the Founders – and the people of what is now the United States – went through in

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A Day That Changed The World

The world had seen nothing like it. Thirteen upstart British colonies were taking a stand against the most powerful military on the face of the planet. Of course, I am talking about the birth of the United States of America.

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27 Untold Facts about the Declaration of Independence

The declaration of independence is a document that changed the course of U.S history forever. In the year 1776, the continental congress declared the independence of 13 US countries from Great Britain. Here are 27 facts about the declaration of independen

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Do We Still ‘Hold These Truths’? › American Greatness

In about three weeks, we will once again be celebrating the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day. But what are we really celebrating? For all too many…

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5 Lesser-Known Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Some were well-known, but many others were not. Who were these other men, and why were they important?

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On behalf of our posterity

As we await the final opinion in Dobbs, we do well as a nation to recall who we are and the creed that binds us together.

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Time for a New Declaration of Independence?

Hillary Clinton signed off on delivering the Russia hoax to the FBI. Hooray. I have a hard time getting excited about something that matters so little.

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Archbishop Viganò: Million MAGA Marchers are right to oppose Dem’s ‘fraud…manipulation of votes’

Viganò said he is spiritually united with the Million MAGA marchers in their legitimate request for truth and transparency, in the face of the election fraud that is coming to light

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Trump Celebrates American Freedom, Denounces Cancel Culture on Eve of Independence Day

In a speech at Mount Rushmore on the eve of July 4, President Donald Trump celebrated America's heritage and echoed the values, ideals and freedoms enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, while calling on patriots to stand up to "cancel culture

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Salon Attacks The Declaration Of Independence. Here’s Why They’re So Wrong. | Daily Wire

The leftist ingrates at Salon have decided to "celebrate" Independence Day — which is celebrated on July 4th for the sole reason that our beautiful republic's Declaration of Independence was ratified on that day in Philadelphia in 1776 — today in a rather

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The Lessons of the Declaration of Independence

The colonists’ quest for independence from the British in 1776 began with a goal: “to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them.” Declaring independence me

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Here's The Passage Of The Declaration Of Independence Facebook Blocked As 'Hate Speech' | Daily Wire

As a way of celebrating Independence Day, The Vindicator thought it would be appropriate to publish the Declaration of Independence on Facebook.

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Rare US independence declaration found in UK archive

A rare parchment copy of the American Declaration of Independence has been found at a British archive among the papers of an aristocrat who supported the rebels, officials have said. The manuscript was discovered at the West Sussex Record Office in the so

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You Won’t Read This in Your History Books!