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Undercover FBI Agent Details Decades Of Human Trafficking Stings

She spent years fighting human trafficking as an undercover agent. Now she's telling the real story of some of the most heinous crimes in the country.

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Netflix Fans 'Too Scared To Sleep' After Watching I Am A Stalker

Netflix fans are 'too scared to sleep' after watching the terrifying new true crime show I Am A Stalker. Find out more here...

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The Best Crime Docuseries and Documentaries on Netflix

There's no shortage of true crime documentaries on Netflix, but which are the best?

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When Abraham Lincoln Tried His Hand at Being a True Crime Writer | Mental Floss

In another era, Abraham Lincoln could have made for a great 'Dateline NBC' producer. The future president once penned a true crime tale based on a murder case he worked on as a lawyer.

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Best New True Crime Podcasts So Far in 2020

The true crime podcast wave is showing no signs of slowing down, and 2020 has already brought us some seriously chilling new shows. If you're a true crime nut, you're going to love these new podcasts.

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The 20 Best True Crime Podcasts

There’s no better way to pass the time than listening to the grisly and unthinkable crimes committed throughout history, right? Here are the best true crime podcasts to binge.

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17 Hidden Gems On Netflix For True Crime Fans Who Just Can't Get Enough

Ever since Netflix premiered the sensational Making a Murderer docu-series, the streaming site has been the number one stop for any and every true crime fan. Since then, Netflix has premiered multiple original true crime shows — The Keepers, The Conf…

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17 True Crime Movies & Shows On Netflix You Can Watch Right Now, From 'Amanda Knox' To Story Of A Monster'

There's something strangely relaxing about watching murder mystery and true crime TV shows and movies. Netflix gets the appeal and has become the top streaming site for the genre's fans, with plenty of movies and TV shows that make for a perfect mara…

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Here are some of the darkest true-crime stories from California

Good morning, it is Monday, Sept. 5 . On this sunny Labor Day, we are taking a detour into noir. There’s been quite a bit of true-crime reporting in the Essential California newsletter the past week because of The Times’ series  “Framed,” about a

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Grim Sleeper: Jurors find Lonnie Franklin Jr. guilty of ten murders - The Homicide Report - Los Angeles Times

On Thursday, nearly 30 years after the first victim was found sprawled in a South Los Angeles alley, the man authorities believed was the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer was found guilty of ...

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I Liked ‘Black Mass’ Until Johnny Depp Shot A Guy... | ClickHole

I’m a pretty big fan of gangster films. Donnie Brasco and The Departed rank as two of my fave movies of all time, so I had to see Black Mass right when it hit theaters...