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Finally! It’s Launching. | Workplace Coach Blog

Finally, it's launching, a debut novel full of romance, Alaskan scenery, and suspense--a woman's journey with a surprise ending.

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Real-life Writing | Workplace Coach Blog

Real-life writing: a new site promising inspiration and stories not found elsewhere; I hope you'll join the journey

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SNEEK PREVIEW: My Favorite Short Story | Workplace Coach Blog

Your Sneek Preview: My Favorite Short Story

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Would Love Your Thoughts on My Debut Novel’s Synopsis | Workplace Coach Blog

debut novel: what are your thoughts about this synopsis? does it grab you?

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Just for Fun | Workplace Coach Blog

Just for fun, a poem with humor; when do you figure it out?

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Carpè Diem...

Crack of dawn Break of dawn Bread and brawn Can I have coffee with that? Books and bookmarks Books' birthmarks Page's trademark I love my pages marked. Draws the curtains Day uncertain Let's make t...