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Jon Hamm Was A Major Distraction On The Mad Men Set

Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm, caused major distractions on the Mad Men set, one of the show's cast members claims.

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John Hamm Looks Like Don Draper In New Film ‘No Sudden Move’

Jon Hamm channeled his inner Don Draper on the set of 'No Sudden Move,' where he looked just like his 'Man Men' character.

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The 'Fletch' Reboot With Jon Hamm Is Something To Be Excited About

A deeper look into the many reasons this may be the first Fletch reboot attempt to have a real shot a success.

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Jon Hamm Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live, Plus Cardi B, Katie Holmes & More | PEOPLE

From Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between, see what your favorite stars are up to

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Jon Hamm Is a Great Actor, So Why Can’t He Find Another Great Role? – Variety

Owen Gleiberman on how the inspired star of 'Mad Men,' caught in a kiddiefied landscape, has squandered his capital on routine movies.

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The cast of ‘Mad Men’ had a mini-reunion this week and the photos are so sweet

'Mad Men' writer and creator Matthew Weiner is gearing up to release a book about the series, and invited the cast and crew for a mini-reunion.

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Jon Hamm Sought to Play Archer in Live-Action Film

A producer of FX's hit animated series Archer has said that if there is ever a feature film of the series, Jon Hamm should play the title role.

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Jon Hamm - The Electric Eleven: THR TV Critics' Favorite Performances of 2015

Don Draper’s existential journey was a whole lot more than drinking to forget, screwing to feel something or merely hiding behind someone else. It was always going to be a painful journey with a series of bottoming-out moments. But it's when Don fi

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15+ Celebrities Who Revealed Their Mental Illnesses To Help Others Find Courage

It's hard to talk about your problems, but sometimes, someone else breaking the ice can help. And despite one in five Americans suffering from a diagnosable mental illness, this is a topic which many feel uncomfortable facing.

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Watch Jon Hamm Talk About Don Draper’s Life After the Mad Men Finale | TIME

Jon Hamm gave his opinion on what happened to Don Draper after the finale of Mad Men on Monday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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Jon Hamm on His Emmy Stage Climb: ‘That Was Just Stupid’ | Jon Hamm : Just Jared

Jon Hamm on His Emmy Stage Climb: ‘That Was Just Stupid’ Jon Hamm wears a mitt while playing a friendly game of baseball with some friends on Saturday afternoon (September 19) in Los Angeles. The following day, the…

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CNN congratulates Jon Hamm by tweeting a picture of someone who isn’t Jon Hamm · Newswire · The A.V. Club

After 16 nominations and years of disappointment, Jon Hamm finally won an Emmy last night, accepting the award for outstanding lead actor in a drama series in his final eligible effort as Mad Men’s Don Draper.

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Jon Hamm Emmy Win: First For ‘Mad Men’ Final Season | Variety

"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm wins an Emmy: His first win is for the final season of the AMC drama.

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7 Reasons Jon Hamm Deserves to Win the Emmy for 'Mad Men' | Indiewire

Sunday officially marks the last chance for the TV Academy to correct a seven-year-long mistake. Here's why a Jon Hamm win would be so much more than a make-up

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'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm: 'There's no version of this ending that's not super painful for me' - Zap2it | News & Features

'I kind of knew a little bit of what was going to happen in the last script, but it was -- I mean, the whole last few weeks, I was just a mess pretty much,' says 'Mad Men' star January Jones.

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Jon Hamm Hangs Up Don Draper’s Suit, Reflects on the Deepest, Darkest Role of His Career

It’s the end of an era as AMC’s hit series Mad Men—and its tormented protagonist, Don Draper—come to a close. Jon Hamm reflects on his iconic ad man.

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Jon Hamm Opens Up About His Rehab Stint For Alcohol Abuse

Jon Hamm Opens Up About His Rehab Stint For Alcohol Abuse Jon Hamm is opening up about his stint in rehab for alcohol abuse, which he completed last month.

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Jon Hamm Treated for Alcohol Addiction -- Vulture

Mad Men's Jon Hamm has undergone treatment for alcohol addiction, the Associated Press reports.

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'Wet Hot American Summer' adds Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig | Inside TV | EW.com

The talent piling onto Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer prequel is increasingly impressive. Now the series has cast Chris Pine and Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig and Jason Schwartzman -- all for recurring or guest-star roles, EW has confirmed.

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Jon Hamm: 'Mad Men' end 'super sad for me' - San Jose Mercury News

The stars and creator meet TV critics as iconic show readies for its final season kicking off April 5.

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'Black Mirror is the new Twilight Zone', says John Hamm after series drops US Netflix bomb

It’s barely a week since the Black Mirror bomb dropped on Netflix’s US service. But Channel 4’s dystopian drama has already been declared the latest must-see British import after reviving a form of psychological story-telling not seen in America sin

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'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm returning to 'Parks and Recreation' | Inside TV | EW.com

Parks and Recreation is going a little mad in its final season. Jon Hamm is set to reprise his brief role as inept National Parks employee Ed, EW has learned exclusively.

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Jon Hamm Told His Girlfriend How 'Mad Men' Ends - The Moviefone Blog

Yet another reason we wish we could date Jon Hamm: The "Mad Men" star admitted that he told his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, how the series ends.

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How Jon Hamm Feels About The End Of 'Mad Men'

Jon Hamm has been all over the place in 2014. The 43-year-old has appeared on magazine covers, podcasts, the season finale of

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Jon Hamm unveils his wax statue at Madame Tussauds

What's the first thing Jon Hamm did when he saw his wax figure unveiled Friday at New York's Madame Tussauds?Took a selfie, of course.

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A Teenaged Jon Hamm And Paul Rudd Once Played A Game Of Trivial Pursuit For A Girl’s Heart

A long time ago, Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm fought over a girl and played a high stakes game of Trivial Pursuit for her heart.

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Jon Hamm Was Once on a Dating Show—and He Lost

Long before he was the smooth, philandering Don Draper and the subject of a Tumblr dedicated to his, er, looks, Jon Hamm was an awkward waiter who couldn’t get a date. An episode of the mid-’90s game show The Big Date featuring

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19 Successful People Who Had A Rough Time In Their Twenties

Don't panic, twentysomethings. Here's further proof that life is a marathon, not a sprint.