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Teddy Bear Flower Bouquets are a Thing and I Had No Idea - Famadillo.com

This is a bouquet of teddy bears which I truly had no idea was a thing.  Instead of flowers, people seem to be migrating to buying alternatives. In this

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Haunted Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A haunted hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas also has a morgue in the basement.

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The Russian App That Has Destroyed Privacy Forever

See a pretty girl or guy on the street? Snap a pic, and you can find out who they are. What could go wrong?

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27 Reasons You Shouldn’t Move to Australia! | Ripbird

Australia may seem like a nice place and it truly is, there are quite a few things that you may want to know about it first before thinking of moving there, such as it having some of the most extreme climates out there. It’s also a country known to have some of the most dangerous creatures in the world!

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Haunted houses and attractions in Chicago: Halloween 2014 guide

Looking for startling thrills and chills this Halloween? We tracked down some of the scariest Chicago-area seasonal attractions.

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Horrifying Halloween Decorations Terrify Neighborhood, Prompt 911 Call

Johnnie Mullins' neighbors love Halloween as much as the next heathen, but they think his decorations this year crossed the line from fun-scary to scary-call-the-cops-there's-a-dead-body-in-our-neighbor's-driveway.