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How Long Can You Drive After Your Car’s Gas Light Comes On?

Just how many miles can you drive once your car alerts you that you're running out of gas? The answer might surprise you.

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YOU Can Own a Piece of Disney History...But There's a Catch

You could get some incredible Disney collectibles -- here's what you need to know.

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How Podcasting Works

Podcasting combines blogging and mp3s to make an exciting new medium. Learn about podcasting, how to make podcasts and about popular podcasts.

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13 Cool Slang Terms From the 1950s

From 'beatnik' to 'backseat bingo,' here are some notable pieces of lingo popularized in the 1950s.

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The 25 Cities With the Most Skyscrapers Worldwide

To some people, the size of a city’s buildings is just as important as the size of its population.

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I Traveled Route 66 From Chicago To Santa Monica, Here Are My 9 Favorite Experiences

From the Pontiac Murals to the Winslow, Arizona, corner made famous by the Eagles, these are the best Route 66 stops from Chicago to Cali.

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You Can Now See How Many One-Star Uber Ratings You’ve Received—If You Dare

No, Uber still won’t tell you which driver awarded you a one-star rating (or what you did to deserve it).

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10 Toasty Products for People Who Are Always Cold

If you find yourself always reaching for a blanket or shivering no matter what season we're in, check out these products that are sure to keep you warm this winter.

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