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Suicide prevention gets a new lifeline

Psychologists remain on the forefront of suicide prevention, serving as critical first responders and training nonpsychologists to help meet the need

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How to Survive for Three Days in the Wilderness

This 72-hour plan will buy you enough time to wait for search and rescue to arrive.

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I Survived Getting Lost in the Florida Swamps

In this trave fail, a Florida Spring Break hiking trip goes awry. After simply walking into the forest from a service road, a group of inexperienced hikers gets lost in Apalachicola National Forest, near Tallahassee. Here is one woman's account of the exp

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No, Evolution Is Not Always Dog-Eat-Dog

Violence has been the sire of all the world’s values,” wrote poet Robinson Jeffers in 1940. “What but the wolf’s tooth whittled…

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How To Be Resilient

How do we increase grit and persistence? Let's look at how survivors get through the most dangerous situations and learn lessons on how to be resilient.

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Are we living the life we really want or we are just surviving

We survive when we do not live our lives to the best of our ability and consequently we find difficult to be happy. 7 Tips on how we can change our Life.

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Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe After Death

A book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe” has stirred up the Internet, because it contained a notion that life does not end when the body dies, and it can last forever. The author

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The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

Kids may say the darndest things, but parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. So each week, we round up the most hilarious 140-character quips from moms and dads to spread the joy. Scroll down

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Floating Ant Islands Seen After Floods In South Carolina

As South Carolina recovers from heavy rain and flooding, one insect is showing off its clever strategy for survival.

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Survival Myths that Could Actually Kill You | The Active Times

You might like to think that you have what it takes to survive even the most overwhelming odds. Even if you don't know all that much in the area of survival skills, you'd make it through, right?