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Biden says he was raised around Puerto Ricans 'at home politically’ during visit to see Hurricane Fiona damage

President Biden surveyed the damage in Puerto Rico left by Hurricane Fiona and announced $60 million in federal assistance to help the island recover from the storm

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Uncertain Future Awaits Puerto Rico But One Israeli Team Is Working to Build The Population’s Resilience

Uncertain Future Awaits Puerto Rico But One Israeli Team Is Working to Build The Population’s Resilience A Social Worker’s Account Of Her First Days In Puerto Rico In The Wake Of Hurricane Fiona By Tamar Shlesinger San Juan, – My name is Tamar S

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Energy expert tackles AOC’s ‘dangerously delusional views about energy that will end up killing many people’ in Puerto Rico

Yesterday, armchair energy expert AOC dismissed the concerns of people who believe it’d be a bad idea to shut down the coal plant that helps to keep the lights on in Puerto Rico.

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Surprise Bipartisan Push for Puerto Rico Statehood

On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of lawmakers – including 12 Republicans – introduced the Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act...

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Liberal Media Forced to Concede: Trump Was Right About Puerto Rico's Government

President Donald Trump’s strategic silence on Puerto Rico’s earthquakes, while greenlighting billions of dollars in aid and a new major disaster declaration for the stricken U.S. territory, is forcing the liberal media into a most uncomfortable place...ac

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IsraAID Team In Puerto Rico To Provide Relief Following Series Of Earthquakes

IsraAID launched a needs assessment process focused on relief distribution, psychological first aid, and water and sanitation solutions.

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I went to Puerto Rico to see Israeli aid in action | ISRAEL21c

Earlier this year, I flew to Puerto Rico with ISRAEL21c and discovered just how much Israeli aid organization, IsraAID has helped the people of the island in the wake of their worst disaster.

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Puerto Rico Is So Corrupt, New Scandal Breaks While People Still Protesting Old One

As thousands gathered to protest the U.S. territory’s government after a recent scandal was brought to light, an entirely new scandal came out of nowhere.

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Trump-Bashing Mayor Gets Surprise Visit from FBI After Allegations of Corruption

The FBI has reportedly raided the offices of vehemently anti-Trump San Juan Mayor Carmen Yelin Cruz with regard to allegations of government corruption.

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Artist Ai Weiwei visited Puerto Rico as part of research into mass migration

The artist was drawn to Puerto Rico because more than 410,000 people have left the island.