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NPR’s confusing Oscar mess: Michelle Yeoh ‘who identifies as Asian’ wins best actress

NPR, and other news outlets, created confusion by insisting on stating that Michelle Yeoh 'identifies as Asian' in their headlines. It's complicated.

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Has There Ever Been a Tie at the Oscars?

Split decisions happen. They're just not a common occurrence. Here are six times they happened at the Oscars.

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Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, And Wanda Sykes Tapped To Host 2022 Oscars

The 2022 Academy Awards will have hosts for the first time in three years. The last person to host the show was Jimmy Kimmel in 2018.

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Inside The $205,000 Oscar 2021 Gift Bag: From A Spa Retreat To ‘Poetry For Neanderthals’

Every year, celebrity and product-placement marketing company Distinctive Assets puts together a gift bag that the 25 nominees for best actor and director awards take home with them, whether they win or not.

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Academy Awards: Depressingly Woke & Dull

In future years, not only will people not be watching the Oscars (last year’s ceremony hit an all-time low of 23.6 million viewers, and this one won’t approach that), but you’ll have to explain why people once thought these things were once considered fun

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Top 20 Best Original Song Oscar Winners of All Time - Variety

Best original song Oscar winners have included dozens of classics. Here are 20 of the best, from "White Christmas" to "Lose Yourself."

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New York Times Claims Oscars Might Be ‘Most Diverse Ever,’ But ‘Problem Isn’t Solved’

It's awards season again and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently released shortlists for this year's Academy Awards.

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The Corruption Of The Left: The Dialectic of Woke

Last week a few sharp-eyed members of the audience for Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan noticed something ugly in the credits.

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Oscars To Have New Inclusion Rule To Ensure Absolutely No One Cares About Oscars [Satire]

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has developed a new inclusion requirement for Oscar-nominated films. The Academy says it wants to make sure the winning films contain significant roles for groups who are under-represented in Hollywood, lik

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Oscars 2021 Delay: Why the Academy Made the Wrong Call

In choosing to extend the Academy’s eligibility window for the 2021 ceremony, it missed out on the chance to do something really special.

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Enough Of Hollywood’s Vapid, Hypocritical Girl Power Schtick

Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was quite possibly the greatest display of heroism since D-Day. I may, in fact, be underselling it. After all, the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy were wearing gauche, cliched uniforms. At least the actor

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Oscars 2020 live updates: Complete coverage of the 92nd Academy Awards

Live coverage of the 92nd Academy Awards, from winners to red carpet to best and worst moments. The show airs Sunday, Feb. 9, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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Ricky Gervais Blasts Hollywood With Jokes He Would Have Told If He Hosted The Oscars

Comedian Ricky Gervais took shots at Hollywood on Sunday with jokes that he said he would have used if he had been chosen to host the Academy Awards. Gervais dropped the lines on Twitter in response to being asked, “[If] you were hosting the Oscars

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One Question For the Oscars: Who Cares? | National Review

The stardust that once defined the evening is almost completely gone.

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This Is What the Oscars Looked Like in the 1970s

It was a very weird, very fashionable, and very glitzy decade for Hollywood.

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2019 Academy Award nominations are all over the map

From "Roma" and "The Favourite" to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "BlacKkKlansman" to "Green Book," the 2019 Oscar nominations showed the academy pulling in different directions.

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Michael Shannon, 'Shape of Water' villain, watches Oscars at Chicago dive bar | Chicago Sun-Times

He wore a puffy coat and sat on a barstool at the Old Town Ale House, one of his favorite Chicago hangouts.

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The 2018 Oscars’ running Jet Ski gag was pure genius - The Verge

At the 2018 Oscars, host Jimmy Kimmel offered an $18,000 jet ski to the winner who gave the shortest acceptance speech. As running Oscar gags go, it was a great one because it was a fresh, positive take on an extremely tired Oscars tradition.

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13 Photos That Prove the Oscars Audience Is Where the Real Action Is

The Oscars were a whirlwind of glamour, laughs, tears, and, oh yeah, awards! The show is known for its rather long runtime — host Jimmy Kimmel even

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Biggest Oscar Snubs and Surprises Include ‘Lady Bird,’ ‘This Is Me’ – Variety

It was primarily business as expected at the 90th Annual Academy Awards. Still, there were a few surprises over the course of the evening.

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Do the wrong thing: 90 years, 90 movies that should have been nominated for Best Picture

When Moonlight pulled a big upset and won the Best Picture Oscar a year ago, it felt like a monumental occasion—and not just because of the snafu that resulted in a different film briefly enjoying the honor. Yes, the Academy bestowed best-movie-of-the-y

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15 Looks at the Oscars Pre-Show You Won’t Get on TV

See the side of the 2017 Oscars red carpet that TV cameras won’t show you

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Stacey Dash reads 'mean tweets' about her Oscars appearance

"You sucked on the Oscars like you do on Fox News."

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38 Times Celebs Looked Positively Bridal on the Red Carpet

It's not that every formal white dress automatically equals bridal, but lately, the vibe I'm getting from the red carpet is that celebrities don't want to limit themselves to wearing just one white wedding dress in a lifetime. And why should they? Wouldn't you wear wedding dresses all the time if you had fun things to dress up for?

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Oscar Winners 2016: Complete List

The 88th Academy Awards took place on Sunday, honoring the best of film from the past year. Chris Rock hosted Hollywood’s biggest night for the second time, which aired live on ABC from the D…

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Hilarious Leonardo DiCaprio Memes Mocking His Struggle to Win an Oscar | Approved Humor

If there's one question on everybody’s mind about this Sunday's Oscars, it is "Will this finally be the year Leonardo DiCaprio takes home the Oscar for Best Actor?"

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Oscars Traffice Nightmare As Joe Biden’s Back To Attend Academy Awards | Deadline

With Vice-President Joe Biden in town for the weekend, the Oscars are on lockdown and there are road closures galore by the LAPD

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These Vintage Photos Of The Academy Awards Are Pure Old Hollywood Glamour

The 88th annual Academy Awards are just a few days away, but before we get swept up in Sunday's ceremony, we're looking back at the ultra-glamorous past of Hollywood's big night.

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‘The Revenant’ Leads the Oscar Nominations With 12

'The Revenant' leads the 88th annual Academy Awards with 12 nominations, while the acting categories were again filled entirely by white performers.

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Every Best Picture Oscar Winner, Ranked From Worst to Best

A list ranking every movie ever to win the Academy's top prize.

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10 Oscar Winners Whose Speeches Were Under 11 Words

If brevity is the soul of wit, then these are the wittiest people in Hollywood. When Greer Garson won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1943 for Mrs. Miniver, she set a Guinness World Record for "Longest Oscars Acceptance Speech" with a rant that clocked in at five and a half minutes. That’s more than twice as much time as Gwyneth Paltrow spent on her famously long speech after she nabbed the same award for Shakespeare in Love in 1999.

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All 60 films nominated for Oscars, ranked.

Remember the part in Interstellar (five Oscar nominations, but not Best Picture) when Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway and the trusty robot CASE head off to the planet with the big wave, and they leave David Gyasi back on the ship for a relativity-ai