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Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Being hard on yourself is not only ineffective, but it is also a hard pattern to break. How can you take a more balanced, emotionally equanimous approach to your performance?

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5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence at Work

Being kind to yourself and connecting with people who value you will do wonders for your self-esteem.

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You Didn’t Tell the Truth Before; Start | Workplace Coach Blog

Tell the truth, you didn't tell the truth before, start now

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How To Say No In A Room Full Of Yeses

So, as we begin 2019, make a pact with yourself. Trust your gut this year. Always. Make it a habit. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

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The Keys to Confidence

When you are around a confident person, you may feel drawn to them... as if you can trust what they are saying, and you want to get to know more. Conf...

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Beyond Human Design: A Key to Self-Understanding

Truly knowing yourself can change your entire life. Understanding the concept of your own “self” is complex and can take years, but truly knowing your...

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This woman had the “perfect body.” But this photo caused a worldwide uproar.

With one picture she is changing the world.