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Elvis Sighting! Here’s What Teenage Girl’s Bedrooms Looked Like in the 1950s

Pictured here are just a small glimpse into the crazy wide-spread obsession women had for Elvis Presley. These teenage girl’s bedrooms look ...

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Elvis Presley to Return Via AI Concert in London

The late "king of rock 'n' roll" Elvis Presley is reportedly set to return for another concert via artificial intelligence (AI) in London, where he will appear onstage as a hologram.

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Elvis gets animated with teaser poster for adult action comedy Agent Elvis

Marking what would have been Elvis Presley’s 88th birthday yesterday, Netflix and Sony Pictures Animation shared a teaser poster for Agent Elvis, the upcoming adult animated series which sees the King of Rock and Roll inducted into a secret government spy

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I Went In Search Of Elvis’s Hawaii — This Is What I Found

My husband and I put together an Elvis-focused trip to Hawaii for my mother, a huge Elvis fan. Based on our experiences, here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

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Footage of a time traveler holding a mobile phone at an Elvis concert in 1977!

A Reddit user spotted a woman holding up a smartphone at Elvis’s last concert in 1977! Skeptics may insist that it’s just a regular pocket camera held sideways, but we know the truth: t…

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Living Legend James Burton Talks Playing With Elvis, Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell and Tom Jones

An inspiration to Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, the rock ‘n’ roll veteran has seen it all.

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Elvis Presley's abandoned childhood home goes up for auction

This is the only childhood home of the King of Rock and Roll that has ever come to market.

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Why Charlie Watts didn't think much of The Beatles (and hated Elvis)

Exploring why the late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts didn't like The Beatles and his problem with them, although, he did understand their appeal.

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Was Elvis Presley Jewish? A grave marker locked away for 4 decades suggests that he was.

Stored in the Graceland archives since 1977, Gladys Presley's headstone features a Star of David that holds the family's Jewish story.

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Elvis wanted The Beatles as his backing band

Tom Jones reveals that his friend Elvis was hopeful that John, Paul, George and Ringo would back him after The Beatles split

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When Elvis Helped to Conquer Polio

After a deadly mistake sapped public confidence in inoculations, the medical community found an unlikely ally in the King of Rock ’n Roll.

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Paul McCartney on how Elvis Presley inspired The Beatles to quit touring

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has shared how Elvis Presley inspired The Beatles to quit touring.

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Elvis's Graceland spray-painted with 'Black Lives Matter' and 'defund the police'

Elvis Presley's iconic Graceland estate in Memphis, Tenn., was graffitied with messages in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and defunding the Memphis Police Department.

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Justin Bieber beats Elvis Presley's US chart record - BBC News

He's now the youngest artist in chart history to score seven number one albums.

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Elvis Presley ain't nothing but a hound dog (and a superspy, apparently) in new animated series

Here’s an odd one: Sony Pictures has teamed up with Priscilla Presley and John Eddie for Agent King, an adult animated comedy where Elvis is both Elvis and a superspy with a jetpack. We have no idea who asked for this, but there’s hope: Mike Arnold, a

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Elvis Presley’s Lincoln Limousine "Family Car" Is Hitting the Auction Block | Mental Floss

The King didn't just love peanut-butter-bacon-and-banana sandwiches—he also loved cars. And now you might be able to buy one of his vehicles.

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Top 50 Best-Selling Artists of All Time | Mental Floss

Who are America’s all-time favorite musicians and bands? When it comes to the best-selling artists of all time, The Beatles still rule—yes, even a half-century after their breakup.

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Elvis Birthday Week Opens in Croon-tastic Fashion

GRACEBAND will sequin-up the stage, in Hermosa Beach, all to pay homage to The King.

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How the Elvis 68 Comeback Special Happened Despite Colonel Parker | Den of Geek

Director Steve Binder tells how he outmaneuvered the Colonel as Elvis 68 Comeback Special hit theaters.

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Viva Elvis! How the 1968 'Comeback Special' that saved the King's career almost never happened

Director Steve Binder remembers bonding with Elvis Presley and clashing with Colonel Tom Parker on the set of the seminal 1968 television concert.

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Elvis: '68 Comeback Special review – the King continues to enchant

Fifty years on, this made-for-TV special feels weirdly old and new at the same time

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The 50 Most Stylish Musicians of the Last 50 Years

Musicians may get famous for their, well, music, but their senses of style are another iconic part of their personas and performances. Here, a look back at some of the most stylish music men of the past 50 years. They do not disappoint.

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Rock's king of Cadillacs: the story behind Elvis Presley's incredible car collection

"You may have a pink cadillac, but don't you be nobody's fool,” Elvis sang on Baby, Let’s Play House.

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Michael Knowles Explains What The Republicans Can Learn From Elvis

In today’s episode of The Michael Knowles Show, Michael explains how Elvis’s comeback in 1968 has some lessons for the Republican Party.

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DJ Fontana dead at 87 - Elvis Presley's legendary drummer and last surviving band member passes away, his son reveals

ELVIS Presley’s drummer and last remaining member of The King’s original band has died. DJ Fontana passed away in his sleep last night aged, 87, according to an emotional Facebook post …

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Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special to Hit Movie Theaters This Summer

Release marks concert film's 50th annivesary

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The Sad Story of Elvis Presley's Senior Prom | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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HBO's Definitive Documentary "Elvis Presley: The Searcher" Debuts at SXSW

New archival footage of the king, the musician, and the man behind the music

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Lisa Marie Presley Says She's $16 Million in Debt | E! News

In 2016, the daughter of the late Elvis Presley and fellow singer, who is also famous for her short-lived marriage to Michael Jackson, filed for divorce from current husband ?Michael Lockwood

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Is the Rock Star Dead? - Noisey

We speak with rock critic David Hepworth, author of 'Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars,' about the rise and fall of music's chaotic anti-heroes.

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Quiz: Which Elvis Presley is most like you?

Are you more of a hip shaker, a soldier or a hunka hunka burning love? Take this personality test.

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Elvis Presley Set To Top Music Charts On 40th Anniversary Of His Death

Elvis Presley died 40 years ago, on Aug. 16, 1977, but his music lives on. Now, Presley is set to top today’s biggest artists on music charts as the 40th anniversary of his death approaches. ...

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About that one time Quentin Taratino played Elvis on 'The Golden Girls'

It was almost as weird as the Elvis-themed Twilight Zone episode written by George R.R. Martin.

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TCM Diary: Elvis, The Actor

The wonder of you: the king of rock ‘n’ roll knew that his talent lay in being himself, shining even in formulaic vehicles

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Elvis & ‘Cultural Appropriation' - Music Works Best When Borrowed

If cultural appropriation is a crime, charge Elvis Presley. Culture thrives when it’s all shook up ...

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Remembering the King: Elvis Presley died 40 years ago today

Presley was just 42 years old when he passed away at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, from a heart attack. Presley was the first rock 'n' roll superstar, whose charisma, energetic music and good looks helped make him one of the most influenti

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Elvis Presley Could Extend U.K. Albums Chart Record

Elvis Presley is in striking distance of what would be the late rocker's 14th U.K. chart crown.

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The left’s misguided obsession with ‘cultural appropriation’

In July 1954, a 19-year-old Memphis truck driver recorded at Sun Studio the song “That’s All Right.” When a local disc jockey promised to play it, the truck driver tuned his parents’ radio to the station and went to a movie.

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Inside Elvis Presley's Legendary Man-Cave Studio - Rolling Stone

Read the history of Elvis Presley's legendarily gaudy Jungle Room den, the site of his final recording sessions.

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Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley Guitarist, Dead at 84

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist performed on

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22 Terrible Songs by Great Artists

Great mistakes from Dylan, Elvis, Zep, the Who and more

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Legendary Producer Chips Moman Dead at 79 | Rolling Stone

Legendary producer Chips Moman, who worked with the likes of Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson, has died at 79.

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Rick Springfield on meeting Elvis and dressing up like Fred Flintstone

In 11 Questions, The A.V. Club asks interesting people 11 interesting questions—and then asks them to suggest one for our next interviewee.Most people know Australian native Rick Springfield for his huge 1981 hit single “Jessie’s Girl,” around the

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The new hit list: the all-time bestselling singles – reranked by streaming stats | Music | The Guardian

How do Elvis, Bing Crosby and Mariah fare if you take Spotify’s data into consideration? We’ve rewritten the record books to take account of modern listening habits

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Elvis Presley on TV: 10 Unforgettable Broadcasts | Rolling Stone

Relive 10 unforgettable Elvis Presley television appearances with this comprehensive round-up.

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See Photos of Elvis on the Precipice of Fame

n 1954, Elvis Aaron Presley was working as a truck driver for $35 a week. Two years later, he was raking in $12,500 for a week’s work in Las Vegas. Before long, a surname was no longer required to invoke the megastar LIFE dubbed a “howling hillbilly success.”

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New Elvis album teams king with royal orchestra - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: Priscilla Presley closes her eyes and bites her lip as she listens to a new album of Elvis songs, with the king of rock and roll's voice backed by Britain's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. "I am emotional because I watched him singing

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Elvis Presley Artifacts Sold at Graceland Auction | Mental Floss

From handwritten notes to diamond rings to a jacket worn in the film 'Viva Las Vegas,' the items are part of royal rock and roll history.

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Meet the World's Greatest Elvis Impersonator | Mental Floss

Even when he’s not on stage, Shawn Klush speaks with Elvis Presley’s unmistakable drawl. The Pennsylvania native is so convincing as his hero, the BBC named him the World’s Greatest Elvis. We asked him what it’s like to become—not just impersonate—the King of Rock ’n’ Roll.

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"If I Can Dream" - Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Elvis Presley Songs | Rolling Stone

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Elvis Presley's birth, we asked our readers to vote for their favorite songs by the King. See the results here.

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Elvis Presley's 80th birthday brings ex-wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie back to Graceland  | Daily Mail Online

Several hundred fans braved freezing cold Thursday to join Elvis Presley's family in Memphis, Tennessee on what would have been the King of Rock 'n' Roll's 8...

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Elvis Presley's 80th Birthday Celebrated With Reissues, New Website

January 8, 2015 marks what would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday and Legacy Recordings have planned a yearlong celebration of the King's music

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Onetime Elvis Presley home in Palm Springs to be auctioned - LA Times

A Palm Springs home once owned by Elvis Presley, currently being marketed at $2.59 million, will be sold at auction Oct. 25.

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Presley photographer Alfred Wertheimer shares these rare snapshots of the legend in concert and on a romantic date Image

These never-before-seen photos of Elvis Presley include snaps of the icon on a romantic date and playing the drums before a show.

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Heavy Lifting From the Vaults: Lots of Allmans and Elvis on the Way

A six-CD set of the Allman Brothers Band at the Fillmore East in 1971, and and eight-CD, two-DVD set of Elvis Presley performances will released this summer.

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‘Having Fun with Elvis on Stage’: All banter, no songs, this is the weirdest Elvis album ever

  Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s friend/assistant/manager/svengali/whatever, was trying to figure out a way to release an Elvis album to which RCA, Elvis’ usual recording label, would own no rights. The problem was, contracts being w

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Elvis Presley: LIFE Photos of the King Leaving the Army, March 1960 | LIFE | TIME.com

Rare and classic photos of Elvis Presley in 1960, when he was leaving the Army and ready to again be King.