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Reporting Anti-Israel Antisemitism to Federal Agencies, Law Enforcement, and Social Media Guidance by American Jewish Committee

Antisemitism is a deeply pervasive issue affecting the wellbeing of the Jewish community. In the wake of Hamas’ murderous terror attack against Israel on October 7 which left over 1,400 Israelis dead, thousands wounded, and over 240 hostages into Gaza,

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What Instant Delivery Services Could Do to Cities - Bloomberg

Mini-warehouses dubbed “dark stores” are quietly taking over urban retail space. Left unregulated, the insatiable demand for faster delivery will only hasten the erosion of community life. 

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Why Negativity Is Infectious

When we reframe negativity and instead focus on progress and positivity, we're all able to come together as a community.

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Woke Oregon Town Residents Force Adoption of Law That Limits Church Meals to the Needy

In a move that says more about the city’s residents than it does the city council itself, the people of the City of Brookings, located in southwest Oregon, have successfully petitioned the city council to enact a law that unconstitutionally limits a loc

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Tinker U.S. Airman spotted helping elderly woman in Oklahoma City with walker get home with groceries in extreme heat —

Janice Hall was trying to carry her groceries two miles home in the extreme heat — and Jibril Jennings did not hesitate to help

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Small town moves its 1 UPS driver to tears with generous gift, party

UPS driver Chad Turns was honored by the residents of Dauphin, Pennsylvania for all of his hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Prickly Business: The Hedgehog Highway That Knits a Village Together

With their miniature ramps, stairs and holes cut into fences and stone walls, the gardens of Kirtlington in Oxfordshire are a haven for wildlife.

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Compassion and Healing as We Move Forward | Dr. Dyan

These 2 simple principles can support compassion and healing for couples, families, workers, and in issues of race, gender, and spirituality.

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What Good Is Cheaper Stuff If It Comes At The Expense Of Community?

Should we be so eager to destroy communities for cheap consumer goods? Perhaps a little less efficiency in capital allocation wouldn't be so bad, after all.

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Research shows that Bystanders Intervene to Help Strangers

A famous result in psychology says that people fail to intervene when they see people in violent situations, but a review of CCTV footage finds that isn't true

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Most of All, Reduce. | NRDC

Try incorporating these small tweaks into your routine. You’ll throw out less trash, and help fight climate change at the same time.

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How Meditation Can Make Us More Civil to Each Other

Richard Davidson explores what meditation can do, where it falls short, and what mysteries still elude science.

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Return & Renewal | Jlife

Close to 900 people gathered on the hot Sunday afternoon to fill Temple Beth Sholom’s (TBS) new sanctuary and celebrate Retrun and Renewal. Attendees were met with a festive atmosphere a year and a half after a kitchen fire decimated the synagogue.

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Dozens Of Bikes Stolen From Local Program, Community Donates Hundreds Of Replacements

When the wheels came off for a neighborhood bike program, the community rallied to keep it cruising. After dozens of bicycles were stolen late last month from the Conkey Cruisers, a bike program in

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Random Acts of Kindness - Mental Health & Happiness

If today is a day where you feel that our world is more and more disconnected, angry, alienated and cruel then today would be a great day for you to spread some random acts of kindness.

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The 10 Sexiest Neighborhoods in America | Thrillist

We already told you about the sexiest neighborhoods in the world. And while strolling the beaches of Ipanema sounds just dandy this time of year, the cost of a plane ticket to Brazil -- or any of those other places -- does not. But hey, we have plent...

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‘Community’ saved! Yahoo orders sixth season | EW.com

Community fans, get ready to yell: “Yahoo!“ The cult-favorite comedy has been rescued from cancellation by the online mega-portal and content company. Yahoo Screen has...