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Victor Davis Hanson: Let The Blame Games Begin?

Who or what was responsible for the Republican nationwide collapse in the midterms? After all, pundits, politicos, and pollsters all predicted a “red tsunami.”…

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'Voter Suppression Reared Its Ugly Head' in Maricopa County, Says Arizona GOP

Five days have passed since Election Day, and we still don’t know who the newly elected governor of Arizona is.

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Republican leaders suddenly turn on Donald Trump – The Horn News

Smelling blood in the water, some former allies of Donald Trump -- and many longtime enemies -- have suddenly broken with the former president. And he had something to say about it.

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Third World Nonsense: Maricopa County Delays Results Until After Weekend

Maricopa County, Ariz. has announced that its vote count will not be completed Friday, meaning election results will likely not be known till after the weekend, as the Post Millennial reported. Apparently, Maricopa is counting at a rapid rate of five votes an hour…?

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GOP Gained Bigger Share of Latino, Black Voters

The populist GOP's share of the Latino vote jumped by a third to almost 40 percent, compared to 2018, according to the exit polls.

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Trump's awful night

Happy Wednesday. Smart Brevity™ count: 1,497 words ... 5½ minutes. Edited by Noah Bressner.

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We're Done–American Voters Are Idiots

 Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Aldon frequently forgets to take his allergy meds when caught up in the folk dancing moment.

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There WOULD Have Been a Red Wave, but One Group Saved the Left From Being Completely Obliterated

The group with the least life experience and the most recent subjection to the Leftist indoctrination in America’s educational system voted as it was brainwashed to do.

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Republican Voters Deserve Answers and Accountability

There's no way to sugarcoat it — Republicans got bamboozled in the midterms. All the polls that we reported showing Republican candidates surging in the final weeks of their campaigns, the race ratings from the Cook Political Report, and the overconfident statements from GOP leaders were all significantly overly optimistic about what we all watched play out on Tuesday night.

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These Jewish candidates say their experience as immigrants led them to run as Republicans

They say Republican policies are the best way to beat back what they say is a threat of socialism here.

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Sen. Mike Lee Wins Reelection, Defeats Never Trumper Evan McMullin

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) won reelection on Tuesday night, defeating Never Trumper and Utah independent Senate candidate Evan McMullin.

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John Fetterman declared Pa. Senate winner over Dr. Oz and here’s his victory speech

"Congrats to Senator Gisele Fetterman."

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Election Results Show We'll See Some of the Usual Suspects Returning to DC

Some familiar antagonists are heading back to Washington in the midterm elections.

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Ohio Senate: GOP candidate JD Vance defeats Dem challenger House Rep. Tim Ryan

Fox News projects that GOP candidate and author JD Vance will defeat Democratic U.S. House Rep. Tim Ryan in the U.S. Senate race for Ohio.

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A 'Last Minute Change' Is Already Delaying Vote Counting in Philadelphia

Within hours of polls opening in Pennsylvania Tuesday morning, a "last minute change" is already causing vote count delays in notoriously corrupt Philadelphia. Before the change this morning, votes in the city were expected to be fully counted by Wednesday morning.

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Maricopa County officials say 20% of voting locations experiencing 'hiccups' with tabulators

Control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is on the ballot in this 2022 midterm election. Get the latest news on the election midterms and key races from Fox News Digital.

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Election 2022: Maricopa County reports voting machine problems at 20% of polling locations

While the specific addresses and number of locations having issues have not been confirmed, the Maricopa County Recorder's Officer says technicians have been called to fix the precinct tabulator machines that aren't working.

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Florida Department of State Says No to Federal Election ‘Monitors’: ‘Not Permitted Under Florida Law’

The FL Department of State is rejecting the DOJ's plan to send federal election "monitors" to certain counties across the country.

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On Election Eve, Dems Confront Nightmare Scenario

Democrats close their midterm election campaign Monday facing the nightmare scenario they always feared -- with Republicans staging a gleeful referendum on Joe Biden's struggling presidency and failure to tame inflation.

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The hypocrisy of Democrats on crime

There's a growing lawlessness in the United States. And regardless of who the Democrats try to blame, voters aren’t buying it.

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Democrats Should Be Optimistic. Here’s Why

It is the day before the 2022 midterm elections, and it has been an emotional roller coaster for Democrats. If you believe the polls and most of the coverage...

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Democracy Isn’t At Risk, Democrats Are

A red wave will not be an end to our representative democracy. It will just be an end to the Democrat representatives.

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WH Press Secretary Spends Last Day Before the Midterms Gaslighting the American Public

Jen Psaki misled and obfuscated as WH press secretary, but at least she was good at it. Karine Jean-Pierre is NOT.

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Kathy Hochul's running a campaign wreck

No matter the result of the New York race for governor, Kathy Hochul already has distinguished herself. She will be remembered for putting on a master class in how not to run a campaign.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Switcheroos of the Two Parties

Our two parties have both changed, and that explains why one will win, and one lose in the midterm elections. The old Democrats have faded away after being…

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Will ‘Democracy Die in Darkness’ After November?

The Republicans were always going to win big in November, regardless of what biased pundits professed. There was likely never a sudden “blue resurgence” or “red collapse” of late summer.

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Gen X to Democrats: Eat My Shorts!

Some social media blue checks had a bit of a temper tantrum this week following the release of a New York Times poll that showed overwhelming support for…

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61% of Hispanics Back Georgia's Voter ID Laws

The majority of Hispanics in Georgia support the state's requirement that voters provide proof of identification to vote, a poll finds.

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Which Age Group is Most Likely to Vote GOP in 2022? Gen-Xers, of Course!

Every pollster and writer is analyzing this upcoming election to death. From the early predictions of a red wave to the Democrats’ summer momentum shift to the tide turning back toward the GOP,...

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‘The Man Is Brilliant’: Mandela Barnes Praised Rev. Jeremiah Wright After Speech Accusing Israel of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

Mandela Barnes, the Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate, praised anti-Semitic pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright as "brilliant" after attending a speech in which the controversial preacher accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" and the United States of committin

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Google Suppressed 22 Million Republican Emails, Says the RNC

As the Left grows more open about its authoritarianism, Big Tech is going to destroy the freedom of speech, or that freedom is going to be given new protection.

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Bombshell Texts Show Milwaukee Mayor Colluding With Democrats To Rig 2022 Election

Texts between city officials and leftist nonprofit workers indicate that the city of Milwaukee is working to rig the 2022 midterms.

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A Winning Midterm Strategy for Republicans

The GOP has hit upon some broadly popular policies in the Commitment to America. They need to talk about them incessantly between now and November 8.

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Fetterman Says He’s a Friend of Israel. His Art Gallery Raises Questions.

On the campaign trail, Pennsylvania lieutenant governor John Fetterman touts his "unwavering" support for Israel. But the Senate hopeful operates a nonprofit that hosted an anti-Israel art exhibit that demonized Israel as an "apartheid state" and spread s

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New John Fetterman Video Raises Questions On His Fitness For Office: ‘Absolutely Cannot Debate Anyone’

A video clip of remarks made during a Labor Day speech in Pennsylvania by U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) has added additional fuel to the controversy surrounding his fitness for office following his stroke earlier this year.

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Democrats Are Lying and Everyone Knows It

In case you haven’t heard, according to the Democrats (and their errand girl Liz Cheney), democracy is under attack. Grab a seat, dear readers, because I don’t think you’re going to...

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Don't Look Now But Democrats Are Gaining

With the primary season nearly over and the candidates for federal office mostly set, Republicans should be optimistic.

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The great realignment

Even small inroads with Hispanic voters could tip a number of Democratic-held swing seats to the GOP.

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Disappointed NY Times Admits There Was No 'Roe v. Wade Bounce' in Tuesday Elections

The far-left New York Times was forced to admit that there was no abortion bounce for Democrats in Tuesday night's primary elections.

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Democrats cater to the woke at their electoral peril

The Democratic Party’s embrace of socialist-leaning politicians — namely “The Squad” — has not only put it on track to lose control of Congress in November.

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California's Newsom Loads Billions Into the Cash Cannon to Pay Off Voters in November

Gov. Newsom, awash in federally-issued, inflation-inducing COVID greenbacks, will load billions of them into his cash cannon and shoot them all over California.

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This New Post-Supreme Court Leak Poll Should Terrify Democrats

A new CNN poll should have Democrats quaking in their boots as they contemplate their strategy for the 2022 midterms. The poll, conducted after the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion showing a ma...

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Poll: Republicans Take 9-Point Lead with Hispanics, Support from Black Voters More than Doubles to 27 Percent

Republicans have taken a 9-point national lead among Hispanic voters and more than doubled support in the black community to 27 percent, a Wall Street Journal survey shows.

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Biden DHS Declares 'Heightened Terrorism Threat' in a Massive Pre-Election False-Flag Operation

Rahm Emanuel said it clearly, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Progressive Democrats (now emerging as the fascist-Left) have understood for almost a century that crisis is a fundamental requirement for societal transformation. The Biden administratio

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It Sucks To Be a Democrat Right Now

If you’re a Democrat, things are going very, very badly for you. And it’s not going to get better. According to a recent McLaughlin and Associates study…

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NPR: Amid Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle, Democratic Enthusiasm Edge Evaporates

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds that amid the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation battle, the share of Republicans saying the 2018 midterms are "very important" has spiked.

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The 'why bother?' election - CNN.com

But many if not most Americans see the midterm election two weeks from Tuesday as likely to change little or nothing of consequence.