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Travel | Travel ideas

15 Best Biking Cities Around the World | Travel + Leisure

From Paris, France to Perth, Australia, these are the world's best biking cities.

Science & Technology | Science

What did NASA discover on the Moon, and what is it so excited to tell us?

NASA has something very exciting to tell us about the Moon, so it's holding a conference call on Monday, October 26th. The discovery was made using NASA's flying observatory SOPHIA. Audio of the call will be streamed live on NASA's website for everyone to

Recipes | Recipes

Easy Pecan Pie Cobbler

When it comes to Thanksgiving dessert ideas for a crowd, this Pecan Pie Cobbler is the answer to your holiday dessert dreams. There is something amazing about taking the simplicity of cobbler and turning it into the richness of pecan pie.

Recipes | Recipes

Bourbon Brown Sugar Chuck Roast

Get ready to have this bourbon brown sugar chuck roast melt in your mouth! Yeah, it's got those flavors that are off the charts!

Entertainment | Humor

Marine Reacts to Karen - Call Your Manager Now!

Marine Reacts to Karen. The Ultimate Karen Compilation. Are you Kidding ME. Call your Manager NOW. For More Train Wreck check out this Video - https://youtu....

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

56 Things to Do in L.A. This Week (10-22-2020 to 10-28-2020)

We used to tell you about all the things you could go out and do in Los Angeles on…

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

Swingers to Reopen: Westside Food Scene - WestsideToday

Westside Food Scene October 22, 2020 By Kerry Slater Swingers Back in Businesses Swingers, the popular American diner, is reopening...

Politics | Politics

U.S.-Israeli delegation secretly visits Sudan - Axios

It set the stage for a possible announcement on "ending the state of belligerence" between the countries.

Science & Technology | Tech

Twitter and White House deny claims that researcher hacked Trump’s account

Security researcher and ethical hacker Victor Gevers claims he breached Trump’s Twitter feed by guessing his password. Twitter and the White House denied the report.


Donald Trump may be the most pro-Jewish president ever. Here’s why.

This election, there is no subgroup for whom the stakes are higher than my Jewish co-religionists.

Politics | Opinion

Trump’s Middle East Metamorphosis - WSJ

Arab leaders fear a President Biden may spurn Israel and cozy up to Turkey and Iran.


Critical Race Theory's Jewish Problem - New Discourses

Critical Race Theory has a Jewish problem, and, finally, people are beginning to notice.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Facebook Poised to Face Antitrust Suit With FTC Decision Near - Bloomberg

U.S. antitrust officials are nearing a final decision on bringing a lawsuit against Facebook Inc. that accuses the social-media giant of using its dominance to harm competition, according to a person familiar with the matter.

News | Antisemitism Watch

The BLM Movement and Antisemitism | CAMERA

The question of whether to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement and its leadership as a whole and ignore or dismiss anti-Zionism/antisemitism coming from

History | HISTORY

Out-Of-Print Children's Biographies Repudiate Uneducated Anti-Americans

Forty years ago, as my children’s book collection proves, grade-school history pedagogy offered a diverse and inclusive narrative about our national past.

Home Improvement | In the Garden

Favorite Autumn Gardens from Garden Photo of the Day - FineGardening

Fall is often a favorite time of year for gardeners. Winter is dreary. Spring is frenetic, filled with garden chores. Summer is hot, and we’re constantly worried about if we […]

Health & Fitness | Health & Wellness

6 Over-the-Counter Treatments for Mild Coronavirus Symptoms in 2020

Medical experts recommend over-the-counter treatments for coronavirus if you’re experiencing mild COVID-19 symptoms, including Mucinex, Tylenol, and Sudafed. Here are 6 medicines you can buy online.

Food & Drink | Food

The Best Hamburgers for Pickup & Delivery Near Me | October 2020

Wondering where to eat the best hamburgers with kids in Los Angeles? Try one of these places where you can find Los Angeles' best hamburgers.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Want Better Rapport With Your Cat? Bat Your Eyes | Health News | US News

US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics, business, health, and education.

Music | Music

Paul McCartney on his new LP: "Everything I do is always supposed to be my last"

Paul McCartney has addressed his 60-year music career in a new interview, in which he suggests it's the time for him to slow down.

Psychology | Psychology

Majority of LGBTQ youth experiencing anxiety, depression amid Covid, poll finds

The results also showed three-fourths of LGBTQ youth reported suffering from increased loneliness since the start of the pandemic.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Why Prioritizing Sleep in the Time of Coronavirus Is So Important

As our routines change, setting consistent bedtime schedules can help us regain control and combat feelings of stress and anxiety.

Science & Technology | Tech

This Harvard Professor And His Students Have Raised $14 Million To Make AI Too Smart To Be Fooled By Hackers

Robust Intelligence is leaving stealth with a $14 million funding round led by Sequoia and a plan to become the firewall for the AI age.

Music | Music

Paul McCartney to release new album recorded alone in lockdown

McCartney III, about ‘freedom and love’, continues solo series begun in 1970 in secret as the Beatles broke up

News | The News

102-year-old WWII veteran celebrates her birthday by skydiving

A Howard County 102-year-old celebrated her birthday in epic fashion Sunday.

Miscellaneous | Chabad

International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries Moves Online Amid Pandemic

Since its launching in 1983 by the Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory—the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries (Kinus Hashluchim) has brought together Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries for a weekend of inspiration, learning and fellowship.

Business & Finance | Business

The Rules of Startup Success, According to Daymond John

The 'Shark Tank' investor and entrepreneur reflects on the wisdom he's gained from backing hundreds of startups-- and learning to assess himself honestly.

Sports | Cycling

Win a free gravel bike - Redshift Giveaway

Redshift Sports innovative cycling components allow riders of all abilities to get the most out of the bikes they already own.

Music | Music

Brian Wilson Disavows Mike Love’s Beach Boys Playing Trump Fundraiser

Wilson and Al Jardine: “We have absolutely nothing to do with the Trump Benefit today in Newport Beach. Zero.”

Entertainment | Entertainment

Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film

Trump’s personal attorney has indiscreet encounter with actor playing Borat’s daughter in hotel room during pandemic

Science & Technology | Science & Space

New images show NASA spacecraft's historic landing and sample collection on asteroid

New images taken by the OSIRIS-REx mission show the historic first touchdown of a NASA spacecraft on the near-Earth asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft collected a sample that will be returned to Earth in 2023.

Recipes | Recipes

Pasta with Leeks, Fennel, Tomatoes, and Guanciale | Kitchn

This simple Roman-inspired pasta dish starts with pantry ingredients and can easily be made vegetarian, if preferred.

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

Clever Dog Walks To Doggy Daycare All By Herself - The Dodo

Jem couldn't wait to go to doggy daycare and play with her friends — so she broke out of her yard and walked herself there.

Recipes | Recipes

How Sean Brock Makes Pimento Cheese

Here's the signature recipe from the James Beard Award-winning chef, for one of the South's most cherished foods.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Improve Your Health With Bite-Sized Fasts

Laz Versalles recently vowed to get back into shape. A former college football player, Versalles still looked strong, but with marriage and fatherhood, he'd put on some extra pounds.

Recipes | Delicious Recipes!

The secret ingredient you should be using in your chili

Chili is one dish for which it seems like everybody and their dog has their very own recipe, and that recipe, of course, owes its success to a super-secret ingredient that makes all the difference. Most of them sound pretty decent — beer, sriracha,

    Sports | Surfing/SUPing

    Say "no" to low-cost, single-use bodyboards

    Cheap single-use bodyboards are a global plague. Thousands of low-quality boogie boards made in Asian nations are being dumped every year along the coastlines.

    Politics | Opinion

    The Wonder of the Abraham Accords - Meir Y. Soloveichik

    Three days before Rosh Hashanah, I heard the most unexpectedly stirring sermon of the High Holy Day season. The pulpit from which it was delivered might have

    News | News

    Gary Sinise releases video honoring oldest US vet for 111th birthday: WW2 vet Lawrence Brooks

    On Sunday, actor and veterans advocate Gary Sinise honored Lawrence Brooks, a U.S. Army veteran who last month turned 111-years-old. Brooks, an African American, is America's oldest living military veteran.
    Brooks' September birthday was initially celebra


    In Louis Farrakhan Profile, NYT Spit-Shines Racism Against Jews

    The newspaper that constantly smears Trump is unwilling to connect Louis Farrakhan’s hate and acts of violence against Jews. It's disturbing.

    Science & Technology | Technology

    Microsoft researchers develop assistive eye-tracking AI that works on any device

    In a preprint paper, Microsoft researchers detail an eye-tracking system that works on virtually any device with high accuracy.

    Recipes | Recipes

    The Absolute Best Greek Lemon Potatoes | Kitchn

    These potatoes boast browned crispy edges and insides so moist they'll melt in your mouth. One surprising ingredient makes them the best you'll ever have.

    Politics | Politics

    ‘The Secret Weapon’: GOP Makes Voter Registration Gains In Key States

    Voter registration gains in the critical states of Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are boosting Republican officials' optimism for the upcoming

    Music | Music News

    Spencer Davis, Sixties Music Legend, Dead Aged 81

    Spencer Davis, the Welsh born multi-instrumentalist and founder of the renowned 60s UK band, The Spencer Davis Group, has died aged 81.