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Science & Technology | Science

TOUCHDOWN! NASA Just Returned to Earth With The Largest Asteroid Samples Ever

A seven-year space voyage came to its climactic end Sunday when a NASA capsule landed in the desert in the US state of Utah, carrying to Earth the largest asteroid samples ever collected.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Dementia or Disrespect? You’ll Never Believe What Biden Did When He Met with Netanyahu

On Wednesday, Old Joe Biden finally invited Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House, after refusing to do so for nearly nine months while his regime did everything it could to undermine the Israeli prim...

Miscellaneous | Interesting & Helpful Information

Russian-speakers struggle to adjust to Israel – this org. helps -opinion - The Jerusalem Post

Shishi Shabbat specializes in aiding olim from former Soviet countries and takes a unique and innovative approach to empowering and strengthening this vulnerable segment of Israel’s population.

Science & Technology | Science

James Webb Space Telescope detects 1st evidence of carbon on Jupiter's icy moon Europa

The discovery made using NASA's powerful space telescope brings scientists a step closer to determining if the salty water oceans of Europa could support life.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

My Boss Made Me the Oddest Offer | Workplace Coach Blog

My boss made me the oddest offer--to become a franchisee. Is there a catch? What might go wrong & why should I take this offer?

Visual Arts | Art!

Bob Ross’s First Made-For-TV Painting Has Surfaced—and It’ll Cost You $10 Million

How much are some happy little trees worth to you? One art dealer believes it's a small fortune.

Music | Music

The CD Revival Is Real

Sales for the long-forgotten format are up for the first time since 2004, echoing the surprise resurgence of vinyl. This is why

Sports | Cycling

American Flyers

“American Flyers,” Rex Reed wrote, “is a fine mixture of romance, humor and tears with action sequences among the most exciting ever captured on film. It’s g...

Sports | Sports

Aaron Rodgers Announces Decision On NFL Future After Achilles Surgery

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced a clear decision on his NFL future on Friday.

Music | Music News

ALICE COOPER Says The Only Person Who Should Be Allowed To Use AI In Music Is PAUL MCCARTNEY

In a new interview with Australia's Studio 10, legendary rocker Alice Cooper weighed in on a debate about people using an AI (artificial intelligence) music generator as a tool to create melodies, harmonies and rhymes based on artificial intelligence (AI)

History | History

The real WWII 'Great Escape': How 76 men escaped from Nazi captivity in Stalag Luft III

In the dark hours of March 24, 1944, a daring and meticulously planned operation unfolded within the confines of Stalag Luft III, a German prisoner-of-war camp in Sagan, now modern-day Żagań, Poland. Known as the "Great Escape," this audacious act invol

Music | Music

Mastering Song Structure: Intro, Verse, Chorus & Bridge

Unravel the essence of musical storytelling with this exploration of song structure - from the captivating intro to the heart-pounding chorus and the bridges that connect it all. Dive into the art of arranging music and discover how classic pop song struc

News | News

Federal auditors find poor, potentially unsafe living conditions at San Diego County military bases

The bases are among 10 nationwide where the GAO found problems ranging from the presence of mold to fire safety systems that don't work properly

Entertainment | TNG

The Star Trek Next Generation Story That Connects the Borg to The Original Series Crew

The Borg may be villains from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but a 1991 novel posits a surprising connection between the assimilating aliens and The Original Series.

Politics | Politics

China's Economy Could Collapse: What Does That Mean For America?

China is facing a storm of challenges that could bring down its mighty empire in a decade, according to geopolitical expert Peter Zeihan.

Humor | Humor

50 Serial Killers Ranked by How Annoying It Would Be To Play Them at Monopoly

It's game night, which prolific serial killer is going to be the worst to play with? This list finally answers that important question.

Recipes | Easy Recipes

Canned Tuna And Butter Are All You Need For This Simple Italian Pasta Dish - Tasting Table

Canned tuna might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're whipping up pasta, but tonno e burro is the simple dish sure to change that.

Science & Technology | Social Media

11 Social Media Platforms You Probably Forgot Existed (And Why They Failed)

An ode to all the discontinued social media networks that flew a little too close to the sun.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

How NGOs Fabricate the Legal Definition of Apartheid to Attack Israel

Salo Aizenberg is the author of Amnesty International’s Cruel Assault on Israel: Systematic Lies, Errors, Omissions, and Double Standards (2022) and A Threshold Crossed: Documenting HRW's 'Apartheid...

Politics | Opinion

We must shun California's radical ethnic studies

The greatest danger of Jewish proponents of radical ethnic studies is that they end up supporting outrageous political positions completely at odds with traditional Jewish interests.

News | Israel Around The World

Israeli aid team in Morocco saves lives

The United Hatzalah delegation on the ground in Morocco is treating some 150-200 people a day, according to the organization's director of French operations.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Antisemitic tirades at San Diego City Council meeting highlight perils of anonymous public comment

A handful of people attempted to hijack Monday's Council meeting by making antisemitic remarks during public comment.

Politics | Campus Watch

UPenn hosting 'antisemitic' literature festival featuring speakers who said 'death to Israel,' donned 'Nazi' outfit

A Palestinian literature festival that will be hosted at the University of Pennsylvania this week is coming under fire for featuring speakers who have made “antisemitic” comments.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Antisemitism is an ancient hatred, merely its expression changes

Motivations ranged from economic oppression to suspicions of Jewish thinkers, as well as psychological biases that fueled fear and xenophobia.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Yom Kippur: What Is Kol Nidre?

Kol Nidre is the opening prayer of the holiest day of the year. But is it even a prayer? What is its purpose and meaning?

Health & Fitness | Health

20 Best Weight Loss Secrets, According to Experts

When you wan to lose weight, it's always helpful to have the best weight loss secrets, according to experts, in your back pocket.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (9-22-2023 to 9-24-2023)

From September 22-24 in Los Angeles, you'll find The Other Art Fair in Santa Monica, the L.A. Haunted Hayride in Griffith Park, a Hispanic Heritage Festival in Inglewood, San Pedro Festival of the Arts, an opera simulcast on the Santa Monica Pier, Illumin

Sports | Sports


The arena is a dirt oval. The gladiators have a steel-shoe on their boot that keeps them and their motorcycles balanced at high speeds. Every weekend, they t...

Pets & Animals | Animal Rescue Stories

Dog Who Broke Record for Longest Stay at Michigan Shelter Finds Forever Home: 'She's My Girl'

A dog who broke the record for the longest stay at a Michigan animal shelter — nearly two years — was finally adopted. The 4-year-old pit bull mix was rescued from a dog fighting ring before finding her forever home.

History | History

When Ernest Hemingway Walked Away From Two Plane Crashes Just Hours Apart

The novelist endured a crash in East Africa. Then his 'rescue' plane went down, too.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Adidas Boss: I Don't Think Kanye West Meant What He Said

Bjørn Gulden, chief executive of Adidas, has decided to really stick his sneaker in his mouth with a defense of Kanye West

Science & Technology | Technology

Woman claims she got a callback from every company she applied to using AI-generated resume

After impulsively quitting her last job, she decided to seek help from an AI writing tool to build an effective resume.