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Sports | Cycling

The Great Escape

Follow Aaron Rolph's 2700km bikepacking trip up the United Kingdom, taking anything but the shortest route. His self-propelled journey involved various activities…

Sports | Cycling

The Good Line - A Gravel Cycling Film

The Good Line is a short film about the intersection of gravel cycling and mental health, particularly as it relates to men. Jeremy Kershaw, founder of Heck ...

Sports | Cycling

The Leaders of Gravel: Dominique Powers’ Medium Format Portraits – Dominique Powers

This series is a look at the women pushing gravel cycling to be better than it already is.  I photograph them to share their stories, their outlooks, their experiences.  With my hatchback stuffed with cameras and stands, camping gear, more cycli

Politics | POLITICS

Blue State Blues: Democrats Drop the Pretense That They Support Israel

Pelosi's concession to AOC and the Squad in dropping Iron Dome funding from the budget resolution is proof Democrats won't support Israel.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Car Ramming Attack Attempted at LA Synagogue Sukkot Concert, Says Security Group

Congregation Shaarei Tefila in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Google Maps / screenshot A Jewish congregation in Los Angeles was left …

Science & Technology | Tech

Here's the Best Way to Transfer Data From Your Old iPhone to a New iPhone 13

If you've got a new iPhone 13 to replace your current iPhone, there are a few ways you can migrate your data across to the new device. You can...

Politics | Media Bias

CNN’s Jerusalem Storytelling Tainted by Partisanship, Bigotry

There is, of course, no inherent problem in including the commentary of partisans or activists. They can provide viewers with context, giving them competing

Politics | American Politics

GOP bill would keep settlement products labeled ‘Made in Israel’

Tenney argued that returning to the pre-Pompeo policy would empower those who seek to boycott the Jewish state.

Politics | American Politics

The Squalid "Squad" Is Trying to Destroy Bipartisan Support for Israel

The fact that the Squad picked on the Iron Dome to make its stand against Israel is significant. The Iron Dome is a system developed jointly by the United States and Israel that is purely defensive. It does not kill, injure, or threaten anyone. It only

Politics | Debunking Lies

The Palestinian assault on Jewish history and heritage

Hundreds of cherished Jewish sites in the Land of Israel which survived 2,000 years are being systematically destroyed right under our noses by the Palestinians. 

Politics | Politics

Vaccine Collaborators › American Greatness

In August 1944, just four days before the arrival of the American Army, Parisians who had suffered under German occupation for four years began an uprising.

Miscellaneous | Sukkot

10 Tips for an Amazing Sukkot @ Home - Sukkot & Simchat Torah

You can create an over-the-top joyous Sukkot at home, one to
remember fondly long after the pandemic has been relegated to the dusty annals
of history.

Recipes | Comfort Food

70 Genius Recipes for Fall (A Comfort Food Playlist)

Apple cakes, roasted root vegetables, cozy casseroles, and not one but two mac and cheeses—these Genius Recipes are going to make this a very good fall.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

Uma Thurman: ‘The Texas abortion law is a human rights crisis for American women’

Opinion by Uma Thurman / Washington Post / September 21, 2021 I have followed the course of Texas’s radical antiabortion law with great sadness, and something akin to horror. Now, in the hope of dr…

Politics | Politics

‘She wants to see more dead Jews’: Rashida Tlaib reminds everyone she’s the MOST anti-Semitic in ALL the land

Ugh, Rashida rears her ugly head.

News | News

San Diego Teachers’ Union Passes Resolution That Rejects Israel’s Legitimacy

The San Diego chapter of the American Federation of Teachers passed a resolution this month rejecting Israel’s legitimacy as a country and accusing the Israeli government of carrying out ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and war crimes against Palestinians.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

The tangled history of mRNA vaccines

Hundreds of scientists had worked on mRNA vaccines for decades before the coronavirus pandemic brought a breakthrough.

Politics | Opinion

Israel: Progressives Hand Democrats Another Embarrassment

With majority Democrats locked in a bitter internecine struggle over just how much of Joe Biden’s domestic agenda they can pass in one fell swoop, the

Miscellaneous | Sukkot

13 Facts About Sukkot Every Jew Should Know - Sukkot & Simchat Torah

Sukkot is a weeklong festival celebrated by dwelling in the sukkah, taking the lulav and etrog and joyous feasting.

Miscellaneous | Fantasyland

Yesterland: Fantasyland Theater / Mickey Mouse Club Theater

There’s a traditional movie theater in Yesterland. It’s not a 3-D theater—although it used to be one when it had a different name. It’s an opportunity to see Disney animation projected onto a real movie screen—films you might otherwise only see on your fuzzy television, after waiting years until they’re broadcast again.

Politics | American Politics

House Democrats introduce stand-alone bill for Iron Dome funding

The move comes a day after House Democrats removed the provision from a government spending bill following pushback from some progressives.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

Yes, We're Calling It Hispanic Heritage Month And We Know It Makes Some Of You Cringe

Opinions around the word Hispanic versus Latino or the newer Latinx are rooted in personal experiences. Here's a look at how more than 62 million people in the U.S. fall under the Hispanic umbrella.

Humor | Humor

News on the Dow Jones Would Terrify Man if He Knew What It Meant

Local man Connor Goodman checked the stock market today and was too confused by what he read to feel any sense of rightful anxiety or dread.

Humor | Humor

Opinion: Let Me Tell You About Another White Guy Who Was “Out of Touch, Ignorant and Misinformed.” His Name was Jesus Christ

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of all this guff I’ve been getting in the facebook conversations I insert myself into. It’s getting to the point where a man can’t point out the fact that Republican president Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves (and

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

I Lied on My Resume; What Happens If I Get Caught? - Workplace Coach Blog

What happens if you lie on a resume and get caught?

Humor | Humor

Punk Mom Keeps Asking Daughter When She’s Going to Get Divorced

A punk mom is putting pressure on her happily married 36-year-old daughter to get divorced before it’s too late.

Psychology | Psychology

The Toxic Workplace and You - Workplace Coach Blog

Toxic workplace: how has it impacted you, what do you want your leaders to realize?

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

That Glowing Reference? It's Fake. - Workplace Coach Blog

Fake resumes & fake references; the reality & the consequences