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Music | Music

The Clash - Capital Radio / Janie Jones / What's My Name / Garageland - Oct 1977

Manchester, Oct. '77 Notes: - Filmed just six months after their first LP, THE CLASH, was released. - "Capital Radio" was released as a 7" EP single on April...

Science & Technology | Tech

Inside the Seething Boardroom Drama That Poisoned HQ Trivia

The app was America’s favorite gameshow until a toxic culture and co-founder feuding drove it off the air. Now, the CEO wants to bring it back.

Sports | Cycling

Anime style

This Pin was discovered by CYCOlogist. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Food & Drink | Bars/Restaurants/Venues

Jewish deli food is having a moment in LA

From porkstrami to ceviche-topped bagels, chefs are redefining Jewish food in LA

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

Palestinian Roast Chicken with Sumac and Red Onions (Mussakhan)

Mussakhan is a classic Palestinian dish traditionally laid out on a giant piece of bread, where the flavorful roasting juices laced with allspice, sumac, and cumin can be poured over the top.

Entertainment | Humor

Is This How We Die? - Coronavirus, Continued | The Daily Show

As coronavirus continues to spread, the stock market tanks, the public panics and runs out of protective masks, and the CDC recommends shaving facial hair to...

Gaming | Gaming

Sony’s PS5 design is still a mystery, but we really hope it’s something like this – BGR

Microsoft this week revealed even more details about its upcoming Xbox Series X console, just a few months after unveiling the Xbox Series X name and design. Sony, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as ready to make any PS5 announcements of its own.

Health & Fitness | Health News & Tips

Is the Coronavirus Worse Than the Flu? Here's How the 2 Illnesses Compare

Is the coronavirus worse than the flu this year? Experts compare the viruses' symptoms, transmission, and fatality rates.

Science & Technology | Social Media

LinkedIn is testing Snapchat-like stories because that’s the world we live in now

LinkedIn is testing adding stories to its app (just like Instagram and Snapchat), in an effort to offer more "casual" business conversations.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Cel | The Powerful Beauty & Health Benefits of Asparagus

A rich, nourishing moisturizer formulated specifically to heal and protect dry, cracked, hard-working hands. Made with moisture-rich ingredients to intensely hydrate your skin.

Recipes | Recipes

La Vina's famous Cheesecake - Recipe

A small bar in the Spanish city of San Sebastian may just be home to the World's Best Cheesecake!!! We all know that the Basque Country is a gastronomic

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

This app helps people with special needs make friends - CNN

Juliana Fetherman was in middle school when she started to notice that her younger brother, Michael, who has ADHD and autism, was having problems making friends.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

"No Birthday Left Behind" - Teen starts organization that throws birthday parties for homeless children

Tanvi Barman spends most of her free time throwing birthday parties. But not for people she knows — for homeless children who otherwise couldn't afford them.

Recipes | Kosher Recipes

Classic ‘Lekvar’ (Prune Butter) Hamantaschen

‘Lekvár’ refers to thick fruit butter, and when it comes to hamantaschen it typically refers to the prune filling (and sometimes apricot—although it is nothing like the more familiar store-bought apricot jams). Unsurprisingly, it is eastern European in origin.

News | Antisemitism Watch

UK Prosecutors 'Cannot Be Relied Upon to Bring Anti-Jewish Racists to Justice,' Antisemitism Watchdog Charges

A Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) car. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided to charge only …

News | Antisemitism Watch

Carnival float in Spain features Nazi uniforms and trains with crematoria

Israeli embassy lashes 'vile and repugnant' procession in Campo de Criptana for 'making fun of the murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis'

Entertainment | Podcasts

5 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Marketer

In as little as ten minutes a day, you can refine your marketing skills and apply new strategies to your business. These five podcasts offer digestible and actionable tips and tricks from expert marketers that cater to even the busiest professionals. Add

Music | Music

The Violent Shootout That Led to Daryl Hall and John Oates Joining Forces

One of the biggest duos in pop music history, Daryl Hall and John Oates first encountered one another during a dance hall riot in 1967 Philadelphia.

Advice & Self-Help | Jewish Wisdom

Jewish Wisdom: Religious? Not Me!

When I hear the word "religion," I instinctively cringe. My stomach turns. My hands become clammy. My throat dry. On occasion, I have been known to break out in hives. This tends to confuse people who know me as a Torah observant Jewish woman...

News | News

Where was Bernie when Americans fought for Soviet Jewry?

Sanders is criticized for his attitude towards Cuba, but it matters that while other Jews were protesting Soviet anti-Semitism, the Socialist had other priorities.

Science & Technology | Social Media

LinkedIn Just Launched 'Featured,' and You Should Put It on Your Profile ASAP. Here's How.

LinkedIn quietly unveiled 'Featured,' which users should deploy right away on their profiles. It appears below users' 'About' and offers them a chance to more prominently show off articles, videos, web links and other media in which they've been featured

Miscellaneous | Opinion

YIMBYs – Newest Handmaidens of the Growth Machine

Grassroots and Progressive views on local, national and world news

Entertainment | Humor

New Employee Too Afraid to Take Sick Day Gives Entire Office Coronavirus

Junior designer Lewis Cooper accidentally contaminated his entire office with the deadly coronavirus, thanks to his fear of calling in sick and losing his job.

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

Star Trek's warp speed travel would have tragic consequences

In science fiction, traveling to the edges of the cosmos is as simple as pushing a button. But in reality? We're exploring the cost of traveling at warp speeds.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

The Weirdest Subway Restaurant in America

The franchise is based inside an FBI training center called Hogan’s Alley where the bank gets robbed at least twice a week and the mailbox is welded shut.

Entertainment | The Original Series

Geniuses Determine How Long It Would Take for Star Trek's Tribbles to Completely Fill the Enterprise

Scientists made a growth equation for Star Trek’s tribbles—those purring balls of fluff that rapidly multiply aboard the Enterprise in a classic episode.

News | News

How European-Style Public Housing Could Help Solve The Affordability Crisis

Government-financed "social housing" is utterly mundane in Europe, but remains a radical concept in the U.S. Could it work in the D.C. area?

News | News

Sanders says he would weigh moving US embassy back to Tel Aviv if elected | The Times of Israel

In Democratic party debate, Vermont senator calls Netanyahu a 'reactionary racist,' touts his months living in Israel; Bloomberg pushes back


Auschwitz Memorial condemns Amazon's Nazi-hunting series 'Hunters' as 'dangerous' - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Inventing a fake chess match in which the inmates are the game pieces "welcomes future deniers," the museum said.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links!

When Your Ancestry Test Entangles Others - WSJ

Today’s DNA kits can reveal secrets that affect not just your own family but strangers as well. Should one person’s right to know take precedence over another’s life narrative?

Business & Finance | Business

How a Web Design Company Crowdfunded Millions and Completely Disappeared

The Grid suddenly locked customers out of their websites and went silent for a year. Now, the CEO says he was naive. "I can imagine there's a few people who are pissed off."

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

37 Genius Pet Products That Must Have Been Invented By A Dog Whisperer

Dogs enrich our lives in the most amazing ways. Whether you refer to them as your best friend or your fur baby, the basis of your relationship is unconditional love. So, of course, when you love your pup that much, you only want the best for them…

Politics | Politics

California Lottery officials shortchanged schools by millions, state audit says

The California state controller has also launched a probe into 30,000 scratch-off lottery tickets given to the audience of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Music | Music

'Paul McCartney's right in front of me': Beatles fans spot the singer in New Jersey

It’s not Abbey Road, but Main Street will do. Beatles fans spotted Paul McCartney in New Jersey over the weekend.

Science & Technology | Technology

When that ‘AI company’ isn’t really an AI company | TechCrunch

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important fields in technology right now, which makes it ripe for buzzword-savvy startups to leverage for attention. But while machine learning and related technologies are now frequently employed, it’s less comm

Business & Finance | Business

Why You (and Your Employees) Need to Refocus Your Vision Statement

Defining your 'why' is what separates your business from the masses, the mission you live beyond the drive for profit. It also inspires loyal employees, and gives them a chance to invest in something greater than themselves.

Politics | From CNN

2020 Democratic debate in South Carolina: Live coverage - CNNPolitics

Seven presidential candidates will take the stage at the tenth Democratic debate in South Carolina, just days before the state's primary. Follow here for the latest.

Business & Finance | Career Advice

Need to Find More Money? Consider These 5 Side Gigs

The author of 'Find More Money' shares the best ways to make money on the side.

Recipes | Comfort Food

Anne Burrell’s Meatballs Have Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews — And They’re Worth the Hype

An honest, in-depth review of Anne Burrell's "perfect" meatballs, which have hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Fuming in a traffic jam? Angry about waiting? Israeli researchers have an idea

Think concrete thoughts, says BGU team, as study shows people geared to abstract, big picture thinking react more aggressively to wait times than those who focus on the details

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

We Tried 5 Methods of Reheating Pizza — And Found a Clear Winner| Kitchn

Whether it's homemade, delivery, or take-out, pizza is generally a pleasure to eat. Leftover pizza can be hit or miss, however, depending on how it's reheated. To find the tastiest way to reheat pizza, we tested five Internet-approved methods against each

Miscellaneous | Israeli Culture

Elder Of Ziyon - The Spectator explains what Israeli cuisine means

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

Entertainment | Humor

Trump Takes India | The Daily Show

Donald Trump visits India for the first time since taking office, and gets a surprisingly warm welcome from India’s people. #TheDailyShow Subscribe to The Da...

Music | Music

Justin Bieber beats Elvis Presley's US chart record - BBC News

He's now the youngest artist in chart history to score seven number one albums.

Recipes | Recipes

Dark Chocolate Mascarpone Cake Recipe - La Cucina Italiana

Melt the chocolate (either over a bain-marie or in the microwave) and let cool. Whisk the mascarpone until creamy and add in the melted chocolate; the...

Recipes | Recipes

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Coffee Frosting Recipe - La Cucina Italiana

Using an electric hand mixer, cream half of the butter with the granulated sugar on low speed for at least 15 minutes: it should be soft and velvety; ...