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News | News

Israel comes to a standstill to remember 23,928 fallen

Country plunges into mourning as sirens mark start of Memorial Day; 43 soldiers and civilians killed since last year; Rivlin entreats nation: Israel must not be 'taken for granted'

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What Goths Listen to in 2021: Spotify’s Most-Streamed Dark & Goth Bands [PostPunk/Synth-Wave/Doomer]

#postpunk #synthwave #doomerWhat Goths Listen to in 2021: Spotify’s Most-Streamed Dark & Goth Bands [PostPunk/Synth-Wave/Doomer]???? Playlist on Spotify: https...

    Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

    The Arclight Closed: Why Losing This Tiny Theater Chain Means So Much | IndieWire

    The 18 Arclight and Pacific theaters represented about 100 screens — and the belief that they were too important to fail.

    Entertainment | Entertainment News!

    Aaron Rodgers in Disbelief After 'Jeopardy!' Contestants Miss Green Bay Packers Question

    Aaron Rodgers was left in disbelief during a recent Jeopardy! episode after all three contestants missed a Green Bay Packers question. Rodgers has been the current guest host of the iconic quiz show, and during a new episode he read the following $400 clu

    News | News

    Sources: Washington County Attorney's Office expected to charge officer in Brooklyn Center shooting Wednesday

    Sources tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the Washington County Attorney's Office is planning on charging former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter on Wednesday ...

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    Combat Veteran Burns Uniform (Marine Reacts)

    US Army Combat Veterans burns his uniform including his Purple Heart. See how the media thinks of the ???????? ????Combat Generation in this video - https://youtu....

    Science & Technology | SCIENCE

    NASA now knows what went wrong with its Mars helicopter

    All eyes were on Mars this past weekend when NASA had scheduled the first flight of its Ingenuity helicopter. It was supposed to be a monumental moment for NASA, the scientific community, and humanity as a whole, but it ended with a whimper as NASA had to

    News | News

    Brooklyn Center Police Chief And Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright Resign

    The resignations of Kim Potter, who fired her gun at Wright, and Chief Tim Gannon come after the city council passed a resolution calling for them to be relieved of duty.

    News | News

    Unless There’s a Miracle, the Ocean Beach Pier Is History

    By Geoff Page After three years of trying to obtain a copy, the city finally coughed up the engineering report on the Ocean Beach Pier. As expected, the pier is in real trouble. The OCEAN BEACH FIS…

    Business & Finance | Business & Finance

    5 Action Steps for Regaining Trust - Workplace Coach Blog

    When employees or coworkers no longer trust you, they don’t tell you. Why would they? They don’t trust how you …

    Entertainment | Entertainment

    Looks like Disney has made a 'real' lighstaber and this is how it works

    Disney has made many a fans dream come true by creating its very own lightsaber. The weapon of choice for Jedis has had many a toy replica, but a new patent...

    Sports | Cycling

    Wahoo Frontiers: Lost Coast

    #WahooFrontiers #WahooliganIn this first episode of season two, Ian Boswell, Peter Stetina, and Colin Strickland meet up in California for a bike trip that e...

    News | News

    The mezuzah on the Hezbollah tunnel

    Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

    Music | Music

    Rhoda Dakar - Totally Wired Radio

    Pork Pie & Mash Up. Monthly, Monday 12-2pm. Reggae, Ska, Pop, World, Interview. #totallywiredradio

    Music | Music

    Record Store Day 2021 releases: See the full list of vinyl and more

    See the full list of releases coming on Record Store Day 2021 – featuring St Vincent, Rolling Stones, The Cure, Lady Gaga and more

    Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

    My Public Speaking Nightmare is About to Become True - Workplace Coach Blog

    even if you're not a public speaker, these tips can help you succeed

    Science & Technology | Tech News

    This site tells you if Google’s new ad tech is ‘spying’ on you

    Google vowed a few weeks ago to stop allowing advertisers to track users online with third-party cookies, a move intended to improve user privacy. But Google also said at the time that it would introduce FLoC (or Federated Learning of Cohorts), a new tech