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Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Political Discussions in the Workplace: Strategies for Handling What’s Coming | Workplace Coach Blog

Political discussions in the workplace: strategies for handling what's coming: the facts and what employers and employees need to do

News | News

National Memorial Day Parade 2023 honors Apollo astronauts in US capital

Apollo lunar module pilots Charlie Duke, Harrison Schmitt and Rusty Schweickart joined active NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik in the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC.

News | NEWS

U.K. Royal Navy ‘Distressed and Concerned’ by Illegal Chinese Salvage of WWII Wrecks

An illegal Chinese salvage operation is raiding two United Kingdom World War II warship wrecks off the coast of Malaysia for scrap steel, aluminum and brass fittings, prompting a statement of concern from the Royal Navy, USNI News has learned. Chuan Hong

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

First Demonstration of Energy Teleportation | Discover Magazine

It's not just information that can move from one point in the universe to another, without passing through the space in between.