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Music | Music

How Hamburg changed The Beatles forever

Here, we'll be exploring how The Beatles' trips to Hamburg and their experiences in clubs like The Indra opened up a world of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

40 Facts About Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas

'Goodfellas,' Martin Scorsese's modern gangster classic, has been called the director's best movie. Others have called it the best movie—period.

Music | Music News

Different Drum: The Who Stateside Without Keith Moon

On September 10 and 11, 1979, in Passaic, New Jersey, The Who hit the States without Keith Moon, in their first US concerts since his death.

Recipes | Recipes

The Best & Easiest Peasant Bread Ever - Tried & True - Sweet Little Bluebird

Today's tried and true recipe is known as "My Mother's Peasant Bread: The Best, Easiest Bread You Will Ever Make," from Alexandra's Kitchen. Alexandra is so right! This wonderful bread is moist and spongy on

Health & Fitness | Health News

Six lifestyle choices to slow memory decline named in 10-year study

Over-60s who combined more healthy lifestyle choices enjoyed most benefit, found Beijing researchers

Recipes | Recipes

Double Chocolate Layer Cake Recipe

Buttermilk keeps this chocolate cake from Ina Garten moist and light, and the bit of coffee in the cake and frosting keeps the sweetness in check.

Recipes | Recipes

Crispy Lemon Chicken - Closet Cooking

Quick and easy crispy chicken in a light and tasty lemon sauce!

Recipes | Recipes

Homemade Cake Release - Fresh April Flours

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.Just 3 ingredients and you’ll never have trouble getting your cakes out of the pan again! Well, hello there, baker! I’m going to revolutionize your life today.  ARE YO

Recipes | Recipes

Chocolate Crazy Cake | Neighborfood

Chocolate Crazy Cake is a ridiculously easy and delicious one bowl chocolate cake that's egg free and dairy free! This one is a MUST TRY!

Recipes | Recipes

Peruvian Roasted Chicken With Spicy Cilantro Sauce Recipe - (2.9/5)

Burnished-skinned, deeply flavored and more than just a little spicy, it’s no wonder that Peruvian chicken has become something of an obsession here in the United...

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

The Mighty 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429

The Ford Mustang Boss 429 was famously created to homologate the big block 7.0 liter Ford V8 for NASCAR racing. It was the largest engine ever fitted to a

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

988 suicide lifeline sees big boost in calls its first months : Shots - Health News : NPR

The 3-digit suicide and crisis lifeline – 988 – fielded nearly half a million more calls, texts and chats in its first 5 months than the old 10-digit Lifeline did during the same time in 2021.

Psychology | Personality

Can a pathological liar be cured? with Drew Curtis, PhD, and Christian L. Hart, PhD

Drew Curtis, PhD, and Christian L. Hart, PhD, talk about what drives “big liars” to lie, why they believe pathological lying should be classified as a mental health disorder, and how you can recognize lies and protect yourself from being duped.

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

Star Trek: What Is A Star-date?

It’s about ‘time’ this Star Trek concept was properly explained.

Music | Music

England Swings: How the UK Mods Bridged Blues, 60s Rock, 70s Punk, and 80s Pop

The UK Mods were remarkably expansive in their musical taste. This feature explains how and why this came to be.

News | News

Many Americans don't know basic abortion facts. Test your knowledge

An NPR/loss poll found widespread confusion on some basic facts about abortion and pregnancy. Can you answer the same questions correctly?.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Scientists Actually Built a Working Tractor Beam: How It Works

Scientists built a working tractor beam—the first example of one that pulls objects visible to the naked eye. That's a huge deal.

Home Improvement | Home Improvement

The Best Cleaning Products for Your Kitchen, According to a Chemist | Cook's Illustrated

We asked a chemist to tell us about the best types of cleaners to keep pots and pans, dishes, glassware, and kitchen towels immaculate.

Politics | Politics

These Two Republicans Are Standing With Ilhan Omar in Push To Stay on Foreign Affairs Committee

Republican representatives Nancy Mace (S.C.) and Victoria Spartz (Ind.) say they will buck their party to vote in favor of keeping anti-Israel Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (1-27-2023 to 1-29-2023)

From January 27-29 in L.A., catch free admission at USC Pacific Asia Museum, the Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown, Art Collector Starter Kit at Corey Helford Gallery, Lunar New Year at Santa Monica Place, a free flea at Common Space Brewery, Happy Birthd

Music | Music

1959 Larry collins and Joe Maphis play live Ramrod!

1959 Larry Collins plays a wild version of Duane Eddy's “Ramrod” live on the Town Hall Party! He is wearing his famous gold lamé jacket made by Nudie Cohn of...

Sports | Cycling

Salsa Cycles Presents: Mulberry Gap

Mulberry Gap in north Georgia is a mountain biker’s dream retreat and gateway to some incredible riding. Pedal along with local riders and get the lay of the...

News | News

Trans women tells her side of the story in Santee

The woman at the center of a national conservative media firestorm stemming from a shower she took at the YMCA addresses the Santee city council.

Music | Music

Joy Division - Transmission [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Official video for Transmission by Joy Division.Stream Joy Division's greatest hits here ▶ here ▶ http://youtube.c...

Politics | Politics

Paul Pelosi Body Cam Footage Stuck in Technology Black Hole at San Francisco Court (That's Their Story)

I’ve been waiting around all day for the release of the bodycam footage that will finally show us what happened at Paul Pelosi’s house last October when a Berkeley nudist, David DePape, at...

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Free Conflict Skills Webinar | Workplace Coach Blog

Conflict skills webinar: free 46 minute webinar, offering you multiple chances to practice skills in multiple areas

Pets & Animals | Animal Rescue Stories

PETITION UPDATE: Oreo the Pig Flourishing in Sanctuary as Abusers Head to Jail

Two individuals reportedly responsible for keeping an obese pig named Oreo in a basement police described as “dungeon-like” have been prohibited from

News | News

Almost A Quarter of Dutch Millennials Believe Holocaust is Myth: New Survey Elicits Shock In Netherlands

A street in Amsterdam, Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz led a chorus of outrage Wednesday over a …

Politics | Opinion

Russian–Ukraine war escalates threat to Israel's security

  For the last 11 months, Israel has sought to signal its opposition to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine while

Politics | Judea & Samaria

Cabinet poised to give nod to formal recognition of unauthorized settlements

  The government is poised to vote on a series of measures aimed at retroactively approving dozens of unauthorized outposts

Miscellaneous | Jewish Life

Wearing tefillin may prevent damage from heart attacks

“This is a potential game changer for how we approach cardiovascular disease prevention,” says Dr. Jack Rubenstein.

News | News

‘Israel is an independent country’: Ben-Gvir vows to return to Temple Mount

The statement comes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Jordan's king he would uphold the status quo in Jerusalem.

News | News

AJC survey: Half of Americans don’t know how many Jews died in the Holocaust

Those with more years of school tend to know more about the Shoah.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Data show social media companies failing to remove antisemitism

Online platforms are underinvesting in monitoring Jew-hatred and Holocaust denial, and are removing only 20% of antisemitic content from their sites, according to the world’s first live database of online antisemitism.

News | News

Rally in NYC to protest light sentence for antisemitic attacker

Wassem Awawdeh was offered a six-month term after beating a Jewish man with a crutch; he told police he “would do it again.” 

News | Antisemitism Watch

Tlaib erects Palestinian flag in Capitol Hill office, accuses Israel of ‘apartheid’

The move was an apparent response to Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s crackdown on the celebration of terrorism by Arab Israelis.

News | News

Hezbollah blinding Israeli drivers, pedestrians nightly with lasers

The cross-border harassment aimed at Metullah residents has been going on for weeks.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Japanese telescope captures mysterious blue spiral in Hawaii

A Japanese telescope camera captured a 'flying spiral' in Hawaii shortly after SpaceX launched a new satellite.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Are eggs risky for heart health?

Large studies have not found evidence of higher rates of heart attacks, strokes, or other cardiovascular diseases in people who eat up to one egg per day.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

VHS Resurrection: Why Some Tapes Are Selling for Thousands

The seemingly archaic piece of physical media is making a comeback. Here's why some tapes are currently selling for thousands.

Politics | Politics

Gavin Newsom's 'Suicide Pact' With the Truth

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s anti-gun narrative is as thin and ineffective as one-ply toilet paper to a guy on Colon Blow. If you weren’t sure of it before, Newsom’s lame message after two mass shootings in his state in the past few days should make it clear to all.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Teflon Yourself to Criticism: you can learn this powerful, valuable tactic in less than 2 minutes | Workplace Coach Blog

conflict resolution skills: teflon yourself to criticism: you can learn this powerful, valuable tactic in less than 2 minutes