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Politics | Debunking Lies

How academia omits facts to make Palestinians the perpetual victim

Opinion: Academics have personal opinions and agendas like the rest of us, but erasing evidence only because it contradicts researchers' political positions is wrong and misleading

News | Antisemitism Watch

The US liberal Jewish establishment is failing at fighting antisemitism

The “Caroline Glick Show,” with Caroline Glick and guest Mort Klein.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Antisemitism: Why the Jews?

Over the centuries, numerous “reasons” have been advanced to explain the phenomenon of Antisemitism. But perhaps there is no reason!

Music | Music News

When Frank Sinatra covered Alice Cooper

Frank Sinatra was never a fan of rock ‘n’ roll. When Elvis Presley emerged and started pissing on his patch, Ol’ Blue Eyes quickly condemned the youngster.

Pets & Animals | Interesting Animal Stories

Why Do Cats Like Boxes? | Daily Paws

Live with a cat and you discover the joy of watching them climb into boxes of all shapes and sizes. We examine the reasons why your cat loves boxes so much.

Pets & Animals | Interesting Animal Stories

How to Pick Up and Hold a Cat the Right Way | Daily Paws

If you're a new cat owner and you're not quite sure if and how your cat likes to be held, we've got the answers you're looking for. These tips can help you learn how to hold a cat the right way without causing injury or stress.

History | History

December 7, 1941: Recalling the Heroes of the 'Day of Infamy'

Wednesday will be a day of remembrance at Pearl Harbor but without a single, USS Arizona survivor.

Politics | Politics

Katie Couric Wasn't the First: FDR, Truman and the Jews

Couric joins a growing list of authors who have altered the unflattering words of individuals whom they admire, in order to shield them from embarrassment.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Enough hypocrisy on antisemitism

The focus on Kanye West should lead to a discussion about the acceptance of hate among African-Americans and the bizarre alliance of far-left and far-right, not partisan bickering.

News | News

A rock star channels Jewish outrage at antisemitism

At a time of rising antisemitism, Jews need allies. Particularly helpful are allies with high visibility, like John Mellencamp, who can turn the dial on the outrage machine to a volume at which it can be heard by Jews and non-Jews alike.

Politics | Opinion

It sucks to be a Jew on the left

As Hadley Freeman leaves the Guardian for the Sunday Times, she opens up about her Jewish experience

Music | Music

MC5 (2 of 3)

I do not own the rights.This is unreleased and should be available to the public.Part 2 of 3

Business & Finance | Business

Deciding What Kind of Business to Start? Here's a Simple Approach Every Entrepreneur Can Follow

Deciding what kind of business to start begins with defining success, and then considering the role of variance.

News | News

Trump companies convicted on all charges in criminal tax fraud case

Former President Donald Trump was not charged in the case, and did not appear in the courtroom during the trial.

Entertainment | Films

Dive! Dive! The 5 Best Submarine Movies of All-Time

Roughly a month ago, the Naval Order of the United States held its monthly movie night, and the film of choice was the WWII action movie Operation Pacific, starring John Wayne. That inspired me to write this article, naming my highly subjective Top 5 List

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

The Signs of Potential Disaster Were Present at Walmart—Are They Present at Your Workplace? | Workplace Coach Blog

Workplace violence signs were present before the murders at Walmart; are they present in your workplace: here are 6 warning signs

History | HISTORY

Nazi Antisemitism & Islamist Hate

A review of recent scholarship on the shaping of the modern Middle East in the aftermath of the Holocaust

Health & Fitness | Health News

These Are the Best (and Worst) Foods for High Blood Pressure

Nutrition is a big risk factor for high blood pressure. Incorporate these foods into your diet for better health.