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Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Employers, Can You Handle Gen Zers? If Not, Better Get Ready. | Workplace Coach Blog

Employers need to learn to manage/motivate Gen Z employees, who they view as difficult but who now outnumber Boomers. 4 strategies that work.

Entertainment | Entertainment

‘The Office’ Follow-Up Series: Everything We Know So Far

While it's unlikely we’ll see a ‘The Office’ reunion, a Dunder Mifflin revisit—with an all-new cast—is looking more likely.

Politics | The Left

Progressives’ Pro-War Protest Movement

Yesterday’s protests at Columbia highlighted a key difference between the left-wing protests of generations past and the current demonstrations: While both cheer America’s enemies, the 2024 version is ostentatiously, undeniably

News | Antisemitism Watch

Policeman threatens to arrest campaigner for being ‘openly Jewish’ at Gaza rally in London

CAA head Gideon Falter was told his presence could cause a ‘breach of peace’

News | Antisemitism Watch

Is it now a crime to be a Jew in London?

A Met officer threatened a man with arrest because his Jewishness might anger ‘pro-Palestine’ protesters.

News | News

Three Israelis injured in car-ramming attack in Jerusalem

The assailants were arrested in a nearby furniture store.

News | News

Anti-Israel NGO behind impending US sanctions on IDF battalion

DAWN, a U.S.-based NGO, "has intensified its legal attacks against Israeli officials," says NGO Monitor's Gerald Steinberg.