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Politics | BDS

Ben and Jerry’s Gave $170,000 in Grants to Board Trustee’s Anti-Israel Foundation

The Ben & Jerry's Foundation steered over $170,000 in grants to an anti-Israel nonprofit group run by one of its board directors, a potential violation of self-dealing laws, according to an ethics watchdog organization.

Recipes | Baking

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe: The Softest, Chewiest Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You'll Ever Make

One of the writers way back in my iParenting days gave me this recipe for her soft chocolate chip cookies. She told me this chocolate chip cookie recipe was...

Politics | Politics

Twitter Suspends Journalist for Repeating CDC Vaccine Data the Big Tech Giant Doesn't Like

Twitter Suspends Journalist for… Sharing CDC Data on Vaccines?
There’s an old saying about shooting the messenger: Don’t.
It’s not a very clever saying, but it’s still go...

Politics | BDS

Ben & Jerry’s Israeli Boycott Is Contrary to Company’s “Human Rights and Decency” Values

The Ben & Jerry’s boycott of the West Bank—it claimed that operating in this region is “inconsistent with our values”—isn’t just hurting certain people economically. It’s a dagger aimed at Israel.

After its longtime Israeli distributor Avi Zinger promise

News | Antisemitism Watch

My College Experience at Temple University Was Tainted by Antisemitism

The student center at Temple University. Photo: Jeannine Keefer. In the Fall of 2018, I took my first political science …

Politics | Opinion

Boycotting the Western Wall

We need to stop pretending that the Ben & Jerry’s argument is over a handful of wild-eyed “settlers” on remote hilltops. This is a fight over boycotting the Western Wall. Op-ed.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Leading Jewish Official Condemns ‘Behind the Curtain’ Comments From US Rep. Tlaib as ‘Dog Whistle’

US Congresswoman Rashia Tlaib of Michigan. Photo: Reuters / Rebecca Cook. On Tuesday, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt criticized as …

Music | Music

10 best music documentaries on Netflix right now

Here are the 10 best music documentaries on Netflix right now on the lives of musicians such as Bob Dylan, Beyonce, Keith Richards, John Lennon etc.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Documentation That Makes the Case The Employee Deserved to be Fired - Workplace Coach Blog

As an expert witness (qualified in Court in management best practices, HR, and workplace issues), I’m often handed documentation by …

News | News

Protestors in New York cry ‘Globalize the intifada’ at demonstration - The Jerusalem Post

Several hundred participate in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Brooklyn, New York, chanted ‘We don’t want no two states, we want all of it,’ and ‘There is only one solution, intifada revolution.’

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Waiting for social media companies to tackle anti-Semitism is utterly pointless

I am about to write one of the least surprising sentences that anyone who uses social media will ever read. A report published today by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate has found that the five biggest social media sites are a free-for-all for anti-J

Miscellaneous | Interesting stories


Gymnasts compared to football players and professional dancers - my personal thoughts and experiences. Native Strength is the centuries-old traditional syste...

Sports | Cycling

Seeking Adventure In My Own Backyard: Tour Costa de Hermosillo – Daniel Zaid

La Costa de Hermosillo is the name for a vast expanse of land that covers from the west of the city of Hermosillo all the way to the coast of the Gulf of California, 100 km (60 miles) away. Once part of the territory where the Comca’ac Natives thriv

Politics | BDS

Ecuador’s Largest Grocer Takes Ben & Jerry’s Off the Shelf

Tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a Unilever brand, are seen at their shop in London. Photo: Reuters/Hannah McKay …

Entertainment | Streaming

Every New Movie and TV Show Hitting Amazon Prime in August

The Cannes festival hit 'Annette,' starring Adam Driver, highlights the new arrivals on Prime Video this month.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

18 Fun Things to do This Week in L.A. (8-2-2021 to 8-6-2021)

This week, from August 2 to 6, features a burger week in the LBC, public art pianos in Beverly Hills, a free comedy show at Permanent Records, fireworks at The Bowl, free Parks After Dark movies, and more.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

What Do You Mean You Gave My Job Away? - Workplace Coach Blog

When an employer gives away an employee's job after her daughter dies

Recipes | Recipes

Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe | Martha Stewart

The most popular flavor at the celebrated NYC bakery is vanilla for two reasons: a moist, tender crumb and rich buttercream frosting.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

Ground Beef Tostadas - Mexican Food

#cookmentality #cook #recipeSubrscribe to the channel

Humor | Humor

White vs Mexicans BBQ | MrChuy FT The Crazy Gorilla

I, MrChuy, finally did a collab with the one and only The Crazy Gorilla! You guys all wanted it, and here it is! White Vs Mexican BBQs!! PART 2 IS NOW LIVE! ...