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Recipes | Recipes

Korean Beef Bulgogi - Damn Delicious

Korean Beef Bulgogi - A super easy recipe for Korean BBQ beef with the most flavorful marinade! The thin slices of meat cook quickly, and it's so tender!!!

Recipes | Recipes

Asian Style Chicken Nuggets with Lemon Glaze - Damn Delicious

Asian Style Chicken Nuggets with Lemon Glaze - Bite-sized chicken nuggets with a lemon glaze that is out of this world! Seriously. This sauce is EPIC.

History | History

Rejection of the UN Partition Plan of November 29, 1947, Was a Prequel to the October 7 Massacre

The more things change in the Middle East, the more they stay the same - Rejection of the UN Partition Plan of November 29, 1947, Was a Prequel to the October 7 Massacre

News | Israel At War

The Red Cross has Jewish blood on its hands- and it couldn't care less

After ignoring a family’s pleas to provide their elderly mother with her medication, refusing to act or try to meet hostages during deal, the Red Cross proves that it views Jewish blood as cheap. Op-ed.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

How I make six figures on Substack

It's been a surprising/thriving 18 months on here, so here's some stuff I know.

Politics | The Left

The depravity of the Islamo-left

Why do so many leftists struggle to condemn Hamas? Why do so-called progressives make excuses for Jew-killing, misogynistic, gay-bashing Islamists? It’s a lo...

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

Hamas drugged children; burned legs with exhaust for identification

Each child seized by Hamas was placed on a motorcycle. They positioned the child's leg against the bike's exhaust pipe, causing burns.

Politics | Opinion

Cruel Irony of Falsely Accusing Israel of Genocide as It Battles Genocidal Hamas

Falsely accusing Israel of the horrible crime of genocide in its defensive war with evil Hamas is a particularly cruel and odious blood libel.

Politics | Judea & Samaria

Why Israel is entitled in law to the "West Bank"

On Tuesday, I took part in Times Radio’s breakfast show to discuss that day’s news with my fellow columnist Hugo Rifkind and presenters Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

What Does HYD Stand For? - Chabad

The abbreviation, often appearing after the names of those who have been murdered, stands for Hashem yikom damam—may God avenge their blood.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

The Signature Element of Chabad Psychology that Few Understand

The signature metaphor in Tanya to describe all human activity, popping up in some form or another on almost every page, is clothing. Life, according to Tanya, is less about who you are and more about what you wear.

Politics | Campus Watch

Elder Of Ziyon - Where Will Your Children Go to School? (Judean Rose)

What does antisemitism do to the soul and psyche of Jewish youth and what is the remedy?

Politics | Politics

Surrender: Blinken Tells Israel It Lacks ‘Credit’ to Defeat Hamas | The Times of Israel

According to leaked remarks from today’s war cabinet meeting, attended by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Blinken told Israel it cannot operate in southern Gaza in the way it has done in the north — a presumed reference to the heavy air bombardment and crushing ground operation — and indicated that Israel has weeks, not months, to complete its declared mission of destroying Hamas.

Politics | Politics

This Is Exactly How Much Inflation Has Cost Average Americans Under Biden

To maintain the same standard of living that Americans had at the beginning of Biden's term, households have to spend an additional $11,434 per year.

Politics | Politics

Elon Musk Just Told Advertisers, ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ | WIRED

In a rambling interview at the ‘New York Times’ DealBook Summit, Elon Musk suggested advertisers fleeing X were blackmailing him and could kill the platform.

Politics | Politics

Deutsche Bank May Have Just Destroyed Letitia James' Civil Fraud Case Against Trump

Deutsche Bank might have just blown up Letitia James’s civil fraud case against President Trump.

Books | Books

A Drama in 127 Words: Leaning Forward |

A flash fiction drama in 127 words: Leaning Forward: one woman bushwhacking through the alder to find the search and rescue site where her love landed.

    Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

    Outsmarting Manipulators | Workplace Coach Blog

    Outsmarting manipulators: 4 strategies that stop manipulators in their tracks plus for fun statements that shut the door on manipulators

    Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

    Gaslighting in the Workplace: Danger for the Unwary | Workplace Coach Blog

    Gaslighting in the workplace: danger for the unwary: 6 signs of gaslighting and 4 steps to take before it's too late.