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Music | Music

Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor

I'll be uploading their whole 1980 debut "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" lyrics: Efficiency and progress is ours once more Now that we have the Neutron ...

News | News

Trump announces 30-day extension of coronavirus guidelines

That's well past the president's Easter target to re-open parts of the country.

Miscellaneous | Fun Stuff

30 Clever Things That Make Your Workspace Way More Comfortable & Effective

You spend a lot of time doing your job. And regardless of whether you work from home or at an office, your workspace can definitely start to feel a little dreary after a while. As always, the internet rides to the rescue with things that make your…

Recipes | Desserts

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake Recipe | Taste of Home

I've tried different variations of these cakes for my family and this chocolate peanut butter mug cake is a winner! I have made it with almond milk and melted coconut oil, and both ways are delicious! —Angela Lively, Conroe, Texas

Recipes | Recipes

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies | Williams-Sonoma Taste

Bake a batch of the perfect chocolate chip cookies—just like Mom used to make. Our classic cookies have a caramel flavor and chocolaty goodness.

Miscellaneous | Interesting & Helpful Information

Hand-Mind Discoordination: Study Finds You Really Don't Know The Back Of Your Hand Very Well At All - Study Finds

The old saying goes if you know something well, you know it "like the back of your hand." But a new study finds that you likely don't know your hands very well at all.

Psychology | Parenting and Kids

Long Periods Of Stress Can Alter Sperm, Impact Brain Development Of Baby - Study Finds

Researchers say a recent study shows a biological mechanism that allows stress to alter sperm and impact the brain development of the next generation.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Vitamin D May Extend Lifespans Of Cancer Patients, Study Finds

Vitamin D is well-known for its bone-strengthening properties, but it may be even more critical to our health than believed.

Psychology | Personality

Best Way To Offer Support During Hard Times? Use Messages Of Validation, Study Suggests

A new study finds that messages of support which validated a person's feelings were more helpful overall than the ones that were critical or that diminished emotions.

Recipes | Recipes

Buttery Beer Bread Recipe | The Best Homemade Quick Bread Recipe

This flavorful Buttery Beer Bread is incredibly easy to make with just a few quick bread ingredients. It bakes up with a perfect crust and tender inside!

Recipes | Recipes

Best Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe - How to Make Flourless Chocolate Cake

This flourless chocolate cake recipe is wonderful for dinner parties, a quickie hostess gift and children adore it. You can half this recipe for smaller groups.

News | News

Coroanvirus: Holland recalls 600,000 masks imported from China - Business Insider

The Dutch Ministry of Health said on Saturday that it asked hospitals to return 600,000 face masks after they failed to meet safety requirements.

News | News

Manhattan Beach surfer issued $1,000 citation for violating beach closure order, disrespecting lifeguard.

Manhattan Beach, newsletter - A  Manhattan Beach surfer was issued a $1,000 citation Saturday morning after ignoring a lifeguard’s order that he not go in the water. And being disrespectful.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Manhattan D.A. Prosecuted Just 21 Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in Past Decade

Records from the Manhattan district attorney's office indicate D.A. Cyrus Vance prosecuted just 13 individuals for anti-Semitic hate crimes between 2017 and 2019, less than half of those arrested in his jurisdiction during that time and a bare 6 percent o

Business & Finance | Business

How Your Small Business Can Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic

How can small businesses survive the turbulent times coming ahead in 2020? Here are a few tips.

Recipes | Recipes

Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe |

These cookies are on the flat and crispy side of the cookie spectrum, with soft centers and pockets of molten chocolate throughout. In our quest for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, our test kitchen found higher-quality options and superior meltability

Recipes | Recipes

4 Delicious, Creative Popcorn Recipes | Real Simple

Your guests will love these sweet and savory upgrades to this movie theater classic. All recipes serve four to six people.

Miscellaneous | Products

5 Most Common Instant Pot Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)

From the BURN message to forgetting to seal or vent the pressure release valve, here are the most common Instant Pot mistakes people make all the time.

Miscellaneous | Products

Outbreak forces See’s Candies to suspend production for 1st time since World War II | KTLA

See’s Candies, a California chocolate institution, is suspending production because of the coronavirus. It’s only the second time in See’s 99-year history that production has been interrupted, the first being when it was halted due to rationing during Wor

Recipes | Recipes

French Onion Soup (Soupe à l'Oignon Gratinée) Recipe | Serious Eats

For such a simple dish, French onion soup should be easy to make great. And yet, so many versions taste like a cup of burnt-onion tea with melted cheese trying its best to cover up the flaws. Here's what you need to know to get the best flavor in every st

Sports | Sports

Kings' Anze Kopitar in favor of resuming regular season instead of going straight to playoffs

Kings captain Anze Kopitar says if the NHL can resume after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, it should continue the regular season and not go straight to the playoffs.

Recipes | Recipes

Quick-Pickled Vegetables Recipe | Bon Appetit

You can use any vegetable you like for this quick pickle recipe, then keep them in your fridge at all times and put them on everything for acidity and crunch.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

10 Ways To Look Professional, and Hide Your Pajamas, In a Video Conference Call

You don't have to wear pants without a stretchy waistband, but you should follow a few tips before joining a Zoom video call when working from home.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Small Businesses Could Land SBA Loans in as Soon as 2 Weeks. Here's Who's Eligible

In an exclusive Town Hall with Inc., U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive vice president and chief policy officer Neil Bradley explained the resources that will soon be available to business owners in the economic stimulus package.

Music | Music

6 Albums Out This Week You Should Listen to Now

Stream new releases from Waxahatchee, Half Waif, Nicolás Jaar, Hailu Mergia, Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini, and Nap Eyes

Entertainment | Humor

José Feliciano The Comedy Bit

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment The Comedy Bit · José Feliciano Alive Alive - O! ℗ Recorded prior to 1972. All rights reserved by BMG Music P...

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Apple launches informative COVID-19 app and website screener in partnership with FEMA and CDC

Apple is launching a new app and website to help inform Americans about how to stay safe and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Apple partnered with the CDC, FEMA, and the Coronavirus Task Force to develop the COVID-19 app and website. Read More

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

Online Classes and Activities You Can Do During Quarantine | Mental Floss

From virtual field trips to free workout classes, here are the best ways to stay busy while social distancing.

Sports | Cycling

1932 Olympic cyclists from Victoria

2007 induction of Olympic cyclists from Victoria into the Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame. Included were Lew Rush, Stan Jackson and Glenn Robbins.

Travel | Travel Tips

These Virtual Tours of Europe's Famous Castles Will Make You Feel Like a Royal, Even in Your Pajamas

Google Arts & Culture is offerings virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous castles and palaces in Europe for people around the world to explore at home.

News | News

Disney’s U.S. Parks Will Be Closed Indefinitely

After an initial decision to remain open, Disneyland announced that its Southern California parks and resorts will close for coronavirus beginning on Monday, March 16.

Politics | Politics

Coronavirus: Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

Wearing face masks, protesters blocked the US southern border, telling Americans to 'stay home'

Entertainment | Star Trek: Picard

Why Star Trek: Picard is the dark reboot that boldly goes where nobody wanted it to

Trek used to be a vision of an optimistic future, but there is a world of difference between the Amazon reboot and previous adventures of the Enterprise

Music | Music

Album Sales Hit New Weekly Low in U.S. -- But There Is a Bright Spot | Billboard

As record stores were forced to close up shop last week due to coronavirus concerns, and music fans became preoccupied with social distancing and quarantine, U.S. album sales hit a new weekly low.

Politics | Politics

Trump uses Defense Production Act to require GM to make ventilators

President Trump on Friday used the Defense Production Act to compel General Motors to produce ventilators to combat the coronavirus after days of hesitating to use the powers in the law.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

5 Ways to Lead During the Coronavirus Crisis

The world needs strong people to lead during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

A Survival Guide for Early-stage Start-ups

Successfully navigate an early-stage start-up through its first couple years in business and your odds of survival are much greater. But how, exactly, can you do this?

Entertainment | Entertainment

Top 10 Mid Century Modern Movies and Television Shows For #QuarantineLife

While you have a little free time on your hands, check out a mid century movie or television show that expxertly captures the iconic design style!

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

America’s Largest Population of Holocaust Survivors Is Endangered by the Coronavirus as Crown Heights and Borough Park Shut Down

The pandemic inflicts miseries that are particular to each place it visits

News | News

Boris Johnson in self-isolation after catching coronavirus

Prime minister has mild symptoms and says he will still lead Covid-19 response

Science & Technology | Tech

Zoom's iOS app is sending your data to Facebook, because privacy is a myth

Zoom’s video conferencing app has grown more popular than ever lately, while people are staying home to flatten the curve. But you should know that there’s a major privacy concern with the service. Last night, Vice reported that Zoom‘s iOS app is nonconse

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

Why are Triscuits called Triscuits? A shocking investigation

Enlightened snackers' cabinets are likely stocked with tasty, wheat crackers called Triscuits, which we always assumed were named after three different grains or something. This week, an intrepid writer uncovered the truth. Prepare to have your minds