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Leonardo da Vinci Was Jewish - Tablet Magazine

Italian historian Carlo Vecce set out to debunk rumors of da Vinci’s foreign origins, but a newly discovered document changed his mind

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Lia Baram – My Photos from our Family Trip to Northern Italy

Lia Baram – My Photos from our Family Trip to Northern Italy Lia will be ten years old in November and one of her “passions” is taking pictures. While on our vacation recently to Italy I encouraged her to share her effort with israelseen

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PODCAST | This Ian Isn't The James Bond Author

If you live in Florida or on the Southern or Southeastern coasts of the United Sate long enough you are going to be in the crosshairs of a hurricane or tropical storm. Those living on Florida's west coast up into the Big Bend east of Tallahassee are

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Avoid These Things In Venice If You Want To Have A Good Trip

If you didn't know about these things then you're not alone, but it still doesn't mean you should do any of them in Venice.

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Workers Without Vaccine Passport Won’t be Paid in Italy

The Italian government has announced that unvaccinated workers will have their pay withheld but will not be suspended or fired.

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All the Recipes from Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

The simple, easy, step-by-step recipes from the TV show 'Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy', with tips and tricks. Take a look.

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Surfer Joe & Band - The Astronauts Medley live in Kyoto

Live at Modern Times in Kyoto, JapanSurfer Joe Japan TourRecorded on April 14th, 2018Surfer Joe / Lorenzo Valdambrini (guitar)Jonpaul Balak (bass)Vincent Min...

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How Italy Turned Around Its Coronavirus Calamity - The New York Times

After a stumbling start, the country has gone from being a global pariah to a model — however imperfect — of viral containment that holds lessons for its neighbors and for the United States.

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SURFER JOE - Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2019

LIVE Surfer Joe Summer Festival, June 23, 2019 ( Livorno )

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Virtual pasta-making with Nonna Nerina | Live-streaming | Things to do in Worldwide

One 84-year-old Italian grandmother has had the perfect reaction to her country going into lockdown. Nonna Nerina usually runs pasta-making workshops in the c

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Donatella Versace and daughter Allegra donate €200K to fight coronavirus in Italy

Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra Versace Beck have donated €200,000 to Milan's San Raffaele hospital to aid in the fight against coronavirus in Italy.

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Italians over 80 'will be left to die' as country overwhelmed by coronavirus

Coronavirus victims in Italy will be denied access to intensive care if they are aged 80 or more or in poor health should pressure on beds increase, a document prepared by a crisis management unit in Turin propose. Some patients denied intensive care will

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Incredible Facts About Italy - SNAZZY TRIPS TRAVEL BLOG

Incredible facts about Italy, to help you better appreciate the country, if you're planning a visit. These facts have made Italy what it is today and influenced many aspects of lives.

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Italy Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre under guard amid death threats

Liliana Segre, 89, is assigned two police officers in Italy after hundreds of anti-Semitic messages.

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I stayed in one of Italy's ghost towns that's selling off homes for $1, and I was treated like royalty

I stayed in Sambuca, the charming Sicilian town which has received the most widespread media coverage for its $1 housing scheme.

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You Could Get Paid $27,000 to Move to Italy and Start Your Own Business

Molise, Italy, a mountainous and partially coastal region southeast of Rome, is looking for new residents.

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Are We Loving Venice to Death?

With some 30 million tourists flocking to Venice each year, the city is suffering the consequences. Venetian locals, though, are taking it into their own hands to preserve local crafts and traditions with the hope that travelers will follow suit.

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LULUFIN THE WOO HOO - Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2018

LIVE Surfer Joe Summer Festival, June 22, 2018 ( Livorno )

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Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2019 - 20-23 June 2019 Livorno - Italy

SJSF2019: Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2019 - It's the world's #1 Surf Music event!

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Italy: Interior Minister Accused of Kidnapping Migrants

"The investigation notice sent to [Interior Minister Matteo] Salvini could in fact be seen as a direct attempt to prevent a minister from carrying out his political activity in accordance with the vote expressed by the majority of Italians on the basis

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Italy’s Matteo Salvini Decries ‘Dirty Business of Illegal Immigration’

“If governments do their job, the dirty business of illegal immigration can be stopped,” Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said.

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Surfer Joe Music - Worldwide Surf Music Promotion & Booking 2018

Surfer Joe Music - Worldwide Surf Music Promotion & Booking

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Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2017 - 22/23/24/25 June 2017 Livorno - Italy

SJSF2017: Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2017 - It's the world's #1 Surf Music event!

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Have a Great Business Idea? Italy Will Give You a Free Castle | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Weddings in Tuscany

Looking for the best ultimate wedding planner in Italy, Milano or Tuscany? The Tuscan Wedding is a luxurious wedding planning company located in Italy. get the most exotic, beautiful settings and top class assistance from English speaking wedding planners

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The secret behind Italy’s rarest pasta

It's so difficult and time-consuming to prepare, that for 300 years only the women of a single Sardinian family knew how to make it.

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Italian Grows Forgotten Fruit. What She Preserves Is a Culture.

Like her father before her, Isabella Dalla Ragione scours the countryside in search of varieties that no longer satisfy agricultural trends, market demands and modern tastes.

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36 Hours in Parma, Italy

This riverside city may be synonymous with fine food — Parma ham, Parmesan — but it also satisfies appetites for art, music and history.

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Living the High Life in an ‘Undiscovered’ Italian City

The two-story city of Bergamo, with panoramic mountain views and fairy tale architecture, has relatively low numbers of foreign second-home buyers, or even tourists.

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Positano Hotels: Best Deals for Hotels in Positano | Venere.com

Looking for Hotels in Positano? Save with Venere.com and book your perfect accommodation in Positano. Pick the best deal among our custom-made offers.

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Why Positano is a Small Italian Paradise

Positano, described as a “small paradise.” The sunny Amalfi Coast offers beaches, picturesque scenery and spectacular views: a magnet for tourists

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'Jews, the End is Near', Says Graffiti in Rome

Anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas appear across Rome in the wake of Israel's operation in Gaza. Rome's mayor condemns.