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The BBC is an Orwellian, Kafkaesque nightmare

Dishonesty and obfuscation are now part and parcel of the Beeb’s editorial policy.

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How Did a Former IDF Spokesperson Not Laugh During This BBC Interview?

 The liberal media’s aphasia concerning Hamas and supposed civilian casualties remains a source of frustration and entertainment. It’s going to be annoying watching all these pro-Hamas media members seethe and cry over some 200 dead Palestinian civilians who were allegedly killed by Israeli forces when they rescued four hostages this weekend.

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Revealed: The Laughable Excuses Given by BBC & CNN for Israel Capital City Mistake

There’s chutzpah, and then there’s the BBC’s explanation for why it should be allowed to incorrectly describe Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital — an

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BBC has turned into modern day Joseph Goebbels

My intuitive guess supported by years of research is that rabid anti-Jewish state bias morphing into true Jew hatred really began with the era of the Dimbleby brothers or thereabouts.  How perverse that the sons of the morally decent Richard Dimbleby who

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Senior BBC Staffer Calls Jews 'Parasites,' Denies Holocaust in Anti-Semitic Rants

A senior-level BBC employee has come under scrutiny following reports that she posted a litany of anti-Semitic and anti-White content over recent months.

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BBC: The Real Victims of The Black Death in England Were... Black Women?

 History as an area of academic inquiry seems like it would be a cut-and-dried one; you look at the available data for the time period, determine what happened when and to whom and call it a day. In many ways History should be viewed as a sort of extreme ex post facto journalism, sifting through to find and report the truth as best as it can be determined.

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The BBC’s Israelophobia is out of control

Its distrust of the Jewish State is bordering on pathological.

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Time to debunk the media's anti-Israel narrative: You have blood on your hands

Opinion: The only way to end the all-pervasive anti-Israel bias in so much of the media is to shake their underlying narrative, which forms part of the greatest slur campaign in history

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BBC's Lame Excuses For Not Calling Hamas Terrorists

The BBC's choice of terminology vis a vis Hamas has created a public outcry in the UK. BBC World Affairs editor John Simpson responded by attempting to

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BBC News reports an “attack on a car”

As is inevitably the case, the BBC failed to describe a fatal shooting attack against Israelis as terrorism in its own words.

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The malevolent reporting on Israel’s Jenin operation

Much of the West believes the antisemitic lie that the Jews are responsible for their own destruction.

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HonestReporting: BBC Laps Up Amnesty International’s Latest Anti-Israel Hit Job

HonestReporting: BBC Laps Up Amnesty International’s Latest Anti-Israel Hit Job Carrying on its long tradition of unfairly attacking Israel, Amnesty International has published another hatchet job masquerading as a serious investigation this week. The r

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BBC Two’s ‘The Holy Land and Us’ chooses narrative over history

A BBC series' promotion of a narrative of “competing stories” actively hinders audience understanding of history.

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The latest BBC reporting on the Munich Olympics terror attack > CAMERA UK

All but one of five BBC radio and written reports relating to the Munich Olympics massacre carefully avoided the words terror and terrorist.

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BBC, the revision of history and the invention of Ancient Palestine

Ancient Palestine existed 3000 years ago - that's according to a BBC2 historical documentary that has been seen almost 10 million times.

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UK Jewish Groups Blast BBC’s ‘Whitewash Non-Apology’ for Report Defaming Victims of Antisemitic Attack

The BBC logo is seen at the entrance at Broadcasting House, the BBC headquarters in central London. Photo by Vuk …

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BBC slammed for making ‘woke cuts’ on classic shows including Dad’s Army for racial slurs

BBC has been slammed for making 'woke' editing cuts in classic shows such as Dad's Army and Steptoe and Sons for their racial slurs and misogynistic views.

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Pressure increases on the BBC - Melanie Phillips

Did the broadcaster draw false equivalence between Jewish antisemitism victims and their attackers?

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Why did the BBC ban The Beatles song 'A Day in the Life'?

BBC wrote a letter to EMI expressing their regret and disbelief that the day came when the BBC had to ban an EMI record. What happened exactly?

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BBC Studios Announces 20% Diversity Quotas On All Future Productions

Joining the ranks of studios and entertainment institutions pushing diversity quotas, BBC Studios Productions has announced that 20% of all projects'

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BBC Equates Israel To Nazis From Halls of Yad Vashem | HonestReporting

As world leaders and royalty from 49 countries gather in Israel to remember the  Holocaust and take a stand against rising antisemitism, leave it to the

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BBC Arabic describes Halle shooting as attack on kebab shop and does not mention attempted synagogue massacre

A report on the Halle synagogue attack on the BBC Arabic website fails to mention antisemitism or Jews, stating simply that “some German news outlets say it happened near a synagogue but this cannot be confirmed.” This was despite the fact that the motiva

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Truth & Lies in BBC Report About Gaza Animal Rescue

A BBC report about the rescue of animals from Rafah Zoo proves me right. But it wouldn't be the BBC without some lies against Israel.

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BBC Erases Non-Israeli Jews from Entebbe Hostages | HonestReporting

The BBC's story of the Entebbe crisis counts 94 Israelis, erasing the non-Israeli Jews also held hostage. Rather than correct, the BBC doubles down.

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BBC Distorts Reality of Life in Hebron | HonestReporting

The BBC takes Hebron, one of the most complex places in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and creates a spectacularly misleading and one-sided narrative.

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Let down by 'agonising' end-of-life care - BBC News

Variation in care homes in England means some people face distressing and painful deaths, warns expert.

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WATCH THE IDIOCY: BBC Reverses Boy And Girl's Names And Clothes To Test Adults For 'Gender-Stereotyping'

The BBC , in an attempt to take gender confusion to the next level, issued a video with the hashtag #NoMore Boys&Girls, in which a little girl toddler was dressed in boy's clothes and given a boy’s name, while a little boy toddler was clothed i

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BBC Erases Jews from Ancient Israel | HonestReporting

Who were the "native people" who lived in Judea during the time of the Romans and why is it so hard for the BBC to acknowledge it was the Jews?

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Rolling Stones Collect Rare BBC Recordings for 'On Air'

The Rolling Stones will collect 18 recordings the band performed on the BBC from 1963 to 1965 for the upcoming compilation 'On Air.'

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WATCH: BBC Admits 'Gaza Under Attack' Images Fabricated - Breitbart

A little-known division of the corporation called BBC Trending says that many of images being shared on social media under the #GazaUnderAttack hashtag are in fact several years old, and in some cases from different conflicts.

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Doctor Who Timeline Infographic

A complete timeline of Doctor Who from 1963 to present, including episodes, seasons, companions, villains, and more. A Fantastic resource for any Doctor Who fan.

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On Holocaust Memorial Day, BBC Asks 'Is it Time to Lay Holocaust to Rest?

On Int'l Holocaust Memorial Day BBC Tweet suggests it's time to forget the Holocaust; 'BBC has no moral compass regarding Jews or Israel.'

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We must not call Charlie Hebdo killers 'terrorists', says BBC boss - Telegraph

Tarik Kafala, the head of BBC Arabic, says using the term 'terrorism' is too 'loaded'

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Watch: BBC's Anti-Semitic Interview at Paris Demo - Jewish World - News - Arutz Sheva

Jewish rights groups have expressed their shock and outrage after a BBC news correspondent made comments claiming that Palestinians "suffer at Jewish hands" during Sunday's mega demonstration against terrorism in Paris, with some accusing him of blatant anti-Semitism.

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BBC's Jon Donnison loses what little credibility he still had

This became a sensation, spawning articles about how Israel knew that Hamas leaders knew nothing about the kidnapping and used it as an excuse to start a war.

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BBC News - Caution needed with Gaza casualty figures

In the Gaza conflict, most news organisations have been quoting from the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), which leads a group of humanitarian organisations known as the Protection Cluster.

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Revealed: Emails undermine Mira Bar-Hillel’s smear of UK Jewish community

In an interview on BBC Radio 4 last month, Mira Bar-Hillel (journalist for the London Evening Standard and commentator for The Independent) claimed that British Jews don’t criticize Israeli actions in Gaza out of fear of being “ex-communicated” from

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BBC widens its distortion of the reason for the collapse of the August 1st ceasefire

The Tweet below was sent on the morning of August 3rd by one of the BBC correspondents currently located in the Gaza Strip. Pannell promotes two inaccurate pieces of information here, the first bei...

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Red faces at the BBC after reporter tweets 'heartbreaking photo of child hurt by Israeli rocket' which is actually a girl in Syria

Gaza correspondent Jon Donnison retweeted a photo of a young girl supposedly from Gaza lying on a hospital bed in bloodied clothes and labelled it 'heartbreaking'.

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BBC mauled for ruling 'girl' is offensive word

The corporation was accused of censorship after cutting the ‘G-word’ from a documentary on the Commonwealth Games.