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The Trailblazer

Afsana Nawrozi fled from Afghanistan to Arizona to pursue her dreams—to become an elite cyclist, get a quality education and shape her own destiny.

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Biden Administration Preparing To Send Billions More To Afghanistan

The Biden administration has moved $3.5 billion in frozen Afghan money to a dedicated fund for eventual transfer to Afghanistan.

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PODCAST | What The Mainstream Media Left Unmentioned on September 11th

It remains unclear as to whether the remembrances offered up by the mainstream media complex and the inside-the-beltway crowd were sincere, obligatory, or opportunistic, but one thing is for sure, there was a lot left unmentioned in their memorials.

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Family of Marine killed in Afghanistan file second lawsuit against Alec Baldwin

The widow and sisters of a US marine killed in Afghanistan during the military’s chaotic departure from the country in 2021 are again suing actor Alec Baldwin for at least $25 million, claiming he exposed them to online vitriol after the actor accused one

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The Incompetence Of The Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Is On Display In Every Area Of Biden’s Presidency

The incompetence that plagued the Afghanistan withdrawal shows up in practically every hire, decision, and policy in Biden's administration.

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Disneyland honors Marine who died during 2021 Kabul attack

Marine Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola, who was killed during the 2021 Afghanistan exit, was honored during the Disneyland Resort Flag Retreat Ceremony.

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The ‘New & Inclusive’ Taliban Comes Full Sharia Law Circle After Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal

All women in Afghanistan must be covered head to toe in public, Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, head of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, decreed Saturday in a move that brings the ruthless and murderous reign of the Taliban back full circle to pr

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Congress Probes Biden Admin After Taliban Uses US Biometric Data To Target Allies

Congress is demanding answers from the Biden administration following a disclosure that reams of biometric data abandoned by the United States during its bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan are being used by the Taliban to target American allies still stu

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SUNDAY DIGEST: White House Executes Egregious Spin on Straight-Forward Statement by Biden; Putin 'Cannot Remain in Power'

White House Executes Egregious Spin on Straight-Forward Statement by Biden; Putin 'Cannot Remain in Power' President Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power," as he declared the Russian invasion of Ukraine a "strategi

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This Was the Most Infuriating Part of Biden's State of the Union Speech

Well, that was painful.
The word is Joe Biden had to rewrite his State of the Union Dumpster Fire speech because of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and you could tell. It was an awkward, choppy speech th...

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Biden’s Unlimited Resettlement: 74K Afghans Sent to American Communities

President Joe Biden has resettled more than 74,400 Afghans across American communities in 46 states since mid-August 2021.

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U.S. Army Report: State Department Officials Were ‘Intoxicated And Cowering’ As Kabul Crumbled Around Them

State Department officials were reluctant to take the imminent fall of Kabul seriously, according to a U.S. Army report detailing the final days before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

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Leaked Documents Reveal Biden Unprepared for Afghanistan Fall

The Biden White House was unprepared in the days leading up to the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan, according to leaked documents.

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Biden On His Disastrous Pullout From Afghanistan: ‘I Make No Apologies For What I Did’

“There are deep questions among Americans about the competence of government — from the messy rollout of 5G this week to the Afghanistan withdrawal to testing on COVID,” a reporter said. “What have you done to restore Americans’ faith in the competence of government? And are you satisfied by the view of the competence of your government?”

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Biden Rewrites History on Afghan Withdrawal; Saying He Opposed It 'From the Beginning'

President Biden defended his administration’s inept withdrawal from Afghanistan, arguing that the deaths of 13 service members and some...

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Afghan Evacuees: Leftist Fictions Hit the Buzzsaw of Reality

Multiculturalism is meeting reality once again as Afghan refugees are making their presence known in countries that welcomed them, and the fun is just starting.

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HORRENDOUS: U.S. General Allegedly Abandoned Allies in Afghanistan for Souvenirs

Major General Christopher Donahue allegedly booted somewhere between 50–100 American allies off a cargo plane in Kabul, so he could load a Taliban souvenir

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Report: White House Told Gen. Milley To Pursue Russia’s Help In Combatting Terrorism In Afghanistan After U.S. Withdrawal

Gen. Mark Milley, the top military officer in the U.S., reportedly spoke with his Russian counterpart about an offer from the Kremlin to aid the U.S. in responding to terror threats in Afghanistan.

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'Not Even a Little Bit': Trump Confirms Biden and 'Dope' Milley Didn't Follow His Afghanistan Plan

On Tuesday’s episode of the Glenn Beck Radio Program, former president Donald Trump gave Glenn his take on Joe Biden’s troubling performance over his nine months in office—and it was pure...

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Blood on My Hands: Facebook Bans Song About Biden Afghan Failure

In its continued assault on free speech, Facebook has executed a very Fascist move in banning the video of a song written by singer-song...

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Joint Israel-UAE Mission Rescued Dozens of Afghan Women, Human Rights Activists From Kabul

Afghan evacuees arrive in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Afra Al Hameli / Twitter screenshot International efforts to rescue vulnerable …

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Americans Are Still Trapped At Mazar-i-Sharif Airport In Afghanistan

The Biden State Department has been forced to admit that there are Americans still on the ground in Afghanistan that are seeking to...

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Afghanistan: US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians

An inquiry finds the strike, days before the US pullout, killed 10 members of a family - not militants.

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U.S. Killed 10 Civilians, Including 7 Children, In Failed Strike On Alleged ISIS Target, Pentagon Confirms

The U.S. military mistakenly killed an Afghan aid worker and nine members of his family, including seven children, during an August 29 drone strike on a purported ISIS-K terrorist.

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How Americans Are Rescuing The People Biden Left Behind In Afghanistan

'After six days, somehow these people, like angels, they fall from the sky and say 'we will do our best to get to your family here.''

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Biden’s Rush to Bring Disease and Extremism to America

If Joe Biden has been consistent about anything since assuming the presidency, it has been his pathological habit to get stuck on one colossal mistake by…

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Biden Admin Praises Taliban On Week Of 9/11 Anniversary: ‘Businesslike And Professional’

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration praised Taliban extremists on Thursday, just two days before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks that killed thousands of American citizens, calling Afghan’s new leadership “professional and businesslike.”

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Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell: Gen. Milley’s Lying About Who Decided to Shut Down Bagram

Ric Grenell, President Trump's former acting Director of National Intelligence, on Tuesday said General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff…

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Schumer’s Lie: All Americans Who Wanted to Leave Afghanistan Are Out

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), said all American citizens who wanted to leave Afghanistan have made it out, contradicting...

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Biden Attempts to Pivot from Afghanistan Failure to Focus on Spending Agenda

The White House is preparing to roll out new announcements on a number of President Biden's unrealized campaign promises this fall...

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BREAKING: Taliban Refusing To Allow Planes Of Americans To Leave, Effectively A ‘Hostage’ Situation, Report Says

The Taliban is reportedly not allowing flights carrying American citizens and green card holders to leave Afghanistan.

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PODCAST: Afghanistan - Ineptitude, Outrage & Death

The continued reports of ineptitude emanating from the Biden administration and its failure to execute the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan make it clear that the entirety of the Biden administration is unqualified to lead the nation. Now, with re

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Biden Describes Afghanistan Withdrawal as an ‘Extraordinary Success’

In his speech on Afghanistan, President Biden described the withdrawal of US military and civilian assets as an “extraordinary success"...

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More Than Two Dozen Children From California Trapped In Afghanistan

More than two dozen children from California are trapped inside Afghanistan following the Biden administration’s pullout from the country this week.

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Exclusive: In secret texts, U.S. military officials lamented leaving Americans behind in Kabul

"We are f*cking abandoning American citizens," Army colonel wrote in a frantic series of texts that detail how a group of Americans were rejected at airport as rescue flight awaited.

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The White House has cleaned up Biden’s stats mistake from his speech on Afghanistan

Another day, another gaffe.

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Biden Lied, Americans Died | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

On Thursday, 11 Marines, an Army soldier, and a Navy corpsman were killed by a suicide bomber near the Hamid...

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BREAKING: Last U.S. Military Rescue Plane Leaves Afghanistan, American Citizens Left Behind

The last U.S. Military plane carrying evacuees out of Afghanistan has taken off and is almost out of Afghanistan airspace, ending the U.S. Military’s presence in Afghanistan, even as numerous American citizens remain trapped behind enemy lines.

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Victor Davis Hanson - Our Afghan Nightmare: Tanks for Nothing

Joe Biden’s scripted or no-questions press conferences, and the clean-up afterward by Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and Jen Psaki, have been some of the most…

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Hey, Biden Voters! › American Greatness

Damn you all. You’re American citizens, with the right to vote in presidential elections. For four years, we had a president who, over the course of a single…

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Last Afghanistan Jew's would-be Jewish rescuers save Afghan women soccer team

An ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn fixer and an Israeli-American businessman rescue athletes, prosecutors and judges from Taliban rule after Zebulon Simantov refuses to leave

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US handed out blank copies of visas in Afghanistan, setting terrorists up: Ex-FBI agent

A former FBI special agent who tracked counterterrorism cases warned that terrorists in Afghanistan stand a high chance of being able to walk right onto U.S.-bound planes as a result of the Biden administration's dissemination of blank visa papers through

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PHOTOS: Here Are Just Some of the Capabilities Thrown Away By US Commanders at Bagram Air Base

The decision to proactively abandon Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan will do down as one of the most consequential choices the United States military has ever made. At this point, it looks to be one of...

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Biden Slammed After Looking At Watch During Dignified Transfer Of 13 Slain Troops: ‘Late For Your Nap?’

President Joe Biden faced criticism on Sunday for looking at his watch while he attended the dignified transfer of the 13 U.S. troops who were killed during an ISIS terrorist attack on the airport in Kabul late last week.

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Mother Of Slain U.S. Marine Unloads On Biden: A ‘Feckless, Dementia-Ridden Piece Of Crap,’ ‘Treasonous’

The mother of a U.S. Marine who was murdered during an Islamic terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul on Thursday unloaded on President Joe Biden during an interview on Saturday morning, calling for him to be removed from office.

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All-Volunteer Team of US Veterans Launch Mission in Kabul, Rescue Hundreds

An all-volunteer group of former US military veterans has been secretly bringing hundreds of Afghan elite forces and their families to...

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Taliban Spokesman: 'No Evidence' Osama bin Laden Was Involved in 9/11 Attacks

During an interview with NBC News, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed "there is no evidence" that Osama bin Laden was involved...

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US Lawmaker Says Taliban Beheaded Afghan Allies, Family Members

US Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), said during a bipartisan press conference, the US has a “moral obligation” to ensure the evacuation of ...

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Dennis Prager: Crisis in Afghanistan & Tyranny in Australia | PragerU

Pulling our remaining 2,500 troops out of Afghanistan? Dennis was against it. And he was against it for the reasons we are now witnessing today. Also in the news: chaos, mandates, and tyranny in Australia. Dennis, as always, provides needed perspective an

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BREAKING: Biden Admin Gave Taliban List Of ‘American Citizens, Green Card Holders And Afghan Allies’ That Needed To Get Into Airport: Report

The Biden administration reportedly gave the Taliban a list of the names of United States citizens, green card holders, and other Afghan allies that needed to be allowed into the airport so they could be evacuated — a decision that sparked widespread outrage from officials and critics.

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Pentagon Starts Afghan Drawdown with Civilians Still in Need of Evacuation

Approximately 400 US troops have departed Afghanistan, leaving a smaller force to hold the airport in Kabul and conduct sporadic rescue...

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‘Unbelievable’: Sec. of State Tony Blinken makes it abundantly clear who’s going to be blamed for Biden’s Afghanistan disaster

Secretary of State Tony Blinken had a press conference this afternoon, and clearly the talking points are being set up for the further disaster that is to come from the Biden administration’s botch withdrawal from Afghanistan:

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WATCH: WH cuts off audio of Joe Biden’s appalling response to NBC News journo Peter Alexander’s question about Americans stranded in Afghanistan

joe biden

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Taliban Will Not Allow Afghans to Leave Country; Refuses to Budge on Evac Deadline

The Taliban has declared that Afghans can not leave Afghanistan and refused to agree to an extension of the looming US Aug. 31. withdrawal..

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UNPACKED: What does the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan mean for Israel and the Middle East?

UNPACKED: What does the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan mean for Israel and the Middle East?   By Sara Himeles What does the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan mean for Israel and the Middle East? As Americans and the West process the rapid collapse of

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Report: Taliban Set Afghan Woman on Fire for Sub-Par Cooking

A former judge and women's rights advocate in Afghanistan, Najla Ayoubi, reported that members of the Taliban set a local woman on fire...

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Taliban Name al Qaeda-linked Most Wanted Terrorist As Kabul Security Chief

So much for the Taliban’s declaration of an “inclusive” government in Afghanistan. Days after the Taliban declared Afghanistan an Islamic...

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White House Scrubs Macron Lecturing Biden From Call Record

A readout of a call between French President Emmanuel Macron and President Biden revealed that Marcon lectured Mr. Biden on “moral...

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Taliban in U.S. Military Gear Mocks Iconic WWII Photo of Marines Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

An elite Taliban unit released propaganda images this week, including one mocking the iconic World War Two photo of U.S. Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima.

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With the Epic Fail In Afghanistan It’s Time To Ask What We’ve Become

With the incredible failure in planning and leadership, not to mention the almost belligerent reluctance to act on the part of the Biden...

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Fact-Checking Biden's Address: Lies, Damned Lies, and the White House Teleprompter

Doing what the media won’t: Fact-checking Biden’s address on Afghanistan
I’m relying on the White House release of Presidentish Joe Biden’s remarks....

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US Black Hawk Helicopters Captured by Taliban as 'Horrified' Senators Demand DOD Audit

Likely billions of dollars of American weapons and vehicles are now in the hands of the Taliban extremist ...

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Can the West be honest about the Islamist threat?

  It was only two months ago that the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, boasted on Twitter about flying a

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Biden Admin Continues To Tell Fleeing American Citizens They Must Pay For Evacuation Flight Out Of Afghanistan: Report

According to a report from The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF), the Biden administration is continuing to tell American citizens trapped in Afghanistan that if they want to be evacuated out of the country, they must pay a cost that could exceed $2,000 — which comes hours after a spokesperson for the State Department told the media otherwise.

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Taliban Returns to Violence; Breaks Up Protest Leaving 1 Dead, 6 Wounded

Video coming out of Afghanistan shows that one person has been killed and six others wounded as the Taliban violently broke up a protest...

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On the Same Day Taliban Vowed to Protect Women’s Rights, They Killed a Woman for Not Wearing a Burqa

The Left’s myopia and ethnocentrism regarding groups such as the Taliban is yet another example of how divorced from the real world the Left really is.

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Biden State Dept Moved to Abolish Crisis Response Bureau Months Before Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

The Biden State Department moved in June to cancel a program overseeing the protection and evacuation of American citizens stationed overseas in the case of an emergency, just as the Taliban was taking over Afghanistan, according an internal State Departm

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America: ‘A Pitiful, Helpless Giant’

President Richard Nixon warned what America would become should it fail to have the determination and courage of a great world power. Speaking on April 30, 1970…

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A Mission To Give Afghans Democracy Became A Bid To Repair America's Own

The United States inadvertently took on a mission to democratize Afghanistan, and instead undermined democracy at home, as unpopular wars tend to do.

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White House Refuses to Commit Troops in Afghanistan Until All Americans Are Evacuated

The White House on Tuesday refused to commit American troops in Afghanistan until all Americans were evacuated.

Politics | Leftist lunacy

'This Is Manifestly Not Saigon' and Our Society of Lies

I wrote about the moral, diplomatic, international and American tragedy of abandoning Afghanistan a few months ago, so here I will address only the comment by Secretary of State Antony Blinken on ABC&...

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SEAL Team 6’s Robert O’Neill Not Surprised at Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Seeing Afghanistan fall to the Taliban was not a surprise to a famous Navy SEAL who is often credited with killing Osama Bin Laden.

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Will The Taliban Rule Be Any Different This Time?

The militant group terrorized Afghans and was shunned by the world for its harsh rule from 1996 to 2001. The Taliban are more image conscious now but haven't changed any fundamental principles.

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Taliban Leaders Used Twitter and WhatsApp to Help Capture Kabul

Taliban leaders used Twitter and WhatsApp to spread propaganda and establish control over Kabul as they stormed the Afghan capital over the weekend. 

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‘Disconnected from reality’: Biden State Dept. joins UN in hoping Taliban’s governing style will be ‘inclusive’

"Make sure they put pronouns in their bios."

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Nicolle Wallace claims that ‘95% of the American people will agree’ with her that Joe Biden’s speech was fantastic and showcased his ‘firm resolve’

"Nicolle Wallace is a bigger Biden shill than former top Democratic officials."

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MSNBC: Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan 'Relatively Peaceful'

MSNBC's Tehran bureau chief Ali Arouzi reported Sunday on the "The Mehdi Hasan Show" that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan had been "relatively peaceful" as Americans were evacuating the chaos in helicopters. | Clips

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Democrats Beg Joe Biden: Open U.S. Borders to Flood of Afghan Refugees

Democrats and mass migration activists are pleading with President Biden to open the borders of the United States to a flood of Afghans.

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Who Benefits From the Taliban Takeover? The Same Country That Has Paid Millions to the Bidens.

The beheadings have just begun and the rape rooms haven’t even been repainted yet, but the Chinese commies are already willing to recognize the Taliban as the new leaders of Afghanistan, followi...

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Afghanistan Has Fallen; Flag Lowered at US Embassy

Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, fled his country Sunday as the Taliban Islamofascist terrorist group took the capital, Kabul...

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Navy Skipper Who Pushed Choppers Off Deck During The Fall Of Saigon: ‘What Is Happening Now Is Worse’

Larry Chambers, who was the skipper of the U.S. aircraft carrier Midway during the fall of Saigon in 1975, said during an interview that was published on Sunday that what is happening now in Afghanistan is “worse” than what happened in Saigon.

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Thousands Run At Kabul Airfield Amid Gunfire, Horrifying Scenes Unfolding On Ground

Thousands of people were seen running for planes in countless videos posted to social media at the airport in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, as the Taliban takes control of the country.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Fall of Afghanistan Shows Israel Must Rely on Itself

An Afghan soldier stands in a military vehicle on a street in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 15, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer A former …

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Trump On Afghanistan: Biden ‘Wrong Every Time,’ A ‘Complete Failure Through Weakness, Incompetence’

Former President Donald Trump slammed Democrat President Joe Biden in a statement on Saturday as the situation in Afghanistan continues to rapidly deteriorate, saying that Biden did not follow the plan put in place by the Trump administration and that the entire situation was a “disgrace.”

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Taliban Continue Their March, Taking Province Adjacent To National Capital

The Taliban, an Islamofascist terrorist group, has captured the strategic Afghan city of Ghazni, the capital of a province of the same...

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The Taliban Continues Its March Back to Power in Afghanistan

Taliban terrorists ambushed the Afghan capital of Kabul on Friday and assassinated the director of a state media center while also...

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Whither Islam in Afghanistan’s Political System After the Taliban Talks?

The question of how and where Islam should fit into future legal and political frameworks has emerged as a major sticking point in the talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government in Qatar. How this question is resolved will be closely watched by A

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As the Taliban Take Ground the Beheadings Begin

As the US-NATO withdrawal in Afghanistan enters its final stages. The world is getting a preview of what is to come for the Afghan people...

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Taliban Lays Siege to Kandahar

The Afghan Taliban has launched an attack on the provincial capital of Kandahar, Kandahar City. This comes after they took control of key...

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Iran Creates New Proxy-Military Unit to Fight Taliban in Afghanistan

As if the situation in Afghanistan needed to be “Islamo-complicated” any further, news has come out of the despotic Iranian regime that...

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As the Taliban Return to Power, the Executions Begin

As the Taliban continue to re-take territory they held before the presence of NATO and US forces in that nation following the attacks of...

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In Wake of US-NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan, China and the Taliban Ally

The withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan has presented an opportunity for China to fill a gaping void in that country and...

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US, France Sign Special Forces Pact as US Troops Leave Afghanistan

The heads of the United States and French militaries signed a new “roadmap” for cooperation involving both nation’s special operations...

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Afghanistan Slowly Falling to the Islamofascist Oppression of the Taliban

The US military commander overseeing the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, told reporters the security...

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Taliban Retake Ground As US-NATO Disengages from the Battle Theater

As US and NATO forces continue the task of disengaging from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters took control of another key district, this time...

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We Can’t Abandon Afghan Interpreters, But We Don’t Have to Absorb Them

As the Biden administration winds down the US military presence in Afghanistan, US Sen. Angus King (I-ME), is pressing President Biden to...

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Biden's Withdrawal from Afghanistan Returns Middle East to Tribal War

The consequences of the departure of US troops from Afghanistan became evident Sunday as the death toll from a terrorist bomb attack...

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State Department Point Man to Attend Afghan Peace Talks in Moscow

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s point man for the Afghanistan peace talks, Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad, will travel to...

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Trump Flies Unannounced To Dover AFB After N.H. Rally To Pay Respects To Two Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

After a raucous campaign rally in New Hampshire, President Trump on Monday took an unannounced trip to Dover Air Force Base to take part in a somber “dignified transfer ceremony” for two 28-year-old soldiers killed in Afghanistan. After a brief prayer ins

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5 things to know about the MOAB - CNN.com

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) is 30 feet long, weighs 21,600 pounds and is around 40% more powerful than its predecessor.

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Amazing Cyclists You Should Know: Kyleanne Hunter

Kyleanne Hunter flies helicopters. She races bikes. And now, she’s helping change the world through the women of Afghanistan.

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General, engineer, father and Trojan falls in Afghanistan | USC News

Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, who died in an attack in Kabul, was the highest-ranking soldier lost in the line of duty since the Vietnam War.