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Interesting stories | Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

Demolishing the California Dream: How San Francisco Planned Its Own Housing Crisis

If you want to understand San Francisco’s self-inflicted housing crisis, look no further than the city’s very first zoning law, commonly known as the ...

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media

    Generation Z has grown up online – so why are a surprising number suddenly turning their backs on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat?

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    Disneyland of War, short documentary

    The U.S. government is manipulating children to think that war and violence is fun and glorious.
    Please share this video and consider a donation here:
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    We made this film with no funds and need some help to be able to cover fees at film festivals and public events to be able to share this message.

    Director Chris Smiley and Producer Mike Hanes, an Iraq War combat veteran, challenge the glorification of war and violence in our culture while exposing the propaganda of the Miramar military air show. This air show is one of many outlets where war and violence is given a warm, inviting, and exciting aura. The utter horror and brutality is never understood by so many. Promoting a positive image of war and violence to people, especially children, is extremely dangerous. There is absolutely nothing cool, exciting, or heroic about ripping limbs, burning flesh, or shredding the organs of another human being. We need the public to understand the horrific nature of war and violence to be able to stand firm and vigorously question calls for war.

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    The Colorful History of the Rowdies, Radicals and Ruffians of Ocean Beach

    Grassroots and Progressive views on local, national and world news

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    NASA's Peggy Whitson Reveals How Astronauts Poop in Space | Inverse

    Ever wondered how astronauts poop on the International Space Station? NASA veteran Peggy Whitson has the answer. Whitson makes it clear in the interview that she really loved her time there, except for the whole bathroom aspect of space station life.

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    Solo-Hiking the AT During a Summer of Political Chaos

    What happens when an African American woman decides to solo-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine during a summer of bitter political upheaval? Everything you can imagine, from scary moments of racism to new friendships to soaring epiphanies ab

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    Woman Who Filmed Oakland, Calif.’s BBQ Becky Speaks Out

    Michelle Snider, the woman behind the camera who confronted a fellow white woman after she called the police on Snider’s husband and his friends using charcoal at Oakland, Calif.’s Lake Merritt park, took to YouTube Sunday to answer the question every

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    Andy Got His Gun: An Idaho Soldier Returns Home After War Crimes Conviction/Sentence

    "I had a lot of seriously lonely moments, a lot of horrible, horrible thoughts over the last five and half years, but I think that comes with the territory of where I've been."

    Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

    Priscilla Yanez — Civil Service Worker or Spy?

    About month ago I sat down to interview Tina Real. Tina has memories of San Diego that span her eight decades here. What began as an interview of Tina herself quickly expanded to encompass her her…