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Leftist Myths | Politics

Politics | Leftist Myths

10 Years After Lilly Ledbetter, Media Still Running Discredited ‘Gender Wage Gap’ Claims

Who could have foreseen that a law designed to help one specific person wouldn’t solve the world’s alleged problem?

Politics | Leftist Myths

SHOCKER: WaPo Gives Ocasio-Cortez Three Pinocchios, Says She's 'Fast And Loose With The Facts'

On Thursday, despite the paper’s leftist proclivities, The Washington Post’s fact-checker slammed Rep.

Politics | Leftist Myths

New Study Confirms Yet Again Gender ‘Wage’ Gap Due To Women Not Working. Guess How The Media Is Portraying It.

The media blasted headlines on Thursday claiming, yet again, that women in America are victims of the patriarchy because men are earning more money. Here’s a small sampling:

Politics | Leftist Myths

Does Diversity Really Unite Us? - Imprimis

Historically, constitutional government has been found only in the nation-state, where the people share a common good and are dedicated to the same principles and purposes.

Politics | Leftist Myths

No Detectable Lead Poisoning in Flint After All | National Review

The elevated levels of lead found in the water supply of Flint, Mich., have not had any measurable impact on the children of that city.

Politics | Leftist Myths

Study Reveals What Women Are 'Hard-Wired' To Find Attractive. Feminists Are Going To HATE It. | Daily Wire

Turns out, women are hard-wired to be much more attracted to male protectors who espouse so-called "benevolent sexism" than men who treat them as equals. And the best part: this is true even for hardcore feminists, scientists found.

Politics | Leftist Myths

WATCH What Happens When Unsuspecting Actors Read REAL Facts On Feminism

Conservative street journalist Austen Fletcher, known as "Fleccas," has produced a series of videos wherein unsuspecting actors read real, hard facts about controversial issues.